Don’t Know How To Start Your 30 Day Leg Challenge? Read And Find Out What You Need To Know Before You Begin!

There used to be a time when there are only a few types of exercise routines to choose from. Runners run, swimmers swim, and weightlifters go to the gym. The more advanced form of training was exclusive to athletes and expensive clubs.

But today, with the advancement of technology and numerous research, more forms and methods of exercise have been unlocked. In recent times, workout challenges have become famous and showed promising results!

Many 30 day leg challenge variations have surfaced and gave quick results!What is a thirty-day leg challenge? But how do you really do this challenge? Is it really that intensely challenging? Who can do it? Is it effective? I know, these are some of the questions in your mind right now. You are a little skeptical about it. But I hope the answers here help you.


What Is A Thirty-Day Leg Challenge?

30 Day Leg Challenge

As literal as it is, a thirty-day challenge means that you will be doing an exercise, or set of exercises for thirty days! Yes, for thirty consecutive days. Some programs don’t have scheduled rests, and some others have.

It is composed of various compound lower body exercises meant to strengthen your lower leg muscles. The intensity may vary depending on your chosen program. But generally, it may consist of one to three exercises done in succession. Some advanced forms can take up the pattern of circuit training!

How Do You Do 30 Day Leg Challenge?

This challenge may be a big leap for beginners, but it is not impossible. In fact, you can freely modify it and start with low numbers (or higher if you are already fit enough!)! Besides, these challenges are just guidelines to help you start out with your fitness goals.

There are many sample schedules you can find online if you don’t know how to start. The basic routines involve as few as one up to three exercises and start with as little as five repetitions.Tip: Determine your fitness level and ability to perform exercise and freely modify your thirty-day challenge! You can even use your leg day exercises in this challenge!

How Intense Is This Challenge?

Some may involve weights, most don’t and can be done in small and tight places. You will not need much space to do it! Some people enjoy using resistance bands to increase the difficulty of the challenge. But if you are just on the first step of your journey, you can start with a few routines without resistance bands and weights.

Generally, the first week or two is a little easy. But as soon as you have doubled (or tripled) your repetitions, it can be really difficult (especially the advanced forms)!

Can I Do It?

I believe that as long as you have no indications of heart problems and other medical condition, you can do it! There is no shame in starting with few numbers! In fact, at some point, we are all weaklings!

Exercising is a lifestyle change and can be a little difficult to start. But once you get started and keep yourself motivated, you will be able to continue it and become better every day! You will gain strength every passing day! (just don’t forget to eat the right types of food!)

Is It Effective?

Many people have done the challenge and had great results. Most people reported that they feel better and stronger after the challenge. But don’t expect popping leg muscles after the challenge! Beginners can easily see the drastic gain in strength and density of the muscle.

If you are bulking up, it may take a much more intricate thirty-day challenge routine coupled with balanced nutrition, and supplementation.

But many beginners have kick-started their fitness goals with a thirty-day challenge. Go ahead and try it. This may be what you need to finally keep track of your health!

Common Beginner’s Mistake:

30 Day Leg Challenge

1. Starting Out Too Heavy

Starting at five or ten repetitions can be boring, and I perfectly understand that. But I must emphasize that newbies beginning with numbers too high may lose motivation when it gets too hard in the middle of the thirty-day challenge.


It may be better to start low, follow the increment, and enjoy the victorious moments of finishing the daily challenge! These small wins can fuel you and keep you motivated to finish the challenge!

2. Sloppy Form

It’s a natural tendency for us to focus on counting the number of repetitions of our exercise routines. But sometimes, we fail to take note of the quality of the exercise. One of the factors that will yield you great results is proper form.

Failing to do the proper form of exercise will give you little results, worse, it can lead to injuries! And you know what, injuries means a lot more days of set-back that can eat up your motivation!


If it’s possible, exercise in front of a mirror so you could see and easily correct your form.

3. Faulty Eating Habit

Some people have a goal of bulking up or shedding off some weight. Both conditions would require you to improve your food selection! A healthy lifestyle is not just exercising! Half of the equation is supplementing your body with the right types of nutritious food!


Get rid of the unhealthy processed food in your pantry. When you have these types of food within your reach, you will eat them! Replace them with healthy alternatives!


Are you up to the 30 day leg challenge? The beginning phase can be easy, but, the difficulty will pick up in a few days! As long as you don’t have any medical condition restricting exercise, you can do this! Don’t hesitate and start this challenge to improve your strength!

Do watch out the common mistakes and avoid making them! Avoiding them can give you better results!

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