What Is Aesthetic Bodybuilding? Discover The Most Detailed Answer For The First Time!

Are you curious as to what aesthetic bodybuilding is or how it differs from the bodybuilding you know? Wonder no more! Read on for more information about the sport, the aesthetic body and how it is achieved.

Aesthetics is a philosophical study or set of principles designed for the creation and appreciation of beauty. It’s basically how you see or feel about something that you think is beautiful, or your basis for saying that it’s beautiful.

Bodybuilding, on the other hand, can be described as the use of certain exercises for you to develop, control and maintain your body’s musculature. So, it can be deduced that aesthetic bodybuilding is the sculpting of your body into something that is pleasing to the eye.


Aesthetic Bodybuilding Vs “Normal” Bodybuilding

So how does aesthetic bodybuilding differ from the ‘normal’ bodybuilding that we all know? To some, aesthetic bodybuilding is just a part or type of bodybuilding, which is like saying you cannot differentiate one from the other.

However, for you to better understand aesthetic bodybuilding or strategic bodybuilding and what sets it apart, take a look at what some experts have to say.

According to Yannick of AestheticGainz.com, the main difference between aesthetic bodybuilding and the regular bodybuilding is the way results are achieved.

Aesthetic Bodybuilding

He believes that an aesthetic bodybuilder has to maintain his diet all year round with occasional lean-cutting and bulking, whereas bodybuilders work with short periods of extreme bulking and cutting especially towards an event or competition.

Another notable difference, he claims, is that if you are an aesthetic bodybuilder, you know how your body should look, often as ‘perfect’ or symmetrical and defined as possible, rather than just wanting to grow your muscles.

Anuj Chaudhary, a fitness enthusiast, and a philosopher, on the other hand, said that the primary goal of aesthetic bodybuilding is for you to look good or sexy while normal bodybuilders such as weightlifters and athletes aim for another objective, which is not bodybuilding.

He explains that if you’re a bodybuilder, you aim for attributes such as strength and endurance, which is your primary goal as preparation for, say an Olympic event, and building muscles is just a lucky side effect or a secondary concern.

Additionally, aesthetic bodybuilders aim for a body that is well-sculpted and looks amazing from every angle by maintaining a very low body fat percentage. Often, this includes your usual six-pack abs, tiny waist, and amazing quads, pecs and glutes for that perfect V-shaped body.

As a normal bodybuilder, you do not have to maintain your body fat percentage at a single digit or follow a strict diet, or even take note of your muscle shape and cuts, but your main concern is, again, to add more and more bulk to the body.

According to Kai Herrmann, a strength trainer and bodybuilder for more than twenty years, bodybuilding has always been about aesthetics. Its goal was to build a physique that was proportioned, symmetrical, balanced and highly conditioned.

Through the years, however, specifically, towards the turn of the present century, the sport became a competition of size rather than the previously mentioned qualities.

The term aesthetic bodybuilding was invented recently to differentiate those who are involved in the size craze from those who try to focus on more than just building mass.

How To Get An Aesthetic Body

Now that you know what sets aesthetic bodybuilding apart from regular bodybuilding, you are ready to learn some tips and ways to get that aesthetic body or to build muscle.

We all know that achieving the perfect body is a very challenging task. However, the results are also rewarding as the benefits include looking and feeling great, as well as being healthy and strong.

Aesthetic Bodybuilding

According to AestheticWorld.com, the basic things you have to consider when going through any body transformation are the same: diet, training, rest/recovery/sleep, and periodization.

There are endless ways for a diet that will give you good results. The only thing you have to consider is whether or not your choice of diet plan fits your lifestyle so that you don’t suffer too much but still achieve the look you’re going for.

Also, with whatever diet you choose, it’s all about knowing your calories and macros. Once you have established the number of calories required by your body to function properly, you then add to increase mass and subtract to lose weight.

Macros, on the other hand, refer to the three primary macronutrients, which are protein, fats, and carbohydrates by which your caloric intake will be divided into.

Figuring out your caloric intake and the macronutrient percentages could be very tedious and time-consuming, but once you know what works for you, consistent gains can be attained.

Similar to diet, there is a wide array of ways to train and your workout plan is just down to your preference.

In choosing a workout plan, you must consider training that you enjoy so that you don’t become inconsistent, and also the ones that give you your desired results.

Without proper recovery, stress levels elevate and energy levels drop. This is why rest, recovery, and sleep are essential in training.

A good rest may be different for everyone, one person may get rest while watching TV while another may find this as a distraction. Therefore, you may have to find out what allows you to rest effectively, for example, a short walk or a cup of tea.

Recovery when outside the gym includes nutrition and rest or sleep. Without proper recovery, muscle growth or fat loss may be impaired and so may cause you to work without really achieving anything.

Sleeping could be the most underrated component of bodybuilding. Everybody also requires different amounts of sleep, and so you have to evaluate your body for your sleep requirement and pattern as well as the changes during certain days.

Finally, periodization is where you make gradual improvements in your performance which is also essential in training. Some things that may be important is the ability to perform more reps, being able to have shorter rest periods, and increased stamina and strength.

It is advisable for you to use a journal or logbook, or even a tracking software or app to monitor your improvements which may help in ensuring that you’re still improving and on the right track.


To sum up, the point of aesthetic bodybuilding is to develop a body that is bulky yet pleasing to the eyes and different factors affect the speed and efficiency of gaining muscle mass, including genetics, workout, sleep, rest, and recovery, periodization and nutrition.

To get your desired results faster, you may want to take muscle definition supplements, multivitamin for bodybuilding, and pre- and post-workout formulas.

Under the supervision of a health expert and by choosing the ones that work well with your lifestyle, these supplements may provide additional nutrients for muscle growth and prevent fatigue and energy.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave comments below. I’d love to know what you think about this topic!

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