What Are The Benefits Of Deadlifts And How To Maximize Them!

You have heard a lot about deadlifts. Many people might have advised that you should od deadlifts. But they have failed to convince you time and again. I can’t blame you. When gym buffs are deadlifting hundreds of pounds on that power cage, it can really get intimidating!

But the thing is, the benefits of deadlifts are way too awesome to skip them. They may look difficult when you see people pump infinite stack of iron, but, they started with a few pounds! They did not start with 450, believe me!

What are the benefits of deadlifting? What muscles do deadlift work? How much weight should I start with? How do I do the basic deadlift? These are some of the questions you might have in mind. Let’s answer those questions so that you could get started on your deadlifts!


Benefits Of Deadlifting

Benefits Of Deadlifts

Deadlift is nothing but picking up a deadweight and lifting it up. That’s the basic principle of the deadlift. But, it may seem simple, the weights involved can debilitate you if you are not careful! When done properly, your strength and balance will be greatly improved!

Here are some benefits you could enjoy when you do deadlift.

1. Vice Grip

How do you think you are able to hold a 50lb dumbbell? Well, because you have a grip strength of 50lb. How on earth will you be able to hold and lift 450lbs? You need at least 225lb grip strength in each hand! This is how much strong you can become (or more) when you do deadlift!

You get an astounding grip force. Think of this, when you became an elder adult, broken hips will not be your problem as long as you can hold on to something when you fall!

2. Strong Core

A single deadlift maneuver involves almost every muscle in the body! Yes, that’s how much intense it is! Imagine if your core muscle is not tightly engaged while deadlifting. Nah, you’ll break your back! Doing deadlifts properly will greatly enhance your core strength.

3. Correct Posture

You will be surprised to know that deadlifts can correct your slouch! Even the muscles in standing are tightly engaged! This means that would be able to strengthen in an leave your slouch behind.

4. Everyday Life Applicable Strength!

All forms of proper workout and exercise routines will add up to your strength and will increase your performance in your daily activities, but, the deadlift is king. Deadlift can comprehensively multiply your overall strength and enable you to finish daily physically demanding task with ease.

Imagine tidying up some heavy stuff on that top most rack? I bet you would be able to do it easier!

What Muscles Do Deadlift Work?

Benefits Of Deadlifts

Deadlift is a compound exercise that involves many muscle groups. Your calves are involved in maintaining a strong base. The quads and hamstrings are the major muscles that will propel you and your weight upwards.

The back muscles keep your spine aligned together with the core muscle to prevent you from catching and injury. Of course, you will not be able to lift that bar if you are not holding it with a strong grip. The forearm, the arm, and the shoulders are tightly engaged so that your shoulders will not be pulled from the socket.

Your traps are also engaged to keep your shoulders properly positioned. This swift synergy of your muscles prevents you from falling while doing a lift. To some extent, some of the facial muscles are deeply engaged when you grunt for that extra power!

Isn’t this workout routine amazing? I already feel pumped just by describing it!

How Much Weight Should I Start With

There is no definite guideline in how much weight you should start with. But for beginners, it’s safe to do about a third to half of your bod weight. Starting with too much weight can lead to injuries. Make sure that you start with easy weights with many repetitions to familiarize yourself and perfect the form.

How To Do Basic Deadlift

There are many types of deadlift that have been developed by athletes and enthusiasts. There used to be just the standard deadlift. Now, there are many variations that emphasize some other muscle groups.

For example, rack deadlifts will allow you to lift heavier because you will not be starting from the ground and will focus on your lower back.

Take in mind that the key to maximizing deadlifts is performing it with the proper from. Employing the right body mechanics while exercising also decreases your likelihood of getting injured.

Standard Deadlift

Benefits Of Deadlifts
  • Using an Olympic bar, load your desired number of plates. Beginners should take caution and practice lifting the unloaded bar to get the form right.
  • Position your feet slightly pointing outwards and slightly wider than your shoulder width. 
  • Bend your knees while lowering your body in a squat. Keep your head high to avoid slouching. 
  • Grab the bars a little wider than your knees. You can use regular grip, thumbless grip, or alternate grip. Use whichever is most comfortable to you. 
  • Bear your weight on your heels and straighten your legs while keeping your back straight. 
  • Straighten your back as the bar nears your thigh and exaggerate your posture while squeezing your glutes. 
  • Let go of the bar after a two-second hold then repeat the process.You are not required to bring the bar gently to the ground. In fact, some gyms insulate their deadlifting are with thick rubber mats to absorb the weight of your loaded bar. Lowering the bar gently (especially when you are doing it heavy) can increase the likelihood of back injury and slip disk!


Deadlift is something, I believe, everyone should do. There’s just too many benefits of deadlifts everybody should get! Just be careful in doing so. Use weight lifting belt to support your back. You can also use some wrist wrap if you want, but personally, I prefer not using them to train my grip to maximum!

I hope you have found some useful bits in this article. I also hope this has been enough to persuade you to start deadlifting! Liked this post? Share your thoughts below! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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