Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Body Fat Scale

We often judge how healthy we are based on our weight alone. However, this is not an actual indication of your fitness, your fat percentage is. Find the best body fat scale with the help of this guide!

Body fat scales are the most convenient methods to measure your body fat relative to lean body mass. Obesity, which makes you prone to various chronic diseases, is based on body fat rather than weight.

Aside from tips to find the best one, this guide will also introduce you to body fat scales, how they work, and how to maximize their use. So, read on and let’s get into it!

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.


Body Fat Scales: An Introduction

Best Body Fat Scale

Similar to bathroom scales, body fat scales give you a digital reading once you step onto it. However, aside from your weight in kilograms or pounds, it also provides your body’s fat percentage.

This body fat reading is just an estimate. However, it can be very useful especially if you plan on engaging in a weight loss procedure involving exercise.

For example, most people can be discouraged and even frustrated to see the scale not changing after serious dieting, a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

But remember, muscle tissue is heavier than fat. Therefore, you may start gaining muscle and losing fat but see no change or even notice added pounds on the scale.

Being overweight does not necessarily mean you have excess fat. It only means that you weigh more than the average weight of people in the same body frame and height.Being obese, on the other hand, means having excess body fat regardless of your weight. So, very muscular people and athletes may become overweight, but it does not mean that they’re fat.

With a body fat scale, you have a better overview of what’s happening in your body. It can tell you your body composition even when your weight stays the same.

How Body Fat Scales Work

Best Body Fat Scale

So, how do body fat scales work? They use a small amount of harmless electrical current that passes through your body. This is called BIA or Bioelectrical Impedance analysis.

The idea is actually simple. Electricity passes through muscle tissues faster than it can through bone and fatty tissues.

So, the scale measures your body’s electrical resistance. Then, using a formula, it calculates how much mass has no fats relative to your body density. In other words, the reading is just a prediction of your body fat.

Benefits Of Knowing Your Body Fat Percentage

Best Body Fat Scale

Using the best body fat scale, you can gain tons of benefits when it comes to your fitness and health. Here are some of these benefits.

  • You Can Determine Your Fitness Level

When you know at least an estimate of your body fat composition, you can monitor your body better. It will help you avoid obesity, which can increase your risk of numerous chronic medical conditions.

These include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

  • You Can Control Your Weight Better

It will be easier to maintain your weight if you have a healthy body fat composition, especially as you age. This means that you have a relatively lower body fat level and most of your weight is due to lean body mass.

Lean tissues can burn more calories throughout the day, even during sleep. They are responsible for approximately 20% of the calories you burn daily, in comparison to the 5% due to fat.

  • Metabolism Boost

If you use your body fat readings to control your calorie burn, you gain more muscle. More muscle mass equals higher metabolism rates than someone with the same height, gender, body type, weight, and age but has greater body fat composition.

  • Healthier Cardiovascular System

With a healthy level of fat within your body, you also decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure or hypertension is caused by high-fat percentage.

Extra weight in your abdomen is an indication of high visceral fat levels, which is also dangerous for your heart health. It increases your cholesterol levels, making you more prone to heart disease.

  • Lower Risk Of Other Diseases

Maintaining a healthy level of fat also helps reduce your risk of chronic inflammation, which is the cause of asthma and other inflammation-related diseases according to Harvard Medical School.

This also lessens your probability of developing dementia and certain kinds of cancer like breast and colorectal cancer.

Tips For Using And Choosing The Best Body Fat Scale

Here are some of the tips you could remember or follow to find the best body fat scale and use it efficiently.

  • There is no universal formula for body fat percentage and all body fat scales have low levels of accuracy, no matter how accurate manufacturers say they are.
  • Body fat scale readings are affected by a multitude of factors. These include your age, race, body size, gender, and fitness levels. Other factors like temperature, recent exercise, hydration, and even sweaty feet can also affect the results. 
  • You should not rely too much on the measurements nor should you compare these to ideal percentage tables or other people’s readings. Only use these to track your own progress. 
  • To make your body fat percentage readings as reliable as possible, try to standardize the time and conditions during measurements. Make sure you eat approximately the same amount of food and do measurements at the same time of the day regularly. 
  • Make sure you also drink the same amount of water at least one hour before stepping on the scale. 
  • Never measure your body fat percentage immediately after exercise. This is because sweating reduces your body’s hydration levels, which can affect the results. 
  • Always use a body fat scale in the same room with stable temperature and humidity. The temperature of your skin also affects the scale’s electric current. It may be challenging to maintain the same temperature all the time, but at least try to make it similar. 
  • Choose a body fat scale of the right profile. These gadgets can be calibrated for children, or athletes are performing extreme exercises for longer hours per week. This factor makes a lot of difference. 
  • Clean and dry off the foot pads thoroughly before and after taking a measurement. 
  • Opt for the most expensive body fat scale your budget can afford. Usually, accuracy increases with price, but not always. 
  • Have your body fat composition measured by a doctor or professional using the more accurate skin calipers. This will give you a perspective on how accurate your scale is. 
  • Do your research before buying any product. Reading and comparing product reviews and ratings will help you decide on which one will be the best for you.

Best Body Fat Scale Reviews

As I have said, research is key to finding the best body fat scale. So, I also included reviews of five favorite products out in the market.

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Best Body Fat Scale

Via: Amazon.com

Next on the list is another scale that does not only measure body fat, but also gives body muscle, water, and body mass index. It also claims to feature a new and improved BIA technology for higher accuracy.

This product also features three large keys for easy operation and use. You can also monitor your progress and goals with Windows 7, Vista or XP using the USB connection from the Health Management software.

It has its own memory, which can store up to nine different personal user profiles. The extra large display comes with a cool blue backlight, measures 4.4” and is also easy to read.

The platform is large, thick, tempered, durable, stable, and non-slip. It also doubles as a digital clock when not in use.


  • Large, non-slip and sturdy platform
  • Provides easy options for monitoring and tracking your progress
  • Large screen display
  • Gives multiple measurements
  • Very high accuracy 
  • Relatively cheap


  • The software only works with Windows
  • Some users would rather buy more expensive models

Best Body Fat Scale

Via: Amazon.com

Last but not the least on our list is the WiThings Wireless Body Composition Scale. It takes full advantage of technology to aid you in monitoring and tracking your progress.

You can hook it up to your phone, iPad, computer or laptop for easy recording and comparison of body fat and weight measurements. The scale also instructs you to position your body properly to improve measurement accuracy.

It is both Wifi and Bluetooth enabled for syncing data with the free Health Companion app.This app allows you to set goals and keep you on track while working on those goals. This and other compatible apps are also completely free.

The multiple user support features automatic recognition, which works for all members of the family. Without a PC, you simply tap on the WiFi configuration and proceed to share data.

It has a large, easy on the eye backlit display. It also calibrates when you’re not around and displays your weight right as you step on it.

It also has a complementary body mass index (BMI) reading capability. You can also update it easily for more applications through a withings.com account and can be used with Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.


  • Easy to read backlit display
  • Utilizes advanced technology for sharing and easy progress monitoring
  • Updateable
  • Automatic recognition feature
  • Free apps
  • Easy to use and setup


  • The apps can be confusing for some users

Best Body Fat Scale

Via: Amazon.com

Claiming to be a breakthrough for body composition measurement at home, technology company Omron offers this scale. It features a full body sensor, a system that uses six sensors, two of which are for your hands, to measure body composition.

Since other hand scales solely rely on sensors for the feet, Omron claims that the use of hand sensors can increase accuracy.

Aside from body fat percentage, this model also measures six more fitness indicators including resting metabolism, weight, BMI, visceral fat, body age, and skeletal muscles.

It has been clinically proven to have similar accuracy as expensive professional medical devices. It can also store personal data for up to four users, and even has a guest mode.


  • Uses both hand and foot sensors
  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Can store personal information
  • Measures multiple health parameters


  • Some users claim highly off body fat measurements compared to caliper and professional measurements
  • Highly varied measurement fluctuations

Best Body Fat Scale

Via: Amazon.com

From the manufacturer of the first ever body fat scale, the Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus has a combination of function and design that is hard to top. It has an innovative body monitoring technology and a modern, sleek look.

It features a sophisticated, unique calorie intake analyzer. This tells you the number of calories you should consume to meet your goal. It also offers comparison modes for easier monitoring.

It monitors both your calorie goals and fat intake. It is calibrated for athletes, adults, and children. It can also store data for two user profiles. Body fat measurement has smaller 0.1 percent increments.

The LCD shows you both body fat and weight at the same time. It is two-lined and easy to read at 2.25 inches. This scale also compares your readings with healthy ranges for your gender and age.


  • Advanced body monitoring technology
  • Can store data for two individual users
  • Small measurement increments
  • Easy to read, clear LCD 
  • Informative 
  • Easy to use 
  • Pretty accurate


  • Problems with reading precision and repeatability due to frequent fluctuations
  • Takes time to before giving stable measurements

Best Body Fat Scale

Via: Amazon.com

First on the list is Taylor’s Digital Body Fat Scale. The best feature about this product is its sleek, stylish stainless steel and glass design. It is classic and is a great addition to modern bathrooms.

It has a status bar with a readout that is large, around 2 inches high, making it easy to read. It shows your body fat percentage ranked in comparison to the general population.

Similar to most body fat scales, this scale can handle up to 440 pounds of weight. It gives measurements with 0.2-pound increments. Aside from that, it also comes from a leading manufacturer of precision products.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Heavy and durable construction
  • 440 pounds weight capacity
  • Preset configurations 
  • Status bar shows fat, weight, and body water content


  • Readings are reportedly inconsistent and difficult to interpret
  • Some observe the scale to fail or stop working after a couple of months


Finally, the clear winner as the best body fat scale in this list is the Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale! It is generally affordable and has a high accuracy as far as body fat scales are concerned.

It features a safe, non-slip, large and durable platform. It has a large screen display for readability and gives multiple measurements.

Was this article of any help to you? Tell me what you think in the comments section below! Feel free to also ask questions and give recommendations. I’d love to hear from you.

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