Best Laxatives For Weight Loss: What You Need To Know To Find The One That Will Make You Slim Down

Taking laxatives is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to lose weight available today. If you’re seeking help in deciding if this method is for you or how to find the best laxatives for weight loss, you’ve come to the right place!

The use of laxatives in weight reduction has gained global popularity due to its quick effects and other benefits. If used correctly, that is. When taken improperly or in excess, this method also has its drawbacks. For one, it can upset your normal metabolism and cause damage to your organs.

That just shows how important it is for you to know the ins and outs of laxative use. In this guide, you’re in for an overview of the benefits, types, and reviews of laxative products. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more!

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How Laxative Can Help You Lose Weight

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Studies show that 47% of women in the world use laxatives to shed extra pounds. Aside from weight loss, it also helps relieve constipation, enhance digestion, and remove excess fat and toxins from the body. But, how does it work?

Typically taken to relieve constipation, laxatives work by reacting with your gastrointestinal tract, thus regulating your bowel movement. They either soften or increase the liquid or bulk in your poo for you to pass it more quickly. Laxatives may also stimulate the muscles of your intestines or rectum to contract which helps squeeze your feces out.

Laxatives help in weight loss by increasing the amount of toxins, nutrients, fluids and fat that you excrete on your bowels. By allowing you to have a regular bowel movement, laxatives also aid in digestion and metabolism, which are crucial in maintaining your body weight.

They may also accelerate the rate or frequency of your bowel movement. This minimizes the absorption of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals from your food intake.

Due to the shorter storage time of digested food in your intestines, you tend to gain fewer calories from the food that you eat. You may even pass out most of the calories even before your body has time to completely process your meal.

Hence, the danger comes once your body starts to release too much of the nutrients and calories into your poop. When what’s left does not suffice for your body’s needs, you then feel weak and tired, and health issues arise. Another is the risk of dehydration. This is why laxative use should be controlled.

Additional Benefits Of Laxatives

If you think that the only benefit that a laxative can give you is weight loss, think again! The use of laxatives can also help flush out unwanted toxins in the body, cleanse your colon, improve digestion and ultimately, stimulate your metabolism which will be beneficial in the long run.

Different Types Of Laxative

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Laxatives can be taken orally as capsules, tablets, or syrups. They can also be administered through the rectum as suppositories or enemas. Laxatives are categorized into four large groups according to how they work: bulk-forming, osmotic, stool softeners, and stimulant laxatives.

  • Laxatives That Form Bulk Or Fiber Supplements

As suggested by the name, they work by adding bulk to your stool. They contain indigestible, water-absorbing particles. Upon absorption of water, they tend to cause bowel accumulation. This triggers bowel movement through peristaltic movements or the alternating, wave-like contractions of intestinal wall muscles.

Bulking laxatives are plant fibers such as methylcellulose, ispaghula psyllium husk, and sterculia. A cheap kind of fiber supplement is unprocessed bran.

You cannot digest these fibers, but bacteria that are living in your intestines can. When they do, excessive intestinal gas and bloating may result.

  • Osmotic Laxatives

Osmotic laxatives are soluble yet non-absorbable compounds that draw water into your colon and your stool. This process of water transport is called osmosis. Through this action, osmotic laxatives help liquefy your feces and release it more smoothly.

  • Faecal Or Stool Softeners

Surfactants or softeners do their job by allowing fat and water to cover and saturate your stool. Some enemas and suppositories are types of stool softeners.

Usually, mineral oil mixed with juice is given as a stool lubricant to both adults and children with disabilities that limit their mobility. In hospitals, glycerin suppositories and docusate are prescribed to inpatients as a remedy for constipation.

It is also best to take note that prolonged stool softener use can cause vitamin K, D, A and E deficiencies (fat-soluble vitamins).

  • Stimulant Laxatives Or Cathartics

The method by which stimulant laxatives work is still poorly understood. However, they are known to stimulate the secretion of fluids and electrolytes in the colon and also trigger the intestinal nervous system.

Prolonged usage of this type of laxatives may cause patients dependence and intestinal nervous system damage. However, some researches contradict this. Nonetheless, prolonged use of these laxatives is only recommended for patients in hospitals or chronic rehabilitation care establishments. These include those who have a neurological impairment or are bedridden.

How To Choose A Laxative

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

There are many different ways in choosing OTC laxatives. One good way is to consider what you need and base your next actions and decisions on them. Listed here are the things you can do or follow to help you select the best laxatives for weight loss that you need.

  • Think Of Your Desired Effect

As mentioned, laxatives can have different effects and modes of action. Once you have figured out the effect or outcome you want the laxative to have on you, it will be easier to pick the right product.

It might help to ask yourself questions like the following:

  • I have been constipated for how long?
  • Have I tried to diet, exercise, or beverages to relieve my constipation? 
  • Have I tried any other methods to relieve my constipation? 
  • Do I prefer a laxative taken orally or rectally? 
  • Do I want a stimulating laxative? 
  • For how long do I want the effects to last? 
  • Do I need to consider any special health conditions or issues?
  • Check And Review The Package Labels

Reading the package label is imperative no matter what type of laxative you may choose. Make sure that you’re getting the type or combination that you like. Watch out for contraindications or possible interactions with medications you are currently taking.

  • Consult a pharmacist or physician about your concerns regarding specific laxatives. Also, try calling the manufacturer or look for information on the company’s website or the product packaging.
  • To find out any potential risks with the laxative you’re considering, consult the Food and Drug Administration’s website about product safety, recalls, and market withdrawals.
  • Decide On Your Best Options

Narrow down your selection to a few ones that could work for you. Then compare them to make a final decision. Consider things like:

  • Product guarantees or warranty
  • Overall health 
  • Medical conditions 
  • Allergens 
  • Cost 
  • Return policies

How To Make Laxatives Become More Effective

Many people shy away from using laxatives because of the possible side effects that come with them. But the truth is, it all boils down on how you take your laxatives. When you take laxatives properly, you can be able to minimize the side effects and maximize its benefits.

The first thing that you should do is to increase your water intake in order to prevent dehydration. In addition to that, you should also consume more fruits to ensure that your body will get the nutrients it needs.

Second, you need to consult your doctor first to make sure that taking laxatives is a safe option for you and to ensure that the use of laxative won’t be interfering with any of the medications that you are currently taking if there are any.

Last but not the least, do not forget to accompany your laxative use with proper diet and exercise so you can lose weight in the fastest way possible.

A Review Of The Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. GoodSense Osmotic Laxative

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Via: Amazon.com

GoodSense Osmotic Laxative ClearLax contains an active ingredient comparable to MiraLAX. It relieves irregular bowel movement and softens your stool. The active ingredient is Polyethylene Glycol 3350, which increases bowel movement frequency. It induces bowel movement in one to three days.

It comes in powder form which needs to be dissolved in liquid. It can be administered to adults and children not younger than 17 years old. For children 16 years old or less, doctor supervision is recommended.


  • Can be dissolved in any beverage
  • Has no unpleasant flavor
  • Much cheaper than brand-name counterparts but works just as well
  • Lower dosages work for pets 
  • Can be taken with pain medications for chronic neurological disease


  • Can cause discomfort in people who have been previously using other types of laxatives 
  • Not flavorless like the branded counterpart 
  • Fillers can have displeasing effects

2. Senna 8.6 Natural Vegetable Laxative

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Via: Amazon.com

This product is the generic counterpart of Senokot, a stimulant laxative. It elicits gentle effects within 6 to 12 hours and is best taken before bedtime or as directed by your doctor. The active ingredient is a standard senna concentrate or sennosides, a natural laxative from a plant.

Each tablet contains 25 mg of calcium. The pills are coated and also contain stool softeners. The tablets can be given to children as young as 2 years old, but doctor’s advice is still needed.


  • Does not cause bloating
  • Painless bowel movements
  • Dosage can work for young children
  • Much cheaper than the name brand
  • Has several years of shelf life


  • Hard to administer especially to children due to tablet form
  • May require multiple tablets to be taken at once

3. Senna Plus Vegetable Laxative

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Via: Amazon.com

As with the previous product, this is made of natural vegetable laxative and is a generic counterpart for Senokot. It contains sennosides, a stimulant laxative, and docusate, a stool softener. It takes effect within 6 to 12 hours and works as a gentle laxative to soften hard, dry stools.

The product may contain allergens and is not advisable for people with appendicitis, bowel blockage, blood in the stool or recently underwent abdominal surgery. It is not recommended that you to take it if you have been taking mineral oil or using another laxative for more than a week.

Some medications interact with this product, but specific interactions are still currently unknown. It comes in tablet form and is meant to be taken orally.


  • Great value for money
  • Does not cause abdominal cramps
  • Works just as well as the name brand


  • Not for people who want immediate effects
  • Loses effect after a while, and multiple tablets need to be taken at a time

4. Swiss Kriss Laxative Hrbl

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Via: Amazon.com

This herbal laxative gives the smoothest and most satisfying results. It does not cause health issues since most ingredients are all-natural. It can be taken daily before every meal and get results with a few weeks.

Its active ingredient is powdered leaves of senna, mixed with other natural ingredients such as strawberry and peach leaves, anise seeds, caraway seed, and hibiscus and calendula flowers.It comes in tablet or flake form.

Aside from improving bowel movement, it also helps in relieving flatulence or gas. It has the gentle laxative effect of senna. It also possesses digestive, anti-spasmodic, anti-gas, tonic, mild diuretic, and relaxing benefits of other inactive ingredients. It is naturally flavored by hibiscus and calendula flowers.


  • All natural
  • With more benefits other than bowel regulation
  • Does not cause cramps, bloating or gas 
  • Can be used over long periods of time without side effects 
  • Gentle but effective


  • May not take effect during first time
  • Dosage increases must be done gradually

5. Ex-Lax Stimulant Laxative

Best Laxatives For Weight Loss

Via: Amazon.com

This product is another great stimulant laxative that takes effect within 6 to 12 hours. It has 25 mg of the active ingredient, sennosides in each pill. Each pill also contains 50 mg of calcium and no sodium.

It relieves irregular bowel movement or occasional constipation and enhances motility without causing intestinal irritation. It works for adults and children 6 years and older when taken 2 pills at a time once or twice a day for a gentle reliable overnight relief.


  • Sealed in blister packets
  • Helps relieve abdominal pain and blockage
  • Works quicker than most herbal teas
  • Works great especially when taken before bedtime


  • Costs relatively higher than other products reviewed here
  • Medication passes into breast milk 
  • Can turn your urine reddish brown although this is harmless


Based on the reviews and criteria mentioned in this article, the clear winner among the best laxatives for weight loss is the Swiss Kriss Laxative Hrbl. It has multiple benefits, minimal side effects, and contraindications and also does its job well. It’s also made with all natural ingredients.

It’s perfect for you if you want gentle effects for an affordable price. The natural ingredients also minimize your risk of allergic reactions and contrasting effects with medications you might be currently taking.

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