How To Choose The Best Meditation Cushion For Your Needs

Do you want to have the most relaxing meditation session of your life? Are you tired of experiencing ankle pains and hip strain after meditating? We know exactly what you need—the best meditation cushion.

If you wish to learn more about this meditation accessory, you have come to the right place! Here are some of the information that you need about meditation cushion.

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The Benefits Of Using The Best Meditation Cushion

Best Meditation Cushion


For sure, you will be asking: Why would I need a meditation cushion when I can just simply use a pillow, right? Wrong. For your information, meditation cushions are carefully designed to give you the support that your ankles and hips need during meditation. Because of this, finding the best meditation cushion will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The best meditation cushion will alleviate pain when doing seated meditation.

Anyone who has done a seated meditation knows how uncomfortable it can be. A meditation cushion helps to alleviate pain in the hips and ankles by supporting the natural curvature of the spine.

  • The best meditation cushion helps improve posture.

Since meditation cushions do not have any back support, the person will be forced to practice proper posture since they do not have the option to slouch against the backrest. Because of this, the muscles around the spine is also strengthened.

  • The best meditation cushion provides comfort during meditation.

Regardless of what type of posture you assume during meditation, a firm foundation is necessary to keep you comfortable during the session. Meditation cushion gives you the support you need to stay comfortable (and prevent pain and discomfort). Since you will not be distracted by discomfort, it will be easy for you to focus on your mind, allowing you to make the most out of your meditation.

  • The best meditation cushion promotes proper alignment.

During a seated meditation or when doing the full or half lotus posture, the body should be properly aligned. According to Sage Meditation, the proper body alignment is when the spine is erect, the lower back is curved towards the body while the upper back is curved outwards, the neck is slightly bent and the head in a level position. The meditation cushion helps to raise hips and the upper body, aligning the body correctly.

If you wish to enjoy all these benefits, it is a must that you practice the right way to sit on your meditation cushion.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Meditation Cushion?

Best Meditation Cushion

Now that you know all the benefits of a meditation cushion, you would surely want to find the best meditation cushion for your needs. Well, you can do that by looking for the following qualities when choosing a pillow:

  • Portability

Keep in mind that there will be times when you will have to do meditation in places outside of your home, like the beach or in a meditation gym. For situations like this, you will need a meditation cushion that comes with a handle so it can be portable and can be carried to anywhere.

  • Comfort

When meditating, you will need a cushion that will work well with you and not against you. The cushion should be able to conform to the shape of your body. For this purpose, it is recommended that you choose a cushion with Buckwheat hull filling.

  • Durability

You will be putting all your weight into these cushions when doing meditation. Because of it, there is a tendency that the cushion will soften and flatten under you after a couple of months.

To prevent this from happening, you should get a cushion that is durable enough to be able to retain its shape and provide you a firm sitting surface for a prolonged period. For this purpose, we recommend that you go for a cushion with an outer cover that is made from cotton blend.

  • Hypoallergenicity

HypoallergenicityIf you have sensitive skin or is a highly allergic person, it is recommended that you opt for a cushion made of organic materials. The outer cover should be made of 100% natural, eco-friendly hemp or cotton material.

In addition to that, you should choose a cushion with a filling that has been harvested, collected and processed without the use of toxic substances.

Top 5 Best Meditation Cushion Today Of 2017

Wondering what is the best meditation cushion for you? Take a look at these top picks:

1.) Peace Yoga® Zafu Meditation Yoga Buckwheat Cushion

Peace Yoga meditation cushion contains buckwheat hulls which provide the right balance between pliability and firmness. Allowing the user to enjoy stability without sacrificing comfort while meditating. Its design also comes with a handle which would be useful for people who wish to meditate on the go. 

To ensure durability, For easy cleanup, the cushion features a full-zip cover which allows the user to quickly remove the cotton cover. The cotton cover can be easily washed either by hand or using a washing machine.

The buckwheat hulls inside are sealed inside a pouch so users can easily remove and insert it after washing.Lastly, the meditation cushion is available in different shapes that will suit the different body needs of the user. It also comes in a variety of colors including burgundy, blue, black, purple, gray and green.


  • Full zip covers allow easy cleaning and washing 
  • Grab-and-go handle offers portability 
  • Buckwheat hulls provide firmness and pliability 
  • Wide selection of colors and shapes makes it suitable for all body needs and user preferences


  • Too small for the ankles of some users 
  • Not comfortable for people who have injury 
  • Level and flat design make users uncomfortable during meditation 
  • Not recommended for people who are allergic to buckwheat

2.) Infinite Nature Yoga Meditation Cushion Zafu With Buckwheat

Infinite Nature Meditation Cushion is well known for using buckwheat hulls which are certified organic as it has been grown, processed and harvested using non-toxic methods, making it perfect for people who are allergic to buckwheat. In addition to that, the inner and outer liners are created using organic cotton of the highest quality.

Another thing that makes it different than other meditation cushions is that the user can easily customize its height to suit their needs and preferences because it comes with a zippered liner that allows users to remove some of the fillings when they want and need to.

Another feature of this meditation cushion is that it has no exposed zipper because the zipper is sewn under a tailored fabric flap, preventing it from gouging holes in the yoga mat, scratching the floor or snagging the rug. Lastly, the cushion comes in two colors: black and purple. It is also available with a money back guarantee.


  • Zipper hidden under a tailored fabric flap reduces risk of yoga mat or floor damage 
  • Customizable width and height make it more comfortable to the user
  • Organic buckwheat fill and cotton lining makes it perfect even for people with allergies
  • Buckwheat fill offers supportive but moldable support


  • Only two colors are available
  • Does not come in different sizes

3.) YogaAccessories (TM) Zafu Meditation Cushion

This 15 x 6-inch meditation cushion has a 100% cotton fill. It features the traditional crescent or round shape that most meditation cushions have so most people are already used to it.

It is filled with 100% pure and natural cotton fibers, offering users a hypoallergenic sturdy and durable mold. The filling is densely packed so the user can enjoy a firm cushion that will give them the stability they need as they do their meditation or yoga poses. But since it is made with 100% cotton, it is still soft enough to be comfortable to the user.

The users can choose from two types of outer cover: a 100% cotton twill or a luxurious silk that is soft to touch.

The meditation cushion comes with a side zipper that is hidden between the pleated design, allowing the inner fill to be removed for easy wash and maintenance.

In addition to that, the small side opening also allows the user to add or remove the cotton fill to achieve the height and firmness that he needs in his cushion. It comes in six different colors including blue, black, red, green, sage and fawn. In addition to that, it also comes in 5 printed designs.


  • Made with hypoallergenic cotton perfect for people with allergies
  • Densely packed cotton fill makes it stable and firm
  • Zippered side allows customization of pillow’s height and firmness
  • Removable inner fill provides easy wash and maintenance


  • Small size
  • Cotton cover quickly collects lint

4.) Bean Products Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

The Bean Products meditation cushion is handcrafted using organic materials. The outer cloth is made with eco-friendly cotton duck fabric or extra heavy hemp fabric colored using environmental friendly reactive dyes.

It is filled with USA grown organic buckwheat hulls that gently conforms to the shape of the body, relieving pressure on the bone while still providing support.

It features an ergonomic round or oval design that allows a person of any sizes to enjoy a longer lasting, more comfortable and relaxing meditation session while reducing the risk of knee, hip and ankle stress.

It also has a side zipper opening that is well concealed by a sturdy carry cotton handle. The zippered opening allows the user to remove the fill for easy cleaning and drying of the outer cover while the cotton handle allows the user to conveniently carry his meditation cushion with him to classes and wherever he wants to go.

The cushion comes in two sizes: Standard size and Extra Large. It also comes in 24 different attractive colors.


  • Wide selection of color is available
  • The amount of buckwheat hulls inside the pillow offers just the right amount of elevation and support.
  • Strong carry cotton handle makes the cushion portable
  • Comes in attractive designs


  • Prone to bug infestation so it must be stored properly
  • Unavailability of inner lining causes buckwheat hulls to spill

5.) Seat of Your Soul Yoga Meditation Cushion

The Seat of Your Soul meditation cushion gives you a stable yet soft foundation during meditation as it is filled with organic cotton stuffing or 100% all natural buckwheat hulls.

The machine washable outer cover is made with premium organic cotton cover is stitched by hands to ensure longevity and durability of the pillow. The outer cover also has a strong carry handle for easy travel. It is also zippered removable cover which allows the user to remove the filling for easy washing.

This meditation cushion allows people of all sizes to enjoy a relaxing meditation session as it comes in four different sizes: zafu (5.5 x 15 inches), Crescent (5 x 17 inches), Rondo (6 x 12 inches) and Mini Crescent (3 x 16 inches). It also comes in 5 different colors including Black, Natural, Gray, Navy and Red. It is available with 100% lifetime warranty.


  • Made with organic materials that are safe for our health and the environment
  • Detachable and machine washable outer cover offers easy maintenance
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors to suit all body needs and preferences
  • Comes with a handle for easy transport


  • Cotton filling tends to compress when used for a prolonged period
  • Cotton outer cover easily collects dog hair and lint


So, which of these cushions is the best meditation cushion for you? As mentioned above, the things that you should consider when buying a meditation cushion include portability, comfort, durability and hypoallergenicity.

When you take into consideration these factors, we can say that the best meditation cushion is the meditation cushion from Seat of Your Soul.

Just like most of the other cushions, it has a side zipper that allows easy washing and comes with a handle. However, it differs to some of the cushions in the sense that is made of organic materials—organic cotton or buckwheat hull stuffing and 100% cotton outer covering.

Lastly, it is the only cushion among the list that comes in four different sizes, making it suitable for people with short to the extra large physique.

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