Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews In The Market Now (No.1 Is Winning!)

Today, hair loss can present a multitude of effects to both men and women. Whether it is crushing your level of confidence to a new low or is simply making you more anxious as it might be indicative of an illness, this condition has become a bit too controlling.

And as studies to alleviate it have become more advanced as of late, many products are now made to combat it. Of these discoveries, only few of which have proven their effectiveness and longevity — one of which is the use of minoxidil shampoos.

This article should serve as your sole guide on getting the best minoxidil shampoo reviews.

Along the way, we’ll briefly cover what minoxidil is and its accompanying benefits and drawbacks. Right before our biggest reveal (the top five minoxidil products that is!), we’ll also look into how the product works and its recommended concentrations.


Minoxidil Defined

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews

Minoxidil is initially known as an antihypertensive vasodilator medication, the one that is originally developed to treat high blood pressure.

Over time, research has greatly indicated that it can also aid in treating hair loss. It is currently available as a generic medication and an OTC (over the counter) for the treatment of androgenic alopecia which is a form of hair loss in men and women.

Essentially, Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener. It’s applied topically and must be used indefinitely for the continued support of existing hair follicles along with the maintenance of any experienced hair regrowth.

As popular as this component is today, its mechanism of action to contribute hair growth especially with users who struggle with alopecia areata is still not completely founded.

How Does Minoxidil Really Work?

This specific area of inquiry in regards to Minoxidil’s great effect on hair loss is still basically unanswered. Few notable theories have already surfaced but none of which has conclusively verified the origin or mechanism of such effect.

However, many have pointed that Minoxidil’s effect on hair loss can be attributed with its ability to increase the flow of blood in sections where high levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) have caused problems on. As such, this noted increase of blood flow is believed to be combating loss of hair while it’s encouraging new hair to grow.

What Are Its known Side Effects?

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews

As most medications go, they come with potential risks. Minoxidil is practically still in an early stage of discovery so these effects could also vary. However, seasoned users of this treatment have collated the following side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Irregular and rapid heartbeat 
  • Chest pain 
  • Dizziness or light-headedness 
  • Swelling of stomach, face, ankles or hands 
  • A change in the texture or color of the hair 
  • Dry, flaky or itchy scalp 
  • Swollen feet or legs 
  • Skin rash 
  • Weight gain 
  • Temporary visual impairment 
  • Hair growth on your body or face 
  • Redness or stinging on the application site

Notably, the last two effects have been noted to have been experienced by most. Meanwhile, the rest are considerably rare in terms of their presence. But as a precaution, speak to your doctor whenever you experience any of these side effects before heading to continue this treatment.

Who Should Not Use Minoxidil?

The following factors and situations should indicate that Minoxidil might not be for you. If you’re really gunning for this treatment, I’d strongly recommend that you speak with your physician first.

  • If you’re prone to or is experiencing allergies.
  • If you’re pregnant, nursing, or have plans to be pregnant.
  • If you’re using other topic medications on top of Minoxidil.
  • If you’re hair loss is already extensive.
  • If you’re experiencing eczema, scalp infection or any existing scalp conditions.
  • If you’re experiencing heart, liver or kidney issues.
  • If you’re under any medication.
  • If your scalp has sunburn or broken skin on it.
  • If your hair loss is caused or exacerbated by diabetes, lupus, scalp problems, childbirth, chemotherapy, low iron or thyroid problems.

Minoxidil’s Recommended Concentrations (Plus More Tips!)

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews

The recommended concentration for Minoxidil is gener-dependent. But generally, it’s offered within the concentration levels of 2% and 5%. These recommendations have been taken from studies which indicated that the concentration varies depending on your gender.

As such, men in general have responded better to the 5% concentration. This has provided them significantly greater hair regrowth compared to the 2% concentration. Meanwhile, women’s hair have benefited significantly with the 2% concentration. Not without risks, the same studies have also stated that there is an evidence of facial hair growth if women opt to use a higher concentration.

Minoxidil is usually offered as a liquid or foam. This variations are to be applied on your scalp twice daily. For a faster result, it’s suggested that this product be combined with the use of good a DHT-blocker shampoo.

Minoxidil is believed to work best in cases in which hair loss is not that extensive. In all cases, discuss with your doctor first whether this product will work for you.

You can watch this video to learn on how to apply Minoxidil.

Leading Products That Use Minoxidil

All of the available products that utilize the Minoxidil component come with varying features. And while all of these are solely developed for the treatment of hair loss, some of them offer distinctive add-ons.

Rogaine is noted as one of the early brands that incorporated Minoxidil in its hair loss products. Apart from this brand, other brands have already surfaced, toting lower price tags. In the US, these brands now include Equate and Kirkland Signature.

The latest of the bunch is Lipogaine whose hair product also contains ingredients like biotin, Niacin, the Apple polyphenol and other known DHT blockers. The brand is also known for its Ketoconazole sulfate-free shampoo.

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews At The Moment

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Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews


This newcomer in the competition is already being welcomed with such an intensity. The Hairomega Serum comes with its proprietary 2% Minoxidil foaming solution. It’s coupled with its game-changing blend of herbal DHT blockers — a combination that is a first in this populated segment.

Accordingly, the firm’s proprietary Hairomega Serum treats the hair loss condition by blocking the DHT through its unique amalgamation of herbal ingredients. After that, the product’s Minoxidil increases the circulation onto your scalp as it helps the nourishment of your hair roots and follicles.


  • Comes with the brand’s signature Hiaromega Serum which also contains 2% Minoxidil foaming solution
  • Features a blend of herbal ingredients to block DHT
  • Ideal for hair nourishment and activation of follicles
  • Can be used with other hair styling products
  • Suitable for women


  • None

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews


An even bigger offering from Kirkland, the Minoxidil For Men 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth For Men, 12 Month Supply By Kirkland Signature is also a formidable entry in terms of its effect on hair regrowth.

It comes with the proprietary Minoxidil topical solution USP 5% that is crafted to suit men’s general thinning of hair on top of their scalp. It comes with a hefty 12-2 ounce bottles and a 12-month supply by the brand.

Meanwhile, the child-resistant dropper applicators comes in handy along with its information booklet that should favor those who are going to use it for the first time.


  • Comes with 12-2 ounce bottles, 12-month supply
  • Uses 5% Minoxidil topical solution
  • Equipped with child-resistant dropper applicators
  • Ideal for men who have general thinning of hair on top of their scalp
  • Reasonable price


  • None

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews


This product from Kirkland isn’t shying away from delivering a huge punch among its competitors. Its 6-2 ounce bottles are only beaten by its very own six-month supply offering — your hair regrowth regimen is definitely in to give you a lasting impression. It comes with Kirkland’s Signature Minoxidil topical solution that is already promising all by itself.

The solution uses USP 5% and is developed specifically for men who are sporting general thinning of hair on top of their scalp (vertex only). This is also ideal for men with low to moderate hair loss. Ensure though that you see the accompanying images for a diagram to know if this variant will treat the degree of your hair condition.


  • Comes with 6-2 ounce bottles
  • Uses 5% Minoxidil topical solution
  • Lasts for six months
  • Features one child-resistant dropper applicators
  • Ideal for men with low to moderate hair loss


  • Not suitable for women 
  • Could be too dry for your scalp

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews


Specially developed for men with hereditary loss, Men’s Rogaine Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Minoxidil Foam contains three 2.11-ounce aerosols of hair regrowth offering that should last for three months. It goes on easily on your scalp and should dry quickly too.

This first entry from Rogaine is clinically proven to aid on hair regrowth. The brand which enjoys some of the best recommendations from most dermatologists globally is touting this product to revitalizing your hair follicles. This variant is also coming with an unscented foam.


  • The first FDA-approved hair regrowth treatment foam
  • Clinically proven to aid men’s hair regrowth aspirations
  • Product last for three months
  • Easy-to-use and unscented 
  • Absorbs easily into the scalp and dries quickly 
  • Includes three 2.11-ounce aerosols


  • A bit too expensive for some

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews


Developed specifically to address women’s hereditary hair loss, this Rogaine wonder comes with three 2-ounce bottles of hair regrowth treatment with a three-month supply. With the clinically-proven and FDA-approved 2% Minoxidil topical solution, this product is also crafted to cater the reactivation of your hair follicles.

With a promised, easy-to-use offering and groundbreaking effectiveness, it’s not a coincidence why Women’s Rogaine Treatment For Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Minoxidil Solution is currently dubbed as the number one dermatologist-recommended brand for hair regrowth.


  • Comes with three 2-ounce bottles of hair regrowth treatment with three supply
  • Suitable for women with hereditary hair loss
  • Ideal for hair follicle reactivation
  • Clinically proven and FDA-approved
  • Unscented


  • Alcohol content may be too much for some


As you might know now, Minoxidil works on both genders for hair regrowth. As such, we’re subdividing our top choices based on this factor.

For women, we’re picking the Hairomega Serum 2% Minoxidil Foam DHT Blocker With Saw Palmetto, Myricetin & Grape Seed Extract 4 Oz. It’s effective inclusion of herbal DHT blocker ingredients along with its distinctive two-way approach to remedy hair loss are what is setting this winner apart from its rivals.

Meanwhile, the Minoxidil For Men 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth For Men, 12 Month Supply By Kirkland Signature is also a viable triumph from this reliable brand. Its hefty offering of 12-2 ounce bottles and its ultra-saving 12-month supply are a surefire way to provide you a more effective result.

So there you go! I hope you’ve enjoyed going through this read about the wonders of Minoxidil and its potential resolution on your condition at the moment.

And as much as it is tempting after reading this article, this product also comes with risks and side effects. As such, you please consult your decision first with your doctor before you dive right in with this approach.

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