The Best Power Tower For Your Versatile Workout Needs

Do you find your home gym lacking equipment for your workout requirements? A power tower may be all you need! This buyer guide will help you find the best power tower for you and your home gym!

Stay fit and save money with a power rack or power tower. It is a single equipment that can help you target your core, upper body and lower body with simple exercises you can perform with it.

Essentially just metal frames consisting of a pull-up bar and armrests, you can even do custom exercises in a power tower so you can maximize its use. Can’t wait to find out more? Keep reading for a rundown of the benefits, must-have features and reviews of the best power towers!

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.


Benefits And Advantages. How The Best Power Tower Can Contribute To Your Fitness

Best Power Tower


Aside from its convenience, a power tower has many different functions that can help with your health and strength training. It makes the most use of your body weight in performing those duties. Some of the benefits a power tower has to offer are:

  • Versatility

The power tower’s versatility is what makes it stand out. The design is friendly for any gender, age or body type. It has hand grips that can be used for squats, knee raises, dips, and other lower body or extended routines. It also includes a bar for pull-ups and chin-ups.

However, the number of things you can do with this equipment is only limited by your creativity and resourcefulness. You can also always add some additional equipment, so the possibilities are endless!

  • Body Conditioning And Toning

The daily use of a power tower can help strengthen and condition certain muscle groups of your upper body, lower body, and your core. By utilizing your body weight, you can adjust for a harder or easier workout to achieve your body goals and tone it into shape. This way also puts less impact on your joints and muscles.

  • Weight Control

By helping you build and tone your muscles, power tower exercises also work great for maintaining or losing weight. This method burns more calories than when you’re only targeting fats. Therefore, regular power tower use also help boost your metabolism and control your weight

  • Spot Train

The power tower is also ideal if you recently suffered an injury and needed to spot train. You can use it and certain exercises to specifically target certain muscle groups like your biceps, triceps or shoulders, which can contribute substantially to therapy. Customized workouts also help you work on your problem areas more efficiently.

  • Core Stability

Power towers are also great for toning and strengthening your abdominals or your midsection, which improves both how you look and how you move. A strong core contributes mainly to your balance and stability, enhancing your agility and reducing your risk of injury.

  • Convenience

Being tall and thin, power towers are so convenient when it comes to space concerns. You can probably position one in your room, basement, living room or office, which virtually allows you to workout anywhere, anytime! You can also opt for ones that fold nicely and can be stored easily.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Power Tower

Best Power Tower

Aside from your personal preferences for your workout sessions, there are several things you need to know about the power tower you will purchase. Some of these that I think are necessary are:

  • Size

The first thing you need to know about a power tower or any equipment is its size about the place where you plan to put it. Although power towers are compact, they do still need a certain space so you can use one effectively.

So, take note of the measurements of the tower, even its height, during use and when folded for storage. Next, you should know your available floor space and the height of the ceiling where you plan to use the tower. Then, compare these with other towers to know which one might work for you.

  • Weight Capacity

A 300-pound maximum user weight capacity is acceptable for a power tower and most users. However, you obviously have to buy something that can handle more than your weight, just to be safe. Also, consider the added weights of barbells or dumbbells you’ll probably use during some of your workout sessions.

  • Material And Construction

The overall security, safety, and enjoyability of your workouts rely greatly on the sturdiness and quality of how it was built. Look for a frame gauge, or steel bar thickness around 11 to 7, which is standard for most towers.

Thicker bars not only make for a durable tower but also gives more value for your money since they usually last longer and increase the weight capacity. Your power tower should also have supports and cushions where you need them for maximum comfort. Consider towers that also have secure, heavily-weighted bases for stability.

  • Added Features And Accessories

If you want something that’s a little more personalized than standard power towers, opt for one that has added features that correspond to your preferences.

These include racks for weights and other equipment for convenience. There are also some towers with a backrest for comfort and for maintaining your posture or even detachable benches.

  • Target Muscle Groups

Another thing to consider is the muscle group or groups you want to focus on. As mentioned before, all towers usually accommodate exercises for your abs, arms, legs and shoulders. However, some include attachments for resistance exercises which target the core and other secondary muscle groups.

  • Price

The product price is usually one of our top priorities when buying anything. However, this comes last in this list because it should really be the least of your concern when it comes to power towers.

It is recommended that once you have picked a few top choices based on the previous criteria, that’s the only time you should consider the price and look for the best deals.

Reviews Of Five Of The Best Power Towers

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

best power tower


For overall health and fitness, perform sit-ups, dips, leg raises, pull ups, chin ups and push ups with the Stamina 1690. This tower is made of sturdy tubular steel and heavy duty bolts for strength and durability. The handles are also padded with foam for comfort and natural feel. The pull-up bar also has wide grip angles.

The unit works for toning the upper body complete with upper and waist-high grips for a variety of exercises. With a size of 50” x 81.5” x 41.5” at 54 pounds, it can hold up to 250 pounds of user and equipment weight.


  • Grips add protection and stability
  • Sturdy but lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Takes up as little space 
  • Great value for money


  • Limited room for pull ups
  • Complains about wobbling

best power tower


Reasonably priced for its excellent construction, sturdiness, and reliability, the Weider power tower is also one of the best picks. It is made of high-quality but lightweight steel tubes for stability on any surface.

The hand grips and armrests are also padded with foam and vinyl for a comfortable experience.The dimensions are 58” x 22” x 10, ” and it weighs 90.2 pounds.

It has a self-supporting utility bench with a 6-foam leg developer and Olympic sleeve. These allow you to perform bends, sit-ups, leg lifts and more. The multiple grip design also lets you do dips, pull ups and vertical knee raises to maximize your muscle development. It also has adjustable uprights and safety spotter for different user heights and exercises.


  • Weight plates storage
  • Solid, well-built structure
  • Durable and comfortable cushions
  • Quick and easy assembly and installation
  • Independent bench can be used in decline, flat or incline positions 
  • Olympic width


  • A bit pricey
  • Takes up more space and footprint

best power tower


Although one of the most expensive products, this model is also the most versatile and advanced. It is constructed out of commercial-grade steel to make it long-lasting and sturdy.

It also has a cushioned back pad, sling straps, adjustable horizontal bars and hand grips for maximum mobility and exercises variety. The EZ-adjustable horizontal bars also lets you tweak the intensity and pace of your routines.

This unit is also ideal for planks, squats, dips, leg raises and more. It can hold up to 300 pounds of user weight and is 50” wide by 77” high by 50” long weighing 120 pounds.


  • Great for both advanced users and beginners
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Adjustability
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Useful accessories
  • Rubber covers for safety 
  • Workout placard showing many exercises


  • Too expensive for some customers
  • Some find the pull-up bar a bit low

best power tower


Excellently constructed with high grade, durable 12-gauge square steel tubes, the XMark 4434 includes stations for chin ups, dips, leg raises, pull-ups and pushups. The angled ends of the wide bar also let you target your lats at different angles.

The intelligently designed hand grips allow for perfect leg lift and dip positions. The unit also includes ankle pads that are adjustable into five positions, double stitched tear resistant Duraguard vinyl and 14-inch roller pads.

There are also cushions for the back, and armrests and the push-up handles are covered with rubber grips. The feet are also skid resistant. The product is 82.8” tall, 24.8” wide and 52.8″ long and weighs 200 pounds.


  • Rubber handle covers for comfort and safety
  • Wide and narrow pull up bar
  • Easy assembly
  • Tear-resistant cushions
  • Protects against floor damage
  • High-grade square tubing construction


  • Complains about knees hitting the backrest during knee raises
  • Heavier and taller users experience a little bit of wobbling

best power tower


For a machine that functions as great as it looks, opts for the XMark-4432. It is made with 14-gauge steel with scratch-resistant powder coating for strength as well as a stylish look.

The backrest is padded with extra thick cushion and a tear-resistant double stitched Duraguard vinyl. The added sit up roller pads are also extra thick at 4-inches. All of these add up for maximum comfort, easy cleaning, and product longevity.

It includes strategically positioned pull-up bar, twin dip handles, and a vertical knee raise station. The sit-up station also has a padded adjustable foot bar for intense ab workouts. The unit is 54.4” by 48” by 86” and weighs 98 pounds.


  • Heavier and more stable than the XM-4434
  • Reasonable average price
  • Handles are comfortable and durable
  • Great price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sit-up station and adjustable padded footbar


  • Pull up bar a little too near to the back of the tower
  • Already high price does not include installation


In conclusion, the clear winner of this product roundup is the Stamina 1690. It is a versatile, comfortable, secure, sturdy, lightweight, compact and well-built machine you can get at a very affordable price!

However, if you don’t mind paying extra for minimal wobbling, don’t need something portable, and want larger frames made of quality materials, consider buying the Bowflex Bodytower or XMark-4432 instead. That way, you get the benefits of a power tower with more security and stability during exercises.

For the most added features and accessories, on the other hand, the Weider Power Tower is the record-holder with its weights storage rack, independent bench, and multiple workout stations.

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So, did this guide help you find the best power tower for your needs? Share your insights, comments and any other concerns below!

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