Can’t Decide Which Is The Best Probiotic For IBS? Find Out Which One You Need!

Many people do not understand how frustrating (and at time debilitating) having an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may be. For some months or years, I know, you have been struggling and looking for a solution for in the form of the best Probiotic for IBS.

I know how anxious you may feel when you are not within a few feet away from the toilet!Unfortunately, the direct cause of IBS is not yet identified by researchers. Some theory and speculation indicate that people suffering from IBS lack the good gut bacteria.

Probiotics have had promising results in increasing the population of these bacteria and over the years and are becoming increasingly popular in the relief of IBS.

But today, you know what, we will be tackling some important facts about IBS and probiotics! Scroll down and continue reading more information!


What Is Probiotics?

Best Probiotic For IBS

Here’s a simple way to understand how what probiotics are. Our stomach is home to some good bacteria that helps in the digestion of the food we eat. In cases where there are too little of those bacteria, there is a high possibility that the food nutrients are not broken down properly and maximized by our body.

On the other hand, when there are too many of these good bacteria, there is a chance that you can get an infection! Any good bacteria in the body can turn bad when there’s too many of them!

How Does Probiotic Help Digestive Health?

Best Probiotic For IBS

This is where probiotics come in handy. Imagine, a probiotic is like a fuel cell that charges the good bacteria to maintain its healthy function. The absence of it will reduce the number of your good bacteria, and too many of it may overpopulate your gut.

That’s why probiotic supplementation is a bit tricky and should be taken seriously. It can work both ways for you, for better or for worse! Recommended dosages should be tapered and gradually increased to get to evaluate the effects of probiotics in your gut.

In many cases, even people without IBS can largely benefit from healthy effects of probiotic supplementation. Here are a few things you get when you take probiotics!

1. Healthy Gut

It’s a little easy to tell if you have digestive problems or not. A normal bowel movement ranges from as few as one in every two days to as often as twice daily. If you fall far from that range, it’s a pretty good indication that there is something amiss.

Taking probiotics can help you correct your bowel movement cycle. Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to worry about moving a bowel in the middle of the day?

2. Helps Maintain Weight

Have you noticed that there are times that you eating doesn’t feel like filling your stomach? Well, your digestive tract and food choices have a huge influence in this.

A healthy functioning gut, not as obvious as it seems, can help you manage your weight. Have you noticed that some types of food fill your stomach longer and satiety lasts?

In a similar sense, probiotics help you with your satiety index. They have an effect on the hormones that regulate appetite and tells your brain that you are not hungry. Now isn’t that nice?

3. Alleviates Bloating And Constipation

By normalizing the number of normal gut flora (good bacteria), digestion, absorption, and elimination of nutrients to the whole body are optimized. It’s like your gut is “overhauled” if you know what I’m saying. The usual problem people face is diarrhea or constipation.

Treating one will result to aggravating the other. Maybe you even tried medicating for constipation and resulted to diarrhea or the other way!

4. Better Mood

I think you don’t need some science related explanation to get the meaning of this. In a simple sense, when you are feeling constipated or have an urgency to move your bowel in the middle of something, it is easy to be irritated and a little grumpy.

Well, if you have a healthy functioning digestive tract with regular bowel movements, then you wouldn’t have to worry about this!

Do You Need Probiotics?

The symptom of irritable bowel syndrome varies from person to person. In mild cases, there could be some irregularity of bowel movement and some episodes of urgency and diarrhea like symptoms. On the other hand, some people may have severe symptoms that can make them anxious if there is no toilet around!

Best Probiotic For IBS Review

If you have decided to give it a try, here are some of the most popular brands that you may want to try.

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Best Probiotic For Ibs


Very Strong Loyalty #3 (VSL#3) is a US based company manufacturing probiotics. This product contains eight live microorganisms that can help restore your gut to its optimal working condition. Every capsule contains more than a hundred billion live good bacteria.

The combination of these eight strains of good bacteria complements to reduce inflammation in the lining of the intestines and increase intestinal permeability. This means a healthier gut that is more efficient in absorbing nutrients from food!


  • 8 Active good bacteria: VSL#3 contains a combination of three Bifidobacterium strains, four lactobacillus strains, and a strain of streptococcus. They are optimized to help and support the a well functioning digestive tract.
  • 112.5 billion bacteria in each capsule: The ideal everyday supplemental dosage is three capsules which a little shy of three hundred fifty billion live bacteria.
  • Freeze dried: Bacteria are living organisms and can be easily affected by the fluctuations of the outside environment. Since they are living organisms, they will die if they don’t get nutrients. VSL#3 blend is freeze dried to ensure that these good bacteria will only be activated when it reaches your gut.


  • Abdominal discomfort: Like many other probiotics, many people experience some abdominal discomfort at first. They are only mild and reducing the dosage can relieve the symptom.
  • Mild diarrhea: Many people, especially those who have not tried and not used to taking probiotics may experience some form of diarrhea during the first few days of supplementation.

Best Probiotic For Ibs


Manufactured and packed in the US, this probiotic supplement is one of the best stuff you can get your hands on. Many people have reaped the benefits of having a healthy gut while taking this supplement.

Unlike its competitors offering many strains of bacteria, Nutrition Essentials played their card differently. They researched and focused on one strain that is the most common cause of gastric anomalies. The result is astounding!


  • One strain – more power: Many manufacturers try to achieve the most number of strains in every capsule to act as a broad-spectrum solution for all. But Nutrition Essentials focused on the most common, and most needed by their clients! Each capsule gives you 15 million bacillus coagulans that fix your gut!
  • Helps maintain weight: Many users have reported that while taking Nutrition Essentials Probiotics, they had better control of their eating habits and had lesser hunger pangs! A lot had reported that they had lost weight in the process!
  • Affordable: This is just plain affordable. It’s a few dollars shy of twenty bucks! 
  • Gluten and dairy free: No need to worry about these frequent allergens. You can safely take it if you are intolerant of lactose and gluten without worrying!


  • Some random symptom: The first few days may aggravate your existing symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. Bloating, some constipation, and a little diarrhea may occur initially. But hey, that’s quite a good indication that the microorganisms are effectively populating your gut!
  • Few stomach discomfort: Aside from the symptoms mentioned above, some have reported mild stomach pain which usually goes away in a few days.

Best Probiotic For Ibs


Align’s probiotic supplement is thoroughly studied and backed by a 10-year research! The company took a decade to perfect their formula and deliver a great result to clients!

The company promises to provide you with 24/7 efficacy. They also boast being the top probiotic supplement by Symphony Health Solution in 2014!


  • Contains bifidobacterium infantis 35624: Bifido-what? Well, in simple terms, this rod-shaped strain of Bifidobacterium is a harmless bacteria that lives in the gut and helps in digestion of food. It also protects your gut form harmful bacteria by outnumbering them!
  • Gluten allergy: For those who have a gluten allergy, they made sure that you can take this without a problem!
  • Does not need refrigeration: Keeping it is not a hassle. You can store them at room temperature away from light as they are freeze dried and can live without food.


  • Mild bloating: You may experience mild bloating and some gas as you take it which will eventually go away. You will get used to it as the days go by.
  • Contains lactose: If you are lactose intolerant, this may give rise to some gas problems. This may aggravate your symptoms if you are too sensitive to lactose!

Best Probiotic For Ibs


Gaia source is a company that aims to provide top quality probiotic supplements that can be easily afforded by the public. They are based in the US, and all their products are guaranteed to be made in the US.

Gaia source 30 billion contains 13 strains of live microorganisms that have the ability to fix your gut and relieve you of the symptoms of irritable bowels syndrome.


  • Delayed release: It may seem like taking supplements is just a matter of downing the capsules and you are done with it. But behind it is science. These strains of bacteria may not be able to survive the stomach and may immediately die upon contact with gastric enzymes!Gaia source is designed to withstand the acids in the stomach to reach the depths of your intestines.
  • Affordable: Let’s face it, supplementing can become quite expensive. But Gaia source made sure that the general population can afford it! So there you go, an affordable probiotic supplement!
  • Two capsule dosage: Taking it is easy. The recommended dosage is two capsules only which is not hard to take. 
  • Vegan safe capsules: The company made sure that they are respecting the preferences of people who are not consuming meat as part of their discipline.


  • Contains lactose: Aside from the active ingredients, the company chose to use lactose as a binder and stabilizer. Unfortunately, for some people suffering from lactose intolerance, this may give you gas.
  • Gives a little stomach discomfort: The first few days of taking probiotics may give a little stomach discomfort. You can easily address this by lowering your dose for the first few days.

Best Probiotic For Ibs


The team behind Hyperbiotics Pro 15 is led by Jamie Morea who herself has suffered from a digestive anomaly. In search for a solution, she stumbled upon this idea that she could make a difference and give people like her relief. She founded this company with people like her in her mind.

To this day, Hyperbiotics is one of the most sought after probiotic supplement that has been providing many people relief from numerous digestive tract problems.


  • 15 strains of live bacteria: Our gut is populated with different bacteria in varying amounts! The digestive tract is in a constant battle to outnumber the bad bacteria with good strains of bacteria. Hyperbiotic promises to add 15 more strains of good bacteria in your gut!
  • Pearl sized capsules: Well, if taking one capsule is easy, taking one capsule the tiny size of a pearl can never be easier!
  • Freshness guaranteed: Hyperbiotics promises that each batch lasts up to 18 months from the day of manufacture.


  • Gas problem: You may experience some gas problems during the start of your regimen. You will get used to it along the way.
  • Mild diarrhea: Some urgency may be present at the beginning, and you may get mild diarrhea. But once you get used to taking it, these symptoms will subside, and you will reap all the benefits of a healthy gut!


Best Probiotic For IBS

Taking prebiotics can help you elevate your health to the next level. The benefits of taking it can surely make a better and healthier you!

Among the selection above, VSL#3 has the most number of colony forming units of bacteria. Depending on how severe or mild your case is, VSL#3 can give you the most benefit (or worse side effects)! But that really depends on your symptoms.

But clearly, Nutrition Essentials give you the most value for your money and benefits!

I hope I was able to shed some light on your dilemma. Feel free to share this with your loved ones so they could have relief too! Have questions? Leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you soon!

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