What Is The Best Pull Up Bar? This Guide Will Help You Find The Equipment That Will Make You Ripped!

All men wish to have not just a bigger but also a stronger upper body. As we all know, one of the best exercises to gain upper body strength and growth is pull ups. To perform this exercise more efficiently, the use of the best pull up bar is highly recommended.

But how would you choose a pull-up bar? How would you know if it will suit your needs are not? Well, worry not, my friends! I am here to help you solve all your dilemmas. I have written this article to help you find not just the answer to your questions, but the perfect equipment too.

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Health Benefits of Doing Pull Ups

Best Pull Up Bar

But before we head to the gritty nitty details of bar shopping, let us first determine what are the benefits that you can get when you do pull ups. Here are some of them:

  • Works Out Multiple Joints

Pull up is considered to be a compound exercise, meaning it will require you to use more than one muscle group and joint. Because it recruits maximum amount of muscle fiber, it can easily help you gain muscle mass that you want.

  • Plenty Of Variations

Many people try it hard to stick to their fitness routine because of boredom. With pull ups, you can enjoy plenty of variations, so you will never get bored ever again. In addition to this, you can achieve multiple target muscles without having to change weights or equipment. In fact, here are different types of exercises that you can perform on this fitness bar.

  • Convenient

What’s great about pull ups? You can do it—anytime and anywhere you wish! All you would need is a bar ( or a doorway) and your body.

  • Builds Strength

One of the best ways to build strength is to increase your workout intensity and pulls ups make it easy for you to do just that. To build intensity, you can just simply wear weight plates or vests or strap dumbbell or kettle bell in your feet.

  • Better Athletic Performance

One of the main objectives of a pull up is to increase and build grip strength. This type of strength can help you excel in a wide array of sports including martial arts, wrestling and much more.

  • Weight Loss

The more muscle you build with pull ups, the more fats you will lose (even if you stay at rest!).

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Why Install A Pull-Up Bar At Home?

Best Pull Up Bar

Of course, you can just simply use your doorway in doing pull ups so why would you need this equipment? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Keep in mind that it is a machine that is designed for pull ups so naturally, you will need it. For one, you will need it for safety purposes. The best pull up bar is equipped with safety features like padded grips to ensure that no accident will take place.

Second, the pull up bar is designed for convenience. Most pull up bars are designed to be adjustable to accommodate your physical and fitness needs. It will also allow you to perform different grip positions in the most comfortable way possible.

Last but not the least, having this in your home will remind you to exercise. After all, it’s already there! It will be a shame if you won’t use it, right?

Types Of Pull-Up Bar

When buying a this type of fitness equipment, one thing that you should understand is that it comes in different kinds. To help you out, here are the types of pull-up bars and a few information about it:

  • Doorway Bar

This is attached in a bar that is hung into the door frame. This can be easily installed, removed and moved. However, this is only recommended for a lightweight and small person.

  • Wall Mounted Bar

This type is screwed directly into the wall so it will require a bit of work during installation. In addition to that, you can be able to customize the height of the bar. Lastly, this type is perfect for people who are a bit on the wide side because there will be no door frame that would limit them.

  • Free Standing Bar

With this type, it will seem like you are already buying a full gym equipment as it allows you to do different kinds of exercise. However, this is the most expensive type of them all, and it will consume too much space in your home or office area.

Buying Tips

Best Pull Up Bar

So, how can you buy the best pull-up bar? How would you know which one should you choose? Aside from the type of bar, you also have to consider a few other things. Below are some of them:

  • Type Of Exercises

Before you buy a bar, determine which type of exercises you plan on performing first so that you can ensure that the bar will allow you to perform the grip position that the exercises will need.

  • Durability

Of course, the construction is important. If you want an equipment that will last for a long time, you should opt for one that is made of high-quality steel or other equally solid metal and shy away from ones that have plastic nuts, bolts and parts as these can easily get broken.

  • Size Of Bar

When buying a bar, measure the width and thickness of the door or the wall that you plan to put the bar on to make sure that the bar will fit it well.

  • Your Body Weight

Not all fitness bars are created equal so the body weight capacity of different brands and products may vary.

  • Other Features

One of the most common features that the best pull-up bar has is the slip-free or padded grips. This simple feature ensures that you will enjoy a safe and comfortable workout experience.

5 Best Pull-Up Bar Reviews That Will Help You Find What You Need

With all the amount of pull up products available in the market, it is quite difficult to determine which one would best suit your needs. Well, we have done you a favor and we decided to narrow down your choices to what are considered to be the 5 bars in the market today. Here they are along with their features, pros, and cons:

1. ProSource Doorway Pull-up Bar

Best Pull Up Bar

Via: Amazon.com

Considered to be a multifunctional bar, the ProSource Doorway offers 12 comfortable grips and handles that allow the user to perform different upper body workouts.

If you are worried about its stability and durability, you will be happy to know that this product is made from high grade steel that is built to last. In fact, it can accommodate people up to 140 kilos or 300 pounds.

It features a slip-in design that makes assembly and installation hassle-free and smooth sailing. The size is suitable for standard sized doorways.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Made of high-grade steel
  • Provides user 12 different grip optoons
  • Can accommodate a weight of 300 pounds 
  • Fits standard sized doorways


  • May create marks on walls 
  • Height can’t be adjusted

2. Iron Gym Workout Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Best Pull Up Bar

Via: Amazon.com

This is made of durable steel that can hold 300 pounds or less. In addition to that, its size is designed to fit most doorways with dimensions of 24 to 32 inches x 3.5 inches.

Installation and assembly will also not be a problem since it uses a leverage to hold against the doorway. You will not need screws or tools to install it. More than that, its simple design ensures that no damage is done to your door.

It offers three grip positions—wide, neutral and narrow. Because of this, it is useful in performing all types of body workouts including chin ups, push ups, crunches and dips. The bar is also portable and compact, allowing you to move it to wherever you want to.


  • Durable
  • Can accommodate a weight 300 pounds or less
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Fits standard doorways
  • Offers three grip positions


  • Plastic bar bends easily
  • May eventually scuff the paint on walls

3. Stamina Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Best Pull Up Bar

Via: Amazon.com

One of the most versatile fitness bars in the market, Stamina Doorway offers five grip positions that will allow you to perform just about upper body workouts that you can think of. In addition to that, the design is versatile enough to be used on either the doorway or the ground.

It features a sleek design with its black handles and thick chrome steel. In addition to that, the grips are padded to ensure that it is non-slip to prevent injuries and possible accidents during your workout sessions.

The durable steel construction can accommodate users that weigh up to 250 pounds.


  • Offers 5 grip positions
  • Padded and slip-free grip for safe and comfortable workouts
  • Easy assembly and removal


  • Can accommodate people who weigh up to only 250 pounds
  • Cannot fit thick doorways

4. Perfect Fitness Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Best Pull Up Bar

Via: Amazon.com

Perfect Fitness is like a portable gym equipment that you can carry wherever you go. The bar features a patented door frame guard that can fit door frames with the dimensions of 33-inch x 6 inch. It has a 2-way design that allows user to adjust not just the width but also the height of the bar.

The durable steel construction and design of the bar can accommodate people weighing up to about 300 pounds, allowing the user to even wear a weigh vest if he wants to make his workouts more challenging.

The wide grip handle offers 3-grip options including wide, hammer and close. The handles are padded to ensure safety and comfort during workouts.


  • Two-way adjustment feature
  • Can accommodate 300 pounds or less
  • Three grip options 
  • Easy to remove and assemble 
  • Fully padded handles


  • Nuts and bolts easily get broken
  • Foam padding gets ripped off overtime

5. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Bar

Best Pull Up Bar

Via: Amazon.com

This is designed with your home and your comfort in mind. The machine is equipped with mounting plates and holes are located at exactly 16 inch in the center. Because of these simple features, it is easy to install on stud framed walls.

The bar offers four grip positions that allow you to perform different exercises that can target different muscle groups.

It is made with all-steel material with a black powder coat finish. In addition to that, the grips are made of non-slip steel and you can even wrap it up with high density foam padding.

The bar’s weight capacity is 300 pounds or less.


  • Offers wider range of motion
  • Padded slip-free grips
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Offers plenty of room for movements


  • Installation may be a bit complicated
  • Cannot be easily removed


To find the best bar for your needs, you have to consider the type, features, size of the machine, your body weight, durability and the type of exercises you want to perform.

Considering all that, which is the best pull -p bar for you? Well, there is no denying that the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar offers the greatest advantages when it comes to all the factors mentioned above.

But if you have a tight budget and you have limited space at home, a wall mount bar is recommended and the best among the rest is no other than the Perfect Fitness Pull-Up bar because of its 2-way adjustment feature.

How do you feel about this comprehensive buyer guide? We hope that all the information has been useful for you. If it was, please do share them with your friends. If you have a few questions or feedbacks, please leave a comment below!

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