What You Should Look For To Find The Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

If your feet do not have arches, it could cause pain, discomfort or even increase your risk of getting injured. Finding the best sneakers for flat feet could take long hours of research. But don’t worry! We’ve done it for you in this article so you can finally be comfortable in your shoes, literally!

Your feet’s arches actually affect your posture and the weight distribution to the different parts of your feet. Without these arches, although the weight is still distributed throughout your feet, there is an unusual stress on your hip joint that can lead to several other issues.

However, wearing the right shoes can alleviate and even prevent you from experiencing these problems. But how do you find footwear that offers the right arch support? Keep reading to find out!

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Flat Feet And Pronation

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Probably the most vital structural feature of the feet, the arch can bear up to 200,000 up to 300,000 pounds of stress per mile that we walk. They absorb the pressure that our feet experience with every step.

Arch height can vary widely among people and may change with age or due to medical conditions. Proper arch support is crucial in the prevention of a wide range of musculoskeletal health issues which may cause inactivity or disability.

The following are detailed descriptions of flat footedness and the kinds of pronation to help you understand this article better.

  • Flat Feet

Having little to no arch is readily observable by standing barefoot in front of the mirror. If the entire or almost entire sole of your foot touches the floor, then you can say you are flat footed.

If you’re not sure whether or not your feet shape is close to what is considered to be the standard, there is one simple test that you can try as recommended by American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon.

In this flat feet test, you submerge the bottom of your feet in the water and then walk on a surface where you can observe your footprints. If you have flat feet that have low arches, you will notice a small curve from the big toe to the heel. If you have high arches, you will see footprints with a narrow strip from the heel to the ball of your feet.

  • Pronation

There are two types of improper foot pronation or how your feet moves inward to absorb the impact of your steps. Overpronation means your foot rotated too far inward which is common for people with low arches or flat feet. Underpronation or supination, on the other hand, is the way your foot rolls too far outward. Both of these require proper arch support

If you are wondering how flat feet can affect your health, please take a look at this video:

Benefits Of Arch Support For Flat Feet

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Arch supports aid in temporarily and artificially building up or forming arches for flat feet to prevent chronic conditions. The added support helps make walking more comfortable and less painful. Enumerated here are some of the benefits shoes with great arch support can provide.

  • Alleviate Or Prevent Pain

Good arch supports help lessen foot pain, discomfort, and immobility. Flat-footed individuals or other related conditions are assisted by arch supports to regain their mobility and do daily activities with minimal pain.

This is possible through the correct distribution of weight on the heels and balls of your feet that also distribute the pressure on your hips and spine.

  • Support

Specialized artificial supports may be required for some people with foot ailments. These also help prevent further tissue damage or injury aside from lessening the pain.

  • Good Foundation

Arches are similar to foundations in buildings whose main purpose is to carry weight. Often, the pain or discomfort you might be experiencing due to flat feet is because of poor foot foundation. Using arch supports is one remedy for this. Slipping into the right shoes adjustable for a comfortable fit help alleviate pain and other problems associated with it.

  • Proper Balance And Posture

Through improving the weight distribution on your joints and feet, arch supports provide balance and improve your posture. This also helps lessen pain and avoid problems related to the lack of proper support and imbalanced weight distribution.

  • Portability

Even if the mini steppers are compact, there are some models that are heavy so you should consider the weight too. If you plan on bringing the machine from your home to the office or vice versa, you should go for a lighter model.

  • Prevent More Conditions And Injury

Research revealed that using an orthotic or arch support regularly can reduce the development of arthritic conditions through time. This is because the support decreases the amount of pressure pushing on the joints. People above 40 especially benefit from these interventions.

Seeking the advice of an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist on proper support for flat feet can also help them determine or diagnose the extent of misalignment and other joint conditions. This is useful in prescribing solutions to prevent further injury or your condition from worsening.

What To Look For In The Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Instead of wearing arch supports or orthotic inserts, shoes that offer relief from pain due to flat feet are also one of the best options. For a comfortable and stylish everyday wear, find the best sneakers for flat feet with the following characteristics:

  • Arch Support

Flat footed people need more support for their feet than individuals with normal foot arches. To test if your shoes have good arch support, gently bend and twist a shoe. It must bend easily on the toes, but not in the middle, where your arch is. Proper support for your heels is also found to be best for flat feet and prevent your ankle from rolling.

The best sneakers for flat feet are of course those with good arch support. This helps prevent your fallen or low arches from having continued contact with the footbed, avoid straining your ligaments and tendons, and reduce pain in your feet.

Avoid footwear without arches in the insoles as they can worsen the problems associated with your flat feet. Instead, opt for shoes such as running sneakers which are proven to be the best for providing arch support for flat feet compared to our everyday shoes.

Other options are custom-made shoes designed and constructed under expert podiatric supervision which specifically target your flat foot or low arch condition. However, these are usually for walking only, while the running shoes previously mentioned may be more useful if you’re active and sporty.

  • Stiff Outsoles

Stiff soles reinforce the built-in shoe support and prevent your feet from rolling inward, a great must-have in the best sneakers for flat feet. Stronger, stiffer and sturdier outer soles in your footwear also help them survive long hours of daily wear and tear, contributing to the shoes’ durability.

  • Stability

Most people with flat feet find relief with stability shoes. These shoes have added materials in the midsole to support or enhance your arch, preventing overpronation. Extra cushioning also provide a snug but comfortable fit. Lastly, heel counters at the back of the shoe increase the pressure resistance against pronation.

Stabilizing your heels to prevent too much rolling while walking or running is also important. Make sure that the heel area of your shoes is relatively close to your heel edges, firm, and stiff. Having it too loose or too tight are both bad, so opt for something in between. This may be hard, but some brands are designed to fit properly with the help of podiatrist and expert opinions.

  • Durable And Rigid

Low or absent foot arches tend to reduce your stability so choose a pair of shoes that is rigid and durable. This means that it does not twist or turn too much with every step you take. Too much bending or twisting can affect the midfoot area and cause the accumulation of pain. The best sneakers for flat feet bend only at the toes and would not bend anywhere else, especially in the middle.

  • Orthotic Inserts

Sometimes the perfect footwear you find may be comfortable and have decent arches. However, to make them even more suitable for your flat feet, you can replace the footbed with custom orthotics. These were found to work extremely well and also allow you to wear the most comfortable shoes that fit your lifestyle and fashion preference.

Reviews Of Five Of The Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Via: Amazon.com

The SKECHERS D'Lites sneakers offer a delightfully sporty and stylish comfort that comes in many different colors. The upper of this lace up sports training sneaker is made of smooth leather with overlay accents and stitching.

It is constructed with metal top eyelets and a padded collar and tongue. It also features a lining of soft fabric and a cushioned insole for added comfort. The midsole is shock absorbing, and the shoes and outsoles are super lightweight and flexible.

The 1 ¼” heels make these sneakers best to use for walking, working, on pavement, in the gym, and with orthotics or inserts


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and comes with a broad range of colors
  • Durable and well-made 
  • Good traction


  • Poor arch support
  • Too stiff, narrow and tight

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Via: Amazon.com

Originally a track shoe released in 1985, the Saucony Bullet sneakers were revived with the same sleek silhouette, shock-absorbent footbed, and the familiar rubber outsole but without the track-ready spikes.

The upper, a perfect combination of nylon and suede overlays, is both stylish and comfortable. The cross-country platform gives you an authentic vintage retro feel along with the low-profile silhouette.

The midsoles cushion your feet and absorb shock, providing you with gentle support. The rubber outsoles, added paddings at the collar and tongue as well as the soft fabric, synthetic leather lining give extra support and comfort. It also comes with a removable sock liner that is padded lightly.The lace up closure also ensures an optimal fit.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Stylish and ideal for casual wear
  • Stable
  • Provides good arch support
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable 
  • Feels true to width and size


  • Not great for use when raining
  • Questionable durability with constant use

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Via: Amazon.com

These fashion sneakers are stylish enough and can be used by women, men, or even children. The upper is low-top and made with a breathable fly woven fabric. The sole is constructed with slip-resistant rubber, and the platform is 1.18” high.

The product comes with a size chart to help you choose the right shoes for your specific foot length. This size chart is true to 1 cm size differences, and the size range and color options differ for men and women.


  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Non-slip and non-skid sole
  • Waterproof
  • Unisex and can be used by children
  • Great for couples and families
  • Can be worn throughout the year in any season


  • Not for running and working out
  • Wear out quickly

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Via: Amazon.com

The SKECHERS Memory Fit - Reprint shoe takes a whole new comfortable take on the classic sneakers. The upper is made of smooth leather and synthetic fabric in lace up athletic training sneaker with stitching, perforation detail, and overlay. The shoe is constructed with a soft fabric lining.

It features a full-length Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole, a midsole that absorbs impact or shock and a durable, flexible, high-traction rubber outsole. The Articu-Lyte supportive shock absorbing midsole design is also lightweight. The classic style is emphasized with the 1 ½” athletic heel.


  • Comfortable and provides enough arch support
  • Great for walking
  • True to size
  • Lightweight and has a feet-cooling effect
  • Front-perforation and stitched details for breathability and design
  • Great pronation control


  • The tongue of the shoe shoes only the size and not the width of the shoe
  • Complaints about inadequate cushioning

Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

Via: Amazon.com

The Puma Roma Basic Men's Casual Shoes is a laid-back retro classic with its sleek sport-turned-street-style design. It is a replica of the original 60s Roma soccer cleat and is great for old-school shoe lovers.

The shoes feature perforated leather uppers for breathability and flexibility. The rubber toe guard also provides protection for the feet and the solid, but soft rubber sole adjusts with your every move. Also, it has an EVA midsole that adds durability and support without extra weight.


  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Grippy rubber outsole
  • Lace closure for a snug and optimum fit
  • Great for long and casual wear


  • Size issues
  • Great for general activities but not for workouts and running


Based on the qualities you should look for in the best sneakers for flat feet mentioned here, the obvious winner of this product roundup is the Skechers Memory Foam Fit Reprint Lace-Up Sneaker. It is breathable, lightweight and offers great arch support and controls pronation.

Tied for the second spot are the Saucony Originals Women's Bullet Sneaker and Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites that both provide great arch support and stylish but are short on the comfort side.

Lastly, the JACKSHIBO Athletic Sports Shoes and the PUMA Roma Basic Sneaker both get the third spot for style and comfort. However, they may be a little less durable and versatile when it comes to activities that you can do while wearing them.

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So, I hope this guide helped you in finding the best sneakers for flat feet. If Please don’t forget to share and leave your comments below!

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