Improve Your Reflexes And Coordination With The Best Speed Bag!

Are you struggling with your hand-eye coordination, reflexes or reaction time? Not just for boxing, speed bags can help you improve all these skills. This buyer guide will lead you to choose the best speed bag!

All well-equipped gyms have the essential speed bag. Other punching bags help with your power and technique, but speed bags offer so much more.

Are you wondering about the benefits and characteristics of the best speed bag? Wonder no more, because this article will help you with that, and includes five-speed bag reviews! Read on to find out!

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The Many Benefits Of Training With The Best Speed Bag

Best Speed Bag

Speed bags are the more often overlooked, much smaller versions of heavy punching bags. Although the majority of the fitness community and even boxers themselves reject speed bags as antiquated, they can do a lot more than their bigger brothers.

As great training tools, speed bags offer you many fitness benefits. Check these out in the list below!

  • Improved Hand Speed

True to their name, speed bags offer scientific speed training developed immensely over the past 50 years. You need hundreds of high-speed movements to complete a single round of speed bag work and doing this consistently trains your hands to move faster over time.

  • Enhanced Timing, Rhythm, And Coordination

The cause of the usual frustration in many first-time users of speed bags is the need for exceptional rhythm, coordination, and timing common in expert boxers. Regular practice with speed bags develop these skills for you to be able to deliver controlled, precise movements using your whole body.

These are important not only for boxing but also other sports or activities like target shooting, baseball, softball, basketball, and tennis. It is especially useful in allowing you to hit moving targets.

Probably the best benefit of speed bags is improving your hand-eye coordination. Effective punches are those landing exactly where you intend them to. Speed bags not only allow you to aim better but also increases the speed and precision of your punches.

  • Muscle Endurance

Fighters have been using speed bags for more than a century now to give them the ability to endure having their hands in the same position for ten rounds or more at a time. This helps them keep their hands up and deliver precise punches for a longer time.

Speed bag work can help you develop muscles just as much as weightlifting and heavy bag work. The bags are often positioned at your eye level or higher. Higher punches mean more of your shoulder muscles are being used. This also keeps your hands busy and use so much energy.

Just a three-minute round of hitting a speed bag is, in fact, enough for you to understand the impact on your shoulder muscles’ endurance. Try standing up, imagine a speed bag is in front of you, and begin drumming away for a whole minute. See what I mean?

  • Eye Control

Usually, new boxers tend to get the proper position with the chin down, but as they do so keep their eyes down as well. This exposes them to hooks and overhand punches. Another benefit of speed bag work is training you in keeping your eyes up.

Also, whenever a punch is coming close to our face, our natural instinct is to blink or close our eyes, a terrible mistake and a bad habit in combative sports like boxing. This split-second instance can be a huge difference in blocking, dodging or taking the blow. Speed bag training can help eliminate this habit.

  • Better Footwork

Working with speed bags require good footwork and hand movements. It encourages you to keep your feet moving and stay in the right position. This makes for a comfortable stance for you to easily shift weight and move around the ring.

  • Cardiovascular Health

Just like any exercise or activity, speed bag work can be a great cardio conditioner. It can be considered as an equivalent of the treadmill, but for your upper body.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Speed Bag

Best Speed Bag

The best speed bag can come in many different forms. To make your quest easier, here are a few things to consider or look for when deciding on the best speed bag.

  • Size

Speed bags come in a variety of sizes, from 6” by 4” to 13” by 10”. The size affects the function. The general rule is the smaller the bag, the quicker it moves. Larger bags, usually more than 9” by 6”, are designed for more intense workouts to build up strength and endurance.

Also, smaller bags develop specific speed skills. Heavier bags work for power punches and challenge your hand speed and timing better. Larger bags also need more frequent refills.

Manufacturers may have different sizes for large, small or medium bags, so it’s best to refer to the actual measurements in choosing the right size for you.

  • Shapes

Although speed bags are traditionally teardrop-shaped, “Mexican Style”speed bags come shaped like a banana. Banana shaped bags are much narrower and less common.

  • Materials

Preferably, the best speed bag should be made of leather, polyurethane, or synthetic materials. A plastic or rubber bladder must also go inside the bag shell.

Many buyers like authentic cowhide leather but modern bags are manufactured with synthetic materials found to work better than leather.

Although these synthetic alternatives are much cheaper, they are also harder with a plastic-like feel and rebound faster. The leather is better suited for beginners because it tends to slow down the bag’s rebound, and gives it a softer “give” and texture great for learning.

  • Swivels

A swivel is to where a speed bag is hooked and attached to the ceiling. The swivel controls the bag’s movement and rebound. There are several types of swivels, and usually, a manufacturer recommends the best type of swivel for a particular bag.

The ball hook swivel slightly slows the bag’s movement and allows hitting from all directions. It is popular especially for beginners because the sound it makes allow efficient work with music. However, this type tends to jump, forcing you to hit with the precise trajectory.

U-hook swivels, on the other hand, are easier to adjust and disassemble, although it may require effort or a pair of pliers in removing the pin. They do not jump but have a poor response to hits from the sides.

Chain link swivels allow bag movement in all directions and very fast rebound and action. These are ideal for straight speed work but not for freestyle accuracy training or maize bag-style drills.

  • Construction

Three parts of a speed bag affect its durability: the bladder, loop, and shell. The loop attaches the bag to the swivel. The loop is the most sensitive part of the bag, and when it tears, the bag is essentially unusable.

The bladder is in the shell and filled with air. All bladders need inflation now and then but a good bladder deflated as little as possible.

  • Boards Or Platforms

Most speed bags are designed for hanging from wooden boards connected to the ceiling. Also called a drum, these can either be attached straight to the ceiling or hung from a rigging hooked on the wall.

Some bags come complete with a stand that can be propped on the ground or hung off a wall, but these are not common. Choose a platform that is thick and hard enough for a good rebound. This also minimizes noise since lighter ones cause rattling. Add weights on top of a lighter platform for stability.

  • Balance And Rebound

To help you improve your reflex, precision, and coordination, a speed bag should be well-balanced and rebounded predictably and smoothly. Though this is determined by the swivel, a bag with poor balance won’t rebound well even on the best swivel so choose one with both.

Five Best Speed Bag Reviews

Best Speed Bag

Now that you know the advantages and attributes of the best speed bag, here are a few reviews to further narrow down your options.

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Best Speed Bag


This lightweight 9” by 6” bag is balanced and designed for rapid recoil or rebound for optimum results. It is constructed with top grade leather, reinforced lacing and welted seams for durability.

The product includes the bladder which can be inflated for training immediately after opening the package. However, the swivel mount is sold separately.


  • Durable leather material resistant to wear and tear
  • Reinforced seams
  • Thick loops secure the bag well
  • Precise balance for consistent and quick rebounds 
  • Good value for money


  • Does not sustain pressure very long
  • Does not include swivel mount

Best Speed Bag


Another top-rated speed bag, the TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bags are a little on the heavy side, but still rebounds well. It comes in four different sizes: XXS (4" x 7"), Small (5" x 8"), Medium (6" x 9") and Large (7" x 10").

The durable shell is constructed with top grade leather, with seams that have been reinforced three times. The pro-bladder with internal balancing made of butyl rubber also adds to the longevity and efficiency of this bag. It also recoils and rebounds fast.


  • Durable triple reinforced seams
  • Long-lasting leather shell
  • Built-in precision Gyro-Balance for better rebound
  • Holds air effectively
  • Inflates evenly 
  • No soft spots


  • Swivel not included
  • Bladder tends to leak after several uses

Best Speed Bag


The TITLE Classic Speed Bag comes in the 6” by 9” classic red leather shell. The lightweight bag is exceptionally durable and makes for fast rebounds. It resists wear and tears with its leather triple-stitched construction, welted seams, extra reinforced loop and extended-life butyl rubber bladder.

Although a bit smaller in size than all the other TITLE speed bags, it can compete with quality and durability at a low price. With its size, it is enough to pose a challenge for beginners.


  • Great for beginners
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Does not need constant repump after each use
  • Worth the money
  • Solid built
  • Does not leak every after use


  • Small loop
  • Brand patch can cause skin chafing

Best Speed Bag


At the relatively cheap price, this speed bag offers exceptional performance. It is constructed with durable leather, and seams that are triple stitched using durable nylon threads. The three sizes: small, medium and large, differ slightly than most brands.

It is a great defensive tool that lets you discover techniques for slipping punches. It comes fully assembled and does not require any filling.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • No filling necessary
  • Durable construction
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Durable leather shell


  • Loses air rapidly
  • Slightly different sizing

Best Speed Bag


Another great choice is the TITLE Boxing Super Speed Bag. It comes in different colors depending on the five different sizes, which are 4" X 7", 5" X 8", 6" X 9", 7" X 10", 8" X 11" and 10" X 12".

One of the toughest, lightweight leather constructed bags, this also provides fast rebounds. The shell is made of leather, with welted seams, triple stitching, and reinforced handles for longer use.

The quad-wrapped loops are for added durability and to resist wear and tear on the swivel. It also comes complete with a long-life inner bladder.


  • Holds air very well
  • Sturdy and durable bag
  • Excellent, smooth rebound
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Reinforced handles and seams


  • Painful on bare hands
  • Issues with problematic stitching


Based on the reviews and qualities mentioned here, the winner for this product roundup is the Ringside speed bag. At the cheapest price point, it offers durability and efficiency for speed punching training. It also holds air well, so you would not have to re-inflate the bag too often.

Close on second place is the TITLE Classic Speed Bag. It is lightweight, tough and super fast. It is of good quality for a reasonable price. The bladder does not leak every use, so pumping is not often necessary.Coming on the third place is the TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag, another well-built, durable bag.

A plus for this product is the Gyro Balance system, which gives it a built in balancing ability for better recoil and rebound.

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