Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews You Need To Read!

Sport is a great way to maintain your fitness to its optimal level. Whatever type of sport you play can highly influence your health and fitness. It doesn’t matter if you play leisurely or you are playing for the US Open, the bottom line is, it has a great impact on your overall health.

Tennis is a great sport that can help you burn lots of calories and increase your strength. It can also help you lose or manage your weight to its ideal state. However, playing tennis alone can be a little awkward. Playing with the wall is not really motivating and has its limits. This is where the best tennis ball machine helps you with your goals.


Why Do You Need A Tennis Ball Machine?

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Is a tennis ball machine a better practice buddy than your friend or a coach? The answer is both a yes and a no. Your tennis partner or coach is intuitive and can give you a hard time in the court. This helps you perfect maneuvering swiftly on the court. However, your coach cannot throw a ball at you with a viable speed repeatedly on the same spot.

So, both things have their merits. But in the absence of your coach or your training partner, the tennis ball machine is better than the wall in many ways.

  • Ball Speed

This machine can fire tennis balls with the same speed (and varying speed) you set over and over again. You can simulate the speed of your actual opponent in a match. You won’t be able to beat this machine! As long as it’s filled with tennis balls, it will spit them out with thesame speed until you pass out of exhaustion!

  • Accuracy

Tennis ball machine can spit out balls repeatedly on the same spot. This is a feat that is very hard for a human being to perform continuously. Only the ball machine can do this! This can help you practice a difficult position and train meticulously until you are well able to deflect it.

  • Spin

A ball machine can simulate a topspin or a backspin repeatedly without tiring! The things that this automated ball throwing machine is amazing! You can train deflecting a difficult shot until you become unbeatable in an actual match!

  • Oscillation

A top buck tennis ball machine can be an unbeatable opponent. The trajectory of a ball machine can result to boredom once you master it. An oscillating tennis ball machine can spit tennis balls in random directions to give you more challenge. This can help simulate a match with a real live opponent.

Types Of Drills You Can Do With This Machine

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Nothing beats the joy of a good match with a friend. Training sessions with a trusted friend is a fun way to improve your skills. In their absence, however, a tennis ball machine is your best friend. It can be a better training partner because it won’t give up on you; however, it is not as fun as playing with a friend!

Some practices and drills you can do with a tennis ball machine are the following:

  • Classic Speed Cone Drill

You can set your ball machine to propel balls on the opposite side of the cone, like in this video.

Then you hit the ball and go around shuffling towards the cone and wait for the ball to throw the next ball. Do this repeatedly to master hitting the ball and going back to the center of the field.

  • Figure Of 8 Cone Drill

This is a similar drill with the classic cone drill. Instead of one cone, you place two cones, and you set the ball alternating on the left and right side of the court. The idea is to hit the ball, return to the center and recover while looping on the cones following a figure of 8 patterns.

  • Accuracy Drill

To practice hitting with accuracy, you can practice on the doubles alley of the tennis court and position the machine on the opposite side. Allow it to throw balls directly at the far end of the doubles lane where you are and try sending the balls back on the opposite side of the lane.

Pro-Tip: For a more difficult variation, you can use the tennis ball machine as your target. Try hitting the machine as you send the ball back.

  • Match Simulation

With an oscillating tennis ball machine, you can set the direction of the ball in a different sequence. You can adjust this according to your preference to add spice to your drills.

Which Is The Best Tennis Ball Machine? Find Out Here!

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Spinshot-Player

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews


Spinshot is a world-renowned business that brings affordable and high-quality equipment and tennis ball machines to the market. The company aims to bring the right equipment for all levels of players from beginners to professionals.

Players can surely benefit and improve their tennis arms through practicing with Spinshot Player. This machine features oscillation to make sure you can practice your drills with varying difficulty. This machine can be programmed with up to 6 sequential shots and saved as your drill template.

One good thing about this machine is that it can be paired with your phone and control program with it too. This machine only weighs 19kg which reasonably lighter than its competitors. With this machine, you will have a lot of practice hours that will improve your game and will surely impress your coach.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be paired and controlled with a smart phone
  • Six sequential programmable training drills
  • 12 bank slots for training drills 
  • Many features for more affordable price


  • Small wheelset
  • Batteries sold separately

2. Lobster Sports Elite Liberty

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews


Harry Giuditta, the founder of Lobster sports, was a retired bank president and decided to take over a bankrupt tennis ball manufacturing company and decided to bring it back to life. In 1970, he recalled all the tennis ball machine made by Green Brook Developing Company and repaired it free of charge.

He changed the name to Lobster Sports and overhauled the business system of Green Brook. Today, Lobster Sports is one of the leading makers of tennis ball machines in the world.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine is one of their entry level tennis ball machines that weighs 35 pounds and equipped with large wheels for durability and easy transport. The hopper can contain up to 150 balls in one load which equates to 150 swings.

A single battery charge lasts up to two hours. This entry level machine can spit balls form 20-80mph speed. This machine is fitted with an oscillator to assist you in a more challenging practice. This machine can also add top spin and back spin so you could carefully practice how to deflect them.


  • Built-in oscillator
  • 2-hour court time
  • Large wheelset
  • 150 ball capacity


  • Battery is not removable
  • Does not have mobile phone support

3. Spinshot Pro

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews


Another excellent model made by Spinshot is Spinshot Pro. This is a variation of Spinshot Player and has similar features. This ball machine is not made with plastic and can withstand a beating. It has a battery life that over 2 hours of continuous playing giving you an excellent round of training.

It comes with a small remote control that helps you manage your program without needing to approach the machine. This tennis ball machine can propel tennis balls as slow as 10kph up to a staggering 120kph!

It comes with a built-in oscillator to help you practice well around your side of the court. This machine can handle 120 balls in one go. The machine only weighs 20kg and is fitted with heavy-duty wheels for easy transport.


  • 120 ball capacity
  • 2-3 hours continuous game play
  • Heavy duty wheelset
  • Built-in oscillator
  • High-speed ball propulsion 
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Battery takes 6 hours to reach full charge
  • Does not have mobile phone support

4. Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews


Lobster Sports manufacture a wide selection of tennis ball machine that fits everyone’s needs. If you have a few more bucks to spare, Elite 2 model offers more useful features that will increase the difficulty of your training and will make the most out of your skill!

Equipped with a heavy duty and oversized wheelset, transporting this machine will not be a problem. This machine weighs 44lbs and is more stable than the its predecessor. The hopper accommodates 150 balls and can this machine ca spit balls in all directions with its oscillator for up to 8 hours!

Not that you can play 8 hours straight, but this machine can keep up with hours of training with a single charge. This machine can simulate a match by propelling balls in a random direction and random depth which makes training with it more challenging and can help you develop your skills faster.

Although, you would have to pay more for a remote control and a fast charger.


  • 150 ball capacity
  • Built-in oscillator for random ball propulsion
  • Heavy duty oversized wheelset
  • Varying ball speed from 20mph to 80mph
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life


  • Battery is not removable
  • Remote control is not included

5. Match Mate Rookie

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews


This machine by Match Mate is a reliable and compact machine that only weighs about 20lbs! This ultra-portable machine is best for beginners who are not sure if this is their sport but want to try their best to excel. This machine has a 30mph top speed and can be set according to your preference. The delay can also be regulated from 2-10 seconds.

The battery of this machine lasts up to five hours which is long enough to tire you before draining the battery. The best thing about this machine is that it costs significantly less than most tennis ball machines in the market. However, it lacks the feature professionals would like to have.


  • Ultra-light and portable tennis ball machine
  • Costs significantly less than most machines in the market 
  • Aluminum outer shell


  • Does not have oscillator
  • Does not have remote


Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Out of the many manufacturers and types of machines out there, the best tennis ball machines would still cost a good sum of money. The more affordable and cheaper versions usually lack the useful features you might want. For beginners, a cheaper machine may be your best choice and just upgrade later.

However, for intermediate and professionals, a few more hundred dollars will be required to have a tennis ball machine that would fit your needs. Clearly, in this roundup, Spinshot Player has the upper hand among the other machines. With its added feature that lets you program the machine using your mobile phone, it has taken advantage of the latest technology.

Did we help you narrow down your selection? We hope so! If you found this post useful, feel free to share this page with your friends! If you have some questions or comments, leave it below, and we will get back to you soon.

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