The Advantages Of Best Weight Lifting Belt And How To Choose The Best One

If you are searching for the Best Weight Lifting Belt to use at home or in a gym, purchasing the cheapest or the first one that you will stumble online is one of the worst decisions that you could ever make in life. The belt that you select must be of high excellence. It must be durable, supple, and prominently, defend your body well while doing strenuous workouts.

If you have no idea as to how you can find the best weight lifting belt, don’t worry! I am here to help you out. Please continue reading so you can get started on your journey to finding the weight lifting belt that will suit your needs.

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What Is A Weight Lifting Belt?

Most people think that weightlifting belt works like a brace in the sense that it provides support to your torso, so your core muscles do not have to. But this is a wrong claim. Lifting belts could aid you to upsurge the use of the abs as well as lower-back muscle. Studies revealed that wearing a belt has a slight effect on the usage of the erector spinal muscles. In fact, it upsurges their use by up to 25 percentage. Studies on weightlifting belts furthermore show a robust upsurge in the muscle action of the rectus abdominal.

Best Weight Lifting Belt - Pressure Back


In short, wearing a belt may upsurge core development, not hinder it. When you are doing deadlifts or squats, it is recommended that you try any means possible to increase the steadiness of your spine as well as decrease the compressive force on it.

Why Use A Weightlifting Belt?

Best Weight Lifting Belt - Performance


Here are three reasons why you should consider belting up before you lift.

  • Weightlifting Belts Are Beneficial On The Spine

According to studies, weightlifting belts help to decrease pressure as well as stabilize the spine. The use of the weightlifting belt puts pressure not just on the inside but on the outside as well. When combined, both pressures can help keep the spine as steady as possible. The stability that the abdomen will have can reduce the stress that it receives every time you lift.

But the truth is, all these benefits are not brought about by the weightlifting belt itself; it is a product of the response of the body to the spinal support that the belt can give.

  • Weightlifting Belts Help Promote Better Body Biomechanics

Aside from the stress, the use of a belt can also help decrease the amount of spinal addition, spinal flexion and adjacent spine flexion that you can experience. But in addition to that, it can also boost the amount of hip and knee flexion that your body will create.

Because of these effects, the belt helps encourage that you get power through your legs and not from your back. This is exactly the right biomechanic that your body should follow when lifting weights.

  • Wearing Weightlifting Belts Can Help Improve Your Performance

Many people claim that using a weightlifting belt can boost muscle growth and strength. Is that true? Oh yes, of course! Why is this so? Well, the exterior and interior pressure that your abdomen gets will help you to practice proper posture, allowing you to make the most out of your exercise and prevent injury in the process.

As mentioned above, the use of a weightlifting belt can help you practice proper body biomechanics, and this can certainly result in a better performance in the gym.

What To Look For When Buying A Weightlifting Belt?

For the maximum part, wearing belt can be a bit uncomfortable. Expect to have a few bruises on the topmost of your hipbone or else along your ribs from the belt digging into your skin throughout this procedure.

Individual belts latch and unlatch through a lever scheme, and they are faster to take on and off. Though, many persons like wearing their belts for deadlifts than for squat, but it takes a bit of time to reorganize the lever while you do every lift.

A Review Of The 5 Best Weight Lifting Belt

There are plenty of weight lifting belts out there, but only one is best for you. Which is it? How would you know which one should you use?

To help you with that, here’s a short yet comprehensive review of what are considered to be the 5 best weight lifting belts in the market today:

1. Harbinger 281 6-Inch Oiled Grain Leather Lifting Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt


A larger variety of Harbinger 284, Harbinger 281 is a 6-inch best weight lifting belt with a steady and extremely supporting expanded leather body that fascinates and distributes stress fine whereas in use. This not simply lowers the jeopardy of back and spinal wounds, but furthermore, it orients the body for safer and more productive exercises experience. Like its precursor, you get a full board backing for additional support, a double-pronged clasp for a secure a traditional fit, suede lining, plus a 90-day guarantee.

Harbinger's extra full 6" padded leather belt supports your back and abdomen, helping to stop abdominal herniation. The contoured hip and rib design exploits midsection fitting for sturdy tensioning round waist. Unique interior foam cushioning as well as suede lining improve your comfort, and aid maintain muscle warmness. Heavy duty dual-prong steel roller buckle obtains tradition fit.


  • Durable excellence material
  • Stress-free to adjust
  • Flawless size for me, bigger would dig in the pelvis otherwise ribs throughout squats
  • Aids contract the abs well


  • I used this belt an entire of 3 times beforehand I noticed that the leather started to crack by now

2. Ader Leather Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt


Proposing support and comfort that exercise enthusiasts crave, this leather belt by Ader Sporting Properties is a top-grade power-lifting add-on through an artistic black finish that does not diminish over time. It is four-inches extensive, 3/4 inches dense, and comes in different dimensions from S to XXXL, If you are a bit on the heavier side, it will be easy for you to find a precise size in most trustworthy Internet stores. The roller buckle as well as suitable closures scheme that it has promoted ease of use.


  • Construction appears solid, as well as the belt is stout, firm without being utterly unyielding, as well as from a single usage appears as however, it would hold up fine over time.
  • It has good depth, and hole spacing is appropriately sized which can be easily customized to fit your body.


  • The tail loop is situated far too close to the clasp, as well as the end tail on the belt itself is markedly extended previous the latter hole set.
  • This means that owing to the thick, firm nature of the belt; you have one hell of a time foldaway the tail end up to go into it into the loop afterward fixing up the belt toward the lift.

3. Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt


Weighing just 1.5 lbs., this weight lifting belt feels light and comfortable while in use. Additionally, it can be easily rolled up and can fit your gymnasium basket without crowding it.

With a height of 4" crosswise its length, this belt provides full support for your back, abs and the entire core on a consistent basis. This gives your body the stability it needs so you can exert extra strength and power.

The best thing about this belt is that it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.


  • It looks very casual
  • It comes in various colors 
  • Leather material and knobs are sturdy and durable


  • The belt is tool thin for heavy lifting
  • It is a bit stretchy 

4. Rip Toned Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt


Suggested for weight training, power training, Cross Fit, MMA, as well as powerlifting, Rip Toned is a flexible exercise belt with a supportive 4.5-inch design that would protect your back from strains and injuries. It is reasonable, very comfortable to wear and take off, and has a comfy and rip-proof project that has won authorization from expert powerlifters, for example, Kevin Weiss.

Its wrinkled design is steady and comfortable, and the availability of lifetime guarantee is a great evidence of its excellence. The use of this belt will let you shift your aptness development into high gear, lift more weight, appear more toned, and feel more assured for weight lifting, power lifting, bodybuilding, cross fit and back support.


  • The middle fits me flawlessly, and I am a 34in waist. I was having back pain through my new exercises, and it was most probably muscular. Though, I did not want to take the jeopardy and therefore ordered this produce. It aids me to keep my lesser back straight through deadlifts as well as other similar workouts. Of note, I have not had any additional back pain ever since I started using this product on a steady basis.


  • Occasionally slides up thus you just have to make sure you keep it fitted (or perhaps you've lost load!).

5.Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt


For persons shopping for novel weightlifting belts that is light and will provide support and comfort through padding, this 4-inch leather belt through Valeo is one of the finest around. It is robust, has a supportive extensive topped design that drops the danger of back injuries, as well as has a lumbar foam pad for additional support as well as a suede lining that stops it from slipping while in use.

It also has a tight roller buckle with dual prongs for support as well as a secure belt strap through double loops for additional support. While most weight lifting belts originate in a diversity of designs, such as resources and widths or else padded plus unpadded, this Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt derives with the constituent as recommended by its term, 4″ wide top excellence expanded leather.


  • Sturdy and Durable 
  • Its lumbar pad is expanded and can accommodate people on the heavier side. An exclusive feature to this belt that simply Valeo plus Harbinger leather belts proposal is the padded lumbar support in the mid of the inside of the belt.


  • It is made of fake material: This is THE MAIN NEGATIVE to the belt as well as it is the cause I keep referring to this belt as well as the one under as to “leather” belts through the quote marks.
  • It is not flexible and does not easily roll up: An additional disadvantage of it being false leather (hardened dense paper sewed together) is that it is not supple.


So, which is the best weight lifting belt? 

I believe it is no other than the Valeo 4-Inch Amplified Leather Belt which has a high double-stitched edge that can withstand wear and tear even if worn frequently. This is particularly recommended for those who perform heavy weightlifting. Furthermore, the double-prong roller buckle end, as well as the double loops, are intended to sufficiently secure the belt tab so as to let you acquire the shape you favor.  

Instead, if you could get a full breath on one notch, however, could still get an entire breath on the next tautest notch, you are perhaps better off through the tighter one, as a minimum for squats. Again, this is a stuff of comfort. However, numerous people prefer one notch freer for deadlifting since it permits them to adopt an enhanced starting place.

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