What Are The Proper Breathing While Running Techniques You Need To Know To Make The Most Out Of Your Run?

This is probably general knowledge, and everyone knows about it, but I’ll say it anyway, exercise is good for your health! Yeah, I know you already know it. Most people, if not all, believes in this too. Unfortunately, not all people engage in it. There’s just too many reasons not to do it! Too many questions!

How do you do a proper stride? What is the proper breathing while running technique? How much should I spend on gears? How do I plan my rests? What should I eat? If these questions are what’s keeping you from running, let me give you some quick answers!


What Are The Proper Breathing While Running Techniques You Need To Know To Make The Most Out Of Your Run?

What Is The Proper Striding Technique?

Breathing While Running

For most people, a running stride comes naturally. For some, running can be uncomfortable for some reasons. If you are one of them, maybe you feel like you are always off the center of your gravity. It may feel like you will stumble anytime with a small error.

Well, to start with, it’s just like walking with ten times the intensity! You start off by leaning forward to shift the center of your gravity. Naturally, you will catch yourself by stepping forward. This is the beginning of a good stride.

When you land, you should bear most of your weight on the balls of your feet. Then lift the heels of your back foot and push against the ground with the balls of your feet. Alternate your stride as you move forward. While doing all of this, make sure that you maintain a tight core. This will prevent you from falling!

Lift your fist around the level of your chest. Again, you will find yourself naturally assuming this stance. This keeps you on the center of your gravity.

What Is The Proper Breathing While Running Technique?

Breathing While Running

Proper breathing technique while running can tell how long you can keep your pace and how many miles you can go. Poor and thoughtless breathing while you are doing strenuous exercise, will result in poor distribution of oxygenated blood.

This is why proper breathing while running is practiced! It may come naturally for some, but not for everyone. But, don’t worry, it’s not that hard to master!

For beginners, catching your breath while running is typical. Especially if you are not used to strenuous activities. Catching your breath is normal, and you will improve over time.

However, proper breathing techniques can help you become better quicker. Beginners tend to inhale and exhale randomly. This gives you a random rhythm too. Easily address this by counting your stride. You can start with four counts to easily familiarize yourself.

Inhale on the first count and exhale on the third. This gives you two counts for inhaling air and two counts for exhaling. When you feel like you have mastered this, add more numbers to your counting. Try to breathe as relaxed as possible following this pattern.

Fill your lungs up to the bottom and exhale as if you are squeezing your lungs. This will strengthen your diaphragm (your primary muscle for breathing).


Running is a great form of exercise. It requires a few gears to get started. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and some comfortable running clothes. No need for expensive equipment as you will utilize the park (or a treadmill)!

  • Perfect Fit Running Shoes

But there are some guidelines to make running more enjoyable so that you can run longer. A good pair of sneakers for flat feet can give you a better stride if you have a low arch of the foot. Sometimes, this condition can make your feet sore after a few miles of running.

Choosing the right size and type of shoe will spare you of a foot injury. Take note of the profile of your feet when choosing running shoes. Some of you may have wide toes; this requires you a shoe with a wide toe to prevent injury.

  • Comfy Socks

Socks are important to as they can help you avoid having pesky blisters. Blisters would mean that you will have to rest until they are healed (unless you are willing to run and go through this pain). Find a sock that gives you enough protection but not too thick that it impedes blood flow.

  • Moisture Wicking Gear

Some people don’t make a big deal out of the clothes they wear while running. But having a good moisture wicking clothing can help you regulate your body temperature as you run. This enables your body to efficiently pump blood where it is needed. One great thing about moisture wicking clothing is that they are light and comfy.


Some beginners and pro runners often make a mistake of running too much. Periods of rest between days of strenuous activities can help your body recover and rehabilitate itself. Guess what, after your recovery period, you become stronger!

Don’t skip your rest days. Fight the urge to run on your rest days. Remember that not enough rest can be counter-productive to your progress.


A healthy lifestyle doesn’t end with regular exercise! Take note of the food you eat too! Eating too much or too little of something can have a notable effect on your bodily function.

In every meal, always aim to have a balanced portion of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals! The quality of food you eat determines how much you can physically perform. I hate to say this but, poor eating habit is equivalent to poor performance!


Running can help you avoid chronic illnesses and boost your health. Contracting an injury while doing so can lead to frustration and setbacks. Be sure to mindfully watch your pace while running and practice proper breathing while running techniques.

Choose the right type of clothing and shoes to enjoy every single stride of running and keep injuries at bay. And don’t forget, recovery and nutrition are half of the equation!

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