What Are C2B Pullups? Essential Facts You Need To Know About It!

Remember how difficult pullups used to be? Can you still remember how much sore you got and how poorly you did pullups? Well, I guess you don’t find pullups as challenging as it was before. I believe that’s the main reason you landed on this page.

Now that pullups are easy enough for you, you are looking for a more daring exercise. The next best step you could do is take pullups to the next level and do some explosive c2b pullups. What’s that? Yeah, a chest to bar pullup!

But before trying it out, let's answer some few questions to get your ready for it. Do you already know what chest to bar pullup is? What muscles are involved in chest to bar pullups? What are the benefits of doing chest to bar pullups? How do you do chest to bar pullups?


What Are C2B Pullups?

I think you already get what it is. It’s a type of explosive pullup that requires your chest to make contact with the bar. Sounds easy? Yes, it does sound easy, but it’s not! Imagine throwing one hundred fifty-pound ball of metal away from you. I bet you might end up breaking your back!

Now a c2b pullup is just the opposite of throwing something. Instead, you pull that weight up. Before giving it a try, just make sure that you are confident with your strength. Take precaution as you don’t want to be pulling a muscle or your joint from its socket!

What Muscles Are Involved In C2B Pullups?

C2B Pullups

Pullup is one of the best compound exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body. You can easily do different variations of pullups without too many equipments involved. A pullup bar is all you need! In any case that a pullup bar is unavailable, you can just grab on anything sturdy that resembles a bar, and you can have your workout!

Pullups are also responsible for giving you that broader back. It strengthens and develops the latissimus dorsi (lats), or the swimmer's muscle. This is the broadest muscle of the body and gives you that wide and strong back.

Aside from strengthening your back, your grip gains tremendous boost too! Imagine how much weight you pull while keeping your hands on the bar. That’s right, that is how much stronger your grips can be! But it doesn’t end there. Your whole arms and shoulders get to have an awesome workout too.

Your biceps, traps, chest, and abdomen masterfully work together to perform this workout. This strengthens your whole upper body!

Benefits Of Doing C2B Pullups

C2B Pullups

Now if you think you have mastered the pullup and feel like you are no longer improving with it, it’s time to take the challenge of a chest to bar pull ups. This is an explosive movement that involves your upper body and especially your back and shoulders.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing wide physique, this can also improve you in your performance in your sports. This means faster recovery from a punch to your stance in boxing. This also means a faster return to your ready position in your tennis arm. This also gives you stronger paddles when swimming.

If you are into boat races, this can help you win the trophy! This also improves your wall climbing skills. One last thing, if you aspire to be the next American Ninja, this can help you strengthen your salmon ladder!

How To Do C2B Pullups

Firstly, before taking on a more challenging form of pullups, make sure that you have trained for it and you are strong enough to do it. If your muscles are not strong enough, you may end up with injuries when you force it.

To do a c2b pullup, you will need a sturdy pullup bar that can well handle your weight.


Step 1: Limber Up

Don’t forget to stretch and limber up. You want a good circulation of blood in your upper body for maximum strength. Feel your flexibility to ready your joints and muscles for the explosive movement.


Step 2: Grab The Bar

Hold on to the bar with palms facing forward. Keep your core tight while doing this to avoid back injuries. While hanging, feel the muscles involved. Feel your traps and deltoids as they keep your joints from getting pulled out from its socket.


Step 3: Swing For Momentum

Bring your legs behind and swing forward for momentum. This will help you make an explosive pull.


Step 4: Pull Yourself Up

While your legs are swinging forward, use the momentum and pull yourself up with one quick, explosive movement. Don’t worry if your chest doesn’t touch the bar at first. As you train harder, you will be able to do this flawlessly.


Step 5: Lower Yourself

Lower yourself carefully in a controlled manner. This part should not be explosive like pulling up. Take note of your shoulder’s flexibility. Do not recklessly lower yourself as you may pull your joint from it’s socket. This is painful!


Step 6: Repeat

Repeat for as many times are you can. Hang for half a minute if you can still manage to further increase the strength of your grip. Sometimes, the reason we end the set is because we can no longer hold on to the bar. This is why you should also train to strengthen your grip.


A chest to bar pullup is a difficult variation of pullup. That’s the primary reason why you should take precaution while doing it. This involves explosive muscle contraction. If not executed properly, you may end up with an injury.

Mastering c2b pullups can greatly improve your athletic prowess! You can gain strength, agility, and flexibility form it! If you want to do salmon ladders, then this can be the perfect step before doing it! It helps you develop and familiarize your body with that explosive motion.

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