Post-Workout And Skincare: Caring For Your Skin After A Gym Session

We all love that healthy after-workout glow. But blackheads and breakout after exercising? Not so much. And for those who already have problematic skin? No, thanks. Exercise can indeed benefit your skin health tremendously but without a legitimate skincare ritual especially after a workout, one may be spelling trouble for their skin.


Evidently, there are now ways to combat these possibilities which in return, should keep the state of your skin looking much improved, brightened, and oh-so glowing. Right below are the ways to keep your face aglow after working out:

1. First Off: Take Off Those After-Workout Clothes Right Away

take off clothes

Unless you intend to be swimming in sweat and bacteria, there is no need for you to remain in those sweaty garments! We all are guilty of this, aren’t we? The good news is you can all stop the spreading of these germs on your skin by consciously reminding yourself to get rid of those clothes – especially those tights and that exhausted sports bra.

Note: If you’re planning to veer away from possible skin irritation and breakouts, hygiene experts and enthusiasts strongly suggest that you go change and shower post-workout within thirty minutes.

2. Keeping Your Hands Off Your Face

This caution couldn’t be more stressed more importantly. Touching your face with your hands right after workout is like deliberately inviting all sorts of dirt and bacteria right in your face. When we workout, pores tend to open up more as we’re releasing all types of perspiration.

Do your skin a favor and bring a tidied up towel instead to remove those sweats off your face. And yes, you have to wash those untidy hands as well!

3. Cleanse It All Up

clean your face

The importance of cleansing is not only suggested before exercising. Equally crucial is when you cleanse your face after an exhausting workout. Most of us are heading somewhere right after this activity: whenever you’re heading to meet some friends or having someone over dinner, having a cleansed face after workout is a must. As such, make certain that carry a facial cleanser along with you all the time.

Apart from a facial cleanser, also ensure that your cleansing water is all fresh and sanitary.

4. (Always) Get Yourself Hydrated!

Another vital thing to remember after your workout is to keep yourself hydrated. The laboriousness of your activities alone, you’re all expected to sweat like there’s no tomorrow. And while that entails awesomeness, the same couldn’t be said for your skin.


Your skin is all bound to waste off a voluminous amount of water, natural oils, and moisture. All of these when removed from your body physically results to dryness.

In addition, this gets all worsened if you go straight to washing your face with water. To avoid this mistake, ensure that get your skin balance restored by means of adding up hydrating components right on your usual skin care regimen after you shower. Some of these formulas include a toner, a moisturizer which boasts of nourishment, and a soothing and calming mist!

5. Other Skincare Considerations

Always be gentle

One of the more common mistakes people do right after their workout is treating their skin with aggressive care rituals. By all means, resist yourself from over-scrubbing your body, major exfoliation can contribute to skin dehydration which may eventually cause acne or eczema. Skincare enthusiasts suggest that you wash away those sweats with the aid of gentle cleansers such as Cetaphil.

Your body should be on your priorities, too

Realistically, your body and not your face is doing all the work when you’re exercising. By this logic alone, one must truly understand the importance of cleansing your body, apart from the more preferred location, which is your face. Studies revealed that if you wait until you get back home and get some body cleansing, your pores are all bound to be clogged.

Thwart these unhealthy findings by stashing away a great body wash and a gentle exfoliant that thoroughly cleanse right inside your gym bag!

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize

Most gym goers forget this part. This is exceedingly important as the greatly physical activities in your workout naturally result to excessive sweating. This in turn, takes away the moisture from your skin. To benefit your skin in this otherwise often neglected step on skincare, moisturize your face and body generously, so the water is replenished in these areas.

Now, if your skin is particularly prone to breaking out, it’s a must that you slather on an oil-free moisturizer. This type of moisturizer should replenish your body moisture without having to clog your ports. On the other hand, a cream that is both light and rich should be applied on a dryer skin so the moisture is absorbed rather easily.

Now, if you’re very particular in maintaining on tanning your skin indoors or planning to hit the tanning bed soon after, there are indoor tanning lotions out there that you should be trying.

Pile on sunscreen

Most gym rats and yoga aficionados tend to forget to apply sunscreen right before they go straight home. And whether you’re running or simply walking, it’s important that you apply the SPF not just on your face but your body as well.

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Ultimately, all the skin that is exposed right after your workout should be slathered on with sunscreen. Now, if you’re not exactly a fan of SPFs running in your eyes when you sweat, you can opt to apply a pressed powder instead.

Concluding Thoughts

The physical and mental wonders that can be experienced from exercising couldn’t be more beneficial. But as it also comes with some effects, particularly on the skin, one must be equipped with the right know-hows on managing it to avoid potential complications such as blackheads and breakouts.

The easy post-workout steps I’ve collated just for you are more than enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing like a pro in skincare that you are! Don’t wait until you arrive on that day when you’re already desperate on how to open your pores just to let those impurities out.

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