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5 Activities To Keep You Healthy This Summer

Bring on the sandals and beach towels, it’s time to soak up some sun! While the summer season officially starts June 20th, many in the U.S. kick off the season of sunshine with barbeques and pool parties over Memorial Day Weekend.

As you formulate vacation plans and strategize your summer fun, don’t forget to prioritize activities and excursions that can benefit your health too! Check out these 5 fresh and fun ideas for staying healthy this summer

Why Do People Go To Other Countries For Health Care?

Medical tourism has already been popular back to the olden times when affluent Asians and Europeans travel to other country to seek treatments for their health issues. On the other hand, this style has been popularized by Canadians, British, and Americans who travel to other countries in need of high quality yet low cost medical care or treatments not readily accessible in their place.

Here are the main reasons why a lot of people take a trip to distant developing countries for health care:

Low Calorie Foods That Are Most Filling

Food seems to be the boon of some and the bane of others. Many find it hard to distinguish between foods that are beneficial and foods that would just ruin their health as well as their figure. If you are looking out for foods that are low in calories, but are still healthy, know this: Any food that has plenty of fiber and water will fill you up.

Experts agree that water and fiber make us feel full. What’s more, fiber delays digestion, therefore it makes us eat our next meal later, and as a result it lowers our overall daily calorie consumption. Here are some foods that are low in calorie, and yet they curb our appetite:

One Way To Cut Out Unwanted Calories: Don’t Eat So Fast

Remember when you were a kid your mother would always tell you to eat your dinner slowly and carefully chew your food? And, you would just laugh and think it was another one of her crazy rules?

It seems our moms did know best. Several studies have shown that people consume more calories when they eat fast. It is one of the main reasons why eating slowly is often advised when a person is trying to maintain or lose weight. This advice is now given by Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem—well known diet programs which focus on teaching you not only how to make healthy food choices but also how to learn smart habits that support your weight loss goals, like eating at a slow pace.

How to Make Aromatherapy a Boon during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life when women get more cautious, more caring more adorable. They fall for the tiny creature breathing inside their womb whom they haven’t met yet.

The mother-to-bes are usually suggested to stay in touch with nature or organic environment. Aromatherapy is one reliable practice that not only does wonders for stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other health issues but also delivers surprising benefits during pregnancy.

Becoming a mother is not just a matter to get delighted but also brings a great sense of responsibility.