Do Your Feet Hurt? Find Out The Best Way To Choose Comfort Fit Shoes Now!

Imagine a swollen bunion, sore feet, and ankle sprain. Annoying, isn’t it? You walk around limping or worse you may not be able to walk at all. It affects your daily activities. I mean, if you run every afternoon, maybe you will let the pain subside for a few days before resuming.

If you are on foot most of the time at work, pain or discomfort on your feet is like punishment. Wherever the pain is coming from, I know, you want to get rid of it immediately. Some pills will do the trick. But for a longer-term solution, you might want to consider wearing comfort fit shoes.What are comfort fit shoes?

Most of the time, we omit decide to buy footwear based on how it looks. Aren’t we all guilty of this? We consider fashion first, then give little attention to comfort. When we find out it’s not the right fit for us, we give our feet a little more time to get used to it.

We give the shoe material a few more days to stretch a bit to accommodate our feet! Hah! We end up with sore feet!


Benefits Of Comfort Fit Shoes

Comfort Fit Shoes - Benefits of comfort fit shoes

With proper size and type selection, you will eliminate feet soreness and a lot, more! Comfort fit shoes offer relief from foot pain and can be worn for long periods without causing discomfort.

When you are at work, I know, you don’t want to be pestered by aching feet, right? When you are out for a morning or afternoon exercise, you want your feet free of pain for more mileage, right?

When you go out for a walk at the mall or anywhere else, you don’t want to be bothered by sore feet, right? Wearing the right fit saves you a ton of pain. Less whining means we can be more productive (and less grumpy too)!

  • Eliminates Pain

The right fit eliminates the pain. In fact, the wrong size contributes to the soreness of your feet!

  • Prevents Blisters

Blisters are caused by too much friction. Your feet may be rubbing too much against the shoe material. The right fit will ensure that your feet snuggly fits inside the shoe and leaves no space that will be the source of friction.

  • Prevents Corn Formation

Corns take a long time to develop on pressure points on the feet. These are the areas with thinner skin and have prominent bones. If you already have it, sadly, you may have been wearing an ill-fitting shoe. Wearing the right fit can eliminate the chances of forming thick calluses that eventually forms corn-like thickness.

  • Improves Your Posture

The right type and size of footwear can have an impact on your posture. We stand on our feet and the way we do it affects the alignment of the spine. Poor fitting shoes would require us to compensate that leads to poor balance and warped posture.

  • Corrects Your Gait

Whenever we feel that there is something awkward or painful on our feet, we automatically compensate to your stance and gait to lessen the pain. With blisters, corns, and sore feet, you will find yourself walking in an awkward stride. Wearing the proper type of shoe easily corrects this!

  • Supports The Arch Of The Feet

A shoe featuring a foot arch support can dramatically reduce plantar fasciitis eliminate pain. This reduces the pressure on the arch of the feet, thus, lesser stretching on the ligaments and tendons on the arch of the feet. 

Also, different individuals have varying angles of foot arch. Some people have lower arches and others have none at all. This requires a special type of shoe insole to correct this.

How To Find Comfort Fit Shoes And How To Pick The Right Shoes

Comfort Fit Shoes - how to pick the right shoes

Here’ are ways to find the perfect comfortable fit for your feet!

  • Try It On First

If you don’t try it on first, you won’t get to know the feel of the shoes while wearing it. Online shoe stores offer ways to find your fit before having the goods shipped. This has worked for some, but not a 100% guarantee. Still, the best way to find out how a shoe fit is to try them on.

  • Find The Right Shape For Your Feet

The shape of our feet determines the shape of the shoes you should wear and not the other way around. Most often, we sacrifice comfort for fashion. We wear the wrong shape just so we can express our fashion statement. In this manner, fashion seems to be a punishment. Does it have to be that way? No, it doesn’t! 

Fashionable shoes can be comfortable too. It may cost a bit more, but there are stylish shoes that can bring comfort.

  • Find The Right Size

Anatomically, one foot is often bigger than the other. Now that you are aware of this, on your next purchase, make sure that you find the right fit for your bigger foot. This will help make sure that the bigger foot is not having a tight fit.

  • Ensure The Right Cushion Thickness

Not all activities require the same amount of cushion. A thin and lightweight cushion will suffice on a leisurely walk. However, you may require a thicker cushion on other physical exercise or activity. A softer material may give you the best comfort if you will be standing for long hours at work.

Long story short, different activities require different amount of cushion. You must choose the right amount of cushion depending on what you intend to do!

  • Prioritize Sole Flexibility

Walking shoes have soft sole material to easily bend them as you walk. Running shoes, on the other hand, have a stronger material that can withstand a beating without getting worn out quickly. Again, every activity has a right type of shoe for it.

Hiking shoes are meant to be rugged and stiff to protect your feet from injury. In such scenarios, safety is top priority and comfort may only be secondary.

  • Think About Breathability

Not all scenarios will require this feature. Well, it’s nice to have it in all to keep your feet comfortable. In walking shoes, it would be necessary to have some holes for air to circulate.

Running shoes are being redesigned in the 21st century to become more breathable and lightweight. This makes sure that you are comfortable enough to run longer distances.

Aside from letting the air circulate, it also makes sure that there is not enough moisture inside your shoes to encourage bacterial growth.

  • Take A Look At The Shoe Cut

Shoes come in different designs and cut. Basically, there are three popular cuts of shoes. Low cut, medium cut, and high cut. They are fashionably used in many different shoe designs.

However, aside from its aesthetically pleasing it also adds up to the comfort and protection of your feet.

High cut shoes can minimize sprain in case you trip. Low cut shoes make moving around comfortably.

  • Choose Between Velcro And Shoe Lace

The last thing you should consider about choosing a comfort fit shoe is how you fasten it. The best way to fasten your shoes is by tying shoe laces. However, Velcro is one effective alternative.

For strenuous and rigorous activities, shoe lace will ensure that your feet snugly fit inside the shoe. Velcro works well too and makes wearing your shoe lightning fast. Slip your fit inside the shoe and fasten the Velcro and you’re done.

Comfort Fit Shoes For Your Needs

Different conditions will require different footwear. There is a specialized footwear that can dramatically reduce feet pain. Sports require comfort and protection for better performance. It can be quite tricky to choose one, but there are specially designed shoes optimized for every sport.

Your shoes for work can make a difference on your productivity too! If you are not being bothered by any discomfort, then you can focus your mind on whatever it is that you are dealing with!

If you are working on a highly industrialized zone, work shoes are a must. Do they have to be uncomfortable? Well, they cannot be as comfortable as your walking shoes, but, they can be quite comfortable too!

Here are some types of shoes you may want to try for every scenario.

I. Comfort Fit Shoes For Pain

You may not be able to address all the pain by modifying your footwear, but, it can dramatically make things tolerable and prevent further injury. Choose and always wear the right type of shoes for your condition to help manage the pain and prevent further injury.

1. Shoes For Sesamoiditis

Comfort Fit Shoes - Shoes for Sesamoiditis

Runners are prone to having sesamoidtis because of the repetitive pressure on the balls of the feet. They can be painful and radiate up to the knees. Running while having an inflamed sesamoid bone can further cause injury. For runners, a day without running can be a little depressing. Still, it’s best to rest until the injury has recovered.

Now, when you have fully recovered, it’s best to have a footwear that will address this problem. This can help prevent sesamoiditis recurrence in the future.

A shoe featuring a stiff front end and more cushion can help reduce the pain as you walk around. The stiff front end minimizes the movement of the big toe to reduce the pain.

2. Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Comfort Fit Shoes - Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

For avid tennis players, heel pain can ruin your game. A case of plantar fasciitis is characterized by stabbing heel pain that is worse in the morning and gradually mellows down the day.

Unfortunately, other cases present itself with tremendous pain that does not easily go away.

Some research found out that plantar fasciitis can take place for many reasons. Obesity is one, high foot arch is another, landing on your heels when running can give you this too, and lastly, it can be because of an ill-fitting footwear.

Choosing a tennis shoe with heel support and a shock absorbing rubber sole can help disperse the impact and lessen the pressure on the heels.

3. Training Shoes For Flat Feet

Comfort Fit Shoes - Training Shoes For Flat Feet

A flat foot is not a reason to avoid training, right? Wearing the right type of shoe can help you address flat feet and train without worrying about it. You can easily find a customized shoe for flat fee over the internet.

Make sure that you are getting the right height of arch support for your condition. Remember, the key is trying it on first to make sure it is the right fit for your feet.Make sure you are getting the right amount of cushioning for your selected activity.

4. Sneakers For Flat Feet

Comfort Fit Shoes - Sneakers For Flat Feet

For people with flat feet, choosing the right type of shoe is critical. Sneakers and walking shoes should be a well-thought of purchase. Putting up with flat feet can distort your posture and give you an awkward gait to compensate for it.

The solution is pretty simple if you have a mild case of flat footedness. Wearing a shoe with a high arch helps you compensate your flat feet and give you more balance and corrects your posture.

So, this prompts you to choose the right type of every day shoe you wear! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Your main concern is the height of the arch of the shoes. In case the shoe padding for the arch is not enough, you can buy some inserts to give you more comfort.

5. Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Comfort Fit Shoes - Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Feet injury is a runner’s nightmare. Any foot injury will prompt you to rest from running for a few weeks or months! If you want to recover fast and not aggravate the injury, resting is the wisest choice.

But there are foot pain that is not related to degenerative injuries that can prevent you from running too! Achilles tendonitis, for example, is not something that can threaten your running, however, it is painful and can prevent you from doing so.

Selecting the right type of footwear can make running bearable and less painful if you have Achilles tendonitis.

To find the right shoes for Achilles tendonitis, you must consider the height of the heel of the shoes relative to the arch and forefoot. You may also want to consider avoiding uphill runs as it stretches the Achilles tendon and may aggravate the pain.

II. Comfort Fit Shoes For Sports

Sports and other strenuous training method require a specific shoe to give you better performance and prevent you from getting injuries. But aside from that, comfort is also included in the equation.

If you are comfortable with your shoes, you will be able to do more in your game without worrying about getting injured.

1. Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Comfort Fit Shoes - Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Indoor and outdoor basketball may seem similar. However, there is a big difference on the terrain. Indoor basketball uses a polished wood panels, while outdoor basketball is played on a concrete court. Both may look the same, but the equipment you need should be different.

Shoe traction on pavement has a different mechanics on it. Since the court is not squeaky polished, it requires more grip from your shoes!

When playing basketball outdoors, it is of prime importance to select the best material that has the best grip on concrete. Aside from comfort, breathability, cushion, and durability, look for the basketball shoes that have much traction on pavement.

2. Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Comfort Fit Shoes - Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Playing sports is a great thing. Aside from having a good time with you team mates, it can help manage your weight too! Injury, on the other hand, is something that is expected to happen on the field or court. However, having the right shoe can help minimize the risk of getting injured.

In basketball, the shoes play an integral part and adds up to your performance. However, the wrong fit can destroy your game. Now, depending on the anatomical shape of your feet, there is a right pair of basketball shoes made for you.

If you have a wide toe, be sure to select a shoe with wide toe room. A tight toe box will give rise to numerous problems like corns, and bunions! If you don’t pay attention to these details, you may end up with sore and hurting feet after every game.

3. Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Comfort Fit Shoes - Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Soccer is a sport that requires you to run thousand yard bursts in every game. Well, it’s not just senseless running. There should be direction, quick stops, dashes, and quick change in direction. To be able to do all that swiftly, you will require a special shoe.

Soccer cleats, the common name for soccer shoes, come in different shapes and sizes. The studs under the shoes enables you to have traction on the soft grassy soccer field. Without those studs, you will easily slip on the terrain.

When looking for the right cleats for your feet, make sure that the toe box can accommodate your feet freely. Remember, you will be doing some serious running around, so you want your toes wriggling around freely but not loosely. Find a snug fit to avoid blisters.

III. Comfort Fit Shoes For Job

How many hours of work do we do every day? Say, eight at least? During these hours, we wear our shoes while sitting in front of your desk or walking around relentlessly. Well, it really depends on your job.

But hey, you have to admit, you look forward to removing your shoes when you get home! Why? For one, because it gives relief and lets your feet breathe. Secondly, you are so eager to take your shoes off because your feet hurt. In this case, you may be wearing an ill-fitting pair of shoes.

You may not have noticed it, but, wearing a comfortable shoe will take your mind off the discomfort and the pain and make you more productive and free you of distraction. The result, more output and higher quality work results!

1. Shoes For Surgeons

Comfort Fit Shoes - Shoes For Surgeons

For doctors, work may mean walking or standing for long hours. Surgeons, especially, stand for long hours up to extremely long hours! Some surgeries take quite a shocking amount of time.

This means that you have to endure the fatigue and foot pain caused by pressure and prolonged standing. By the time you are done, you just want to take off your shoes, lie down, and rest your feet.

If you are not comfortable with your footwear, it may affect your productivity! But you can’t afford distractions on delicate procedures. So, this only means that selecting the most comfortable footwear must be a priority.

You must consider the traction of your shoes a top priority. You don’t want to slip while moving around the operating table. You want as much traction as you can to make sure that your feet is firmly planted on the ground.

You should take note of the amount of cushion and breathability of your shoes to maximize comfort. Slip on shoes are a famous surgeon shoes choice as you can easily take off your feet from the shoe and let them breathe for a while.

2. Operating Shoes

Comfort Fit Shoes - Operating Shoes

If you are doing some major operation and other procedures, a comfortable shoe can help you endure the long hours! Slip on shoes are a popular choice for operating shoes. It can provide the most breathability and give your foot the most comfort it needs.

You can easily take them off and give your feet some air and wriggle them vigorously to promote blood circulation on the peripheral limbs. A soft padding also helps prevent heel soreness and sesamoiditis.

3. Shoes For Waitressing

Comfort Fit Shoes - Shoes For Waitressing

Waiting tables can be a tedious job. It requires you to be on your feet for the entirety of the shift. If you work on a huge restaurant, you will also be walking back and forth a lot aside from standing. So, it would be a great advantage on your side if you are wearing the right type of shoe for the job.

Aside from choosing comfort, you may also want to consider the surface where you would be walking on a lot. You will be taking orders and sending off dozens of food trays filled with customer’s orders. You can’t afford to slip and spill those food! It will be on you!

Choose a pair of waitressing shoes that is comfortable, something you can wear whole day without developing pain. Make sure that it has enough cushion to comfortably support you throughout the day. Most importantly, it has to have the most traction on whatever surface you are working on.

4. Shoes For Standing All Day For Men

Comfort Fit Shoes - Shoes For Standing All Day For Men

Even with the right type and right fitting shoes, standing all day would still tire your feet and may lead to soreness. Imagine how worse it can be if you are wearing an ill-fitting pair of shoes? You would curse the day you stand all day with that tight shoes!

Find the right shape of your shoes to give you a nice and roomy toe box. If you will not be walking around that much, a wide toe room that can freely accommodate your toes while you wriggle it can work best.

Make sure that your shoes have enough heel cushion and arch support. You will be bearing much weight on your heels so you will need that cushion.

5. Steel Toe Shoes

Comfort Fit Shoes - Steel Toe Shoes

In an industrial workplace where heavy machineries and other hazards are an everyday sight, it is important to equip yourself with a shoe that can protect your toes from getting crushed! However, many people look at steel toe shoes as an uncomfortable footwear.

We can’t blame you. Many manufacturers have made uncomfortable working shoes. But there are more decent brands that carry industrial grade steel toe shoes that can protect you from the hazards of your workplace. It doesn’t have to hurt your feet!

Steel toe shoes can be comfortable too. Find a shoe that has decent cushion and toe room. Probably, you would not be running with this type of shoes. So, a wide toe room can work well for you.

IV. Comfort fit Boots

Comfort Fit Shoes - Comfort fit boots

Of all the types of shoes, boots may seem to be the most uncomfortable of them all. They are the most restricting of all and that limited movement can be uncomfortable. If it doesn’t fit you well, you will end up with blisters!

To arrive with the most comfortable work boots, you should consider the terrain you will be using them on and the amount of walking you will be doing with it.

If you will be walking a lot, a wide toe room can lead to blisters. If you will be walking on unpaved road, traction and grip is of prime importance.

Considering these factors will help you decide which work boots to get. Hard leather can be restrictive but gives you more protection. Soft leather can have a little less protection but are more flexible and you can walk more mileage while you without hurting your feet.


Unfortunately, there is not a single pair of shoe that fits every job. You can fill your closet with dozens of shoes if you have a pair for every activity! Well, that might not be practical, right? But, make sure that you have the right shoe for the most strenuous activity you do.

At the very least, you should have a pair of the best and most comfortable workout shoe that you can use on whatever strenuous activity you do. Another pair of shoe that fits your work activity is a must! You are probably working about 8 hours a day, that translates to 8 hours of torturing your feet if you are not wearing the right fit!

Lastly, you should also have a fashionable neutrally designed casual shoe that you can wear every day. Having all these basic shoes, you are giving your feet less strain and dramatically lowers your likelihood of getting chronic injury.

If you have the means, go ahead and fill your closet with all these specialized and custom fit shoes! Remember, when choosing a pair of shoe, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion! Add a few bucks, and you can have both!

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