Dancer’s Tips and Tricks for Recovery

Every aspiring dancer soon realizes that dance is no walk in the park and that it requires serious work. Dance is a discipline that takes skill and your body should be in top shape. Here are some tips that will come in handy during recovery for dancers:


Before You Start

Before beginning your dance routines, you need to eat, rest, and drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy. However, you also need some warm up exercises to take your body into dance mode. All pro athletes do this to avoid injuries.

You should wear the correct shoes if you want to allow proper foot movement. The type of dancing that you do should determine your attire. Make sure that you select clothes that are breathable and do not restrict movement. Wearing the wrong clothes might lead to injuries.

Eat Right

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You need to eat a well-balanced diet if you want to remain healthy enough to dance. Carbohydrates usually convert into quick fuel but you should not overeat, as you might end up crashing. When eating, you should stop and rest if you want to recover faster. You should not eat while running because if you eat quickly, you might end up hampering your digestive system.

Smoothies and fruit bars are great but even with those, you should take your time when eating to avoid overstuffing yourself.

Here are some foods that you should eat:

  • Food For Muscle Recovery

With every dance routine, your body tears up old muscle and creates new muscle in its place. If you fail to give your body the right fuel, it will not recover properly and your muscles will be affected negatively. You need the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates to give your body the right fuel for recovery.

  • Energy And Fruit Balls

These simple treats are easy to make and delicious. Made from honey-nut, dried cherries, and almond butter, these treats are also nutritious. Press the mixture into a ball and attach a lollipop stick to each one. This is the perfect superfood if you are looking for fast fuel.

  • Eating Treats

If you indulge occasionally, nothing is wrong with that. According to the owner of, if you are eating treats, you should consider whether you will still fit into your dance costumes. You need to be selective when eating candy and consider opting for vegan-friendly sweets. To avoid consuming extra calories, you should consider eating sugar-free, fat-free, and gluten-free sweets.

Understand Your Body

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You need to fuel your body the right way to encourage faster recover and have more energy. Your body needs to be maintained comprehensively if you want it to function at optimum levels.

However, for it to happen, you need to do a few things that you might not like.

First, you should change your eating habits by including more minerals and vitamins in your diet.

Avoid all over processed foods such as bacon and chips if you want to maintain a great physique. Although you will burn calories when you start dancing, you should not eat carelessly just because you will be exerting yourself later.

Consolidated Strategies

You need to use the right tools for the job to have more energy for health-expansion. When it comes to dancing, the right tools include the dance costumes you wear. Once you buy the right tools for the job, you should eat and sleep well to recover faster.

It might take time for your body to adjust to a new schedule but over time, your body will start having increased energy.

Long Rehearsals

If you are rehearsing for a recital, you could be on your feet for most of the day. This kind of physical exertion shocks the body. Although it is possible for professional dancers to burn 8000 calories per day, they usually have top-tier methods of energy conservation.

One of these strategies is carbo-loading, where you ingest carbohydrates to increase your energy levels, but if you fail to exercise regularly, this strategy will make you fat. Non-saturated fats are actually good for your body because they act as energy deposits. Vitamin B is also important in the same way.

Although some research shows that you need eight hours of sleep per night, which is not necessarily true. If you get six hours of sleep a night and eat well, you will be fine. Just make sure that you sleep restfully; if you cannot, you should get professional help.


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The most important part of a healthy lifestyle is sleep because it allows your body to recover and heal itself. When you are awake, some parts of the brain do not function optimally, which is why sleep is necessary. You might have taught your body to function well on little sleep but this is not good for your health. If you want your body to recover and function well, you need at least six hours of sleep every night.

One sleep cycle has at least ninety minutes, which means that there are four of them in six hours. To get adequate rest, you should set aside seven hours and use half an hour to wind down and another half hour to get up in the morning. The remaining hours of the day should go towards exercise and work.

Positive Attitude

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For a dancer, nothing is as important as a positive mindset because you need fortitude to keep going. You need to be persistent and sharp as a dancer because you have to be quick on your toes. Not only do you need to have a strong body, but you also need a strong mind to be a great dancer.

You should know how to work hard and perfect the moves those other dancers have already given up on and forgotten. Instead of being an ordinary dancer like everybody else, you should aim to be extraordinary in your field. The eye is naturally drawn to strong dancers and if you are great at it, you will succeed.

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