Write For Us

Write For Us

Would You Like To Have Your Article Featured On Body Shape 101?

Well, that can happen! Yes, my website accepts guest posts but since I am trying to establish an authority blog designed to help people burn excess fats, build muscle, become stronger, stay fit and healthy and find the most reliable fitness equipment and wellness products, I am looking only for the best, most reliable and informative articles that will provide my readers the information they need.

Because of this, I have a few article guidelines for my guest posts. In order for your article to be posted in my site, it must pass the following requirements:

  • You must create a unique content for my website. The article you will send to me must not be published elsewhere online.
  • Content must be evergreen, meaning they should still be relevant and applicable to the readers even in the future. 
  • Posts must have only 1000 to 2000 words. 
  • The content should be informative and reliable without a “salesy” tone. 
  • To improve readability of the article, paragraphs must be kept short and must have only 3-4 sentences. The content must have subheadings and bullet points too. 
  • Each article should have a short bio (you can write it in a separate box in the form) so the readers will know who you are.

How To Reach Me?

If you wish to pitch a few topics or if you have already written a rocking guest post, just send them over to me at emily.brathen [at] gmail [dot] com.

What Topics Does My Site Needs?

Some of the topics that we need in Body Shape 101 are as follows:

  • Health
  • Beauty 
  • Food & Drinks 
  • Yoga

If you are ready, do not hesitate to hit me up! I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.