HGH In Bodybuilding: Everything You Need To Know About Its Known Advantages And Drawbacks

If you’re caught in the realm of bodybuilding or just planning to boost your workout rituals, you may have probably heard of the human growth hormone. Although some people now may have come to know it because of its infamy in sports, most of us who bother to look into it deeply, know that this drug is more than just a natural muscle and strength booster.

But what is it really with HGH? How would you know that this drug is for you? Is it dangerous? In this post, we’ll attempt to discuss the known benefits and not-so-good repercussions when you take this drug.

By the end of this discussion, I hope that you’d come to realize whether or not you need this one, give it a try, or let go of it completely. As this is such a polarizing drug, it is but important to ascertain these advantages and disadvantages so you can have an informed decision once you decided to purchase one.


Benefits Of HGH

HGH In Bodybuilding

1. Muscle Strength

Perhaps the most known benefit of the human growth hormone is its ability to increase muscle strength and your overall physical capacity. Like multivitamins for bodybuilding, the drug or hormone stimulates the collagen synthesis in your tendons and skeletal muscle.

Also, people who have subjected themselves to the human growth hormone or therapy have noticed an improved thermoregulation along with body composition.

2. Improved Fracture Healing

Individuals who have been administered with the human growth hormone have revealed that the drug can increase the speed of the bone’s regeneration, culminating to a major bone and fracture healing. The human growth hormone is also known to play a significant role in repairing the body’s wear and tear along with the expedition of its healing.

3. Weight Loss Enhancement

HGH beefs up lipolysis — also known as the breakdown of lipids which involves the triglycerides’ hydrolysis right into amounts of glycerol and free fatty acids.

Another study has revealed that in a placebo group, the obese participants who consumed a diet with a restriction on calories noticed an acceleration of the lost body fat due to the growth hormone, resulting in a weight loss enhancement. Ultimately, the hormone has improved the secretion of the growth hormone itself.

4. Stronger Bone Growth

The growth hormone’s release that is stimulated by the pituitary gland is also crucial in regulating bone growth. This is especially evident when you just hit puberty.

And as the human growth hormone decreases when we age, the HGH drug will act as its booster so it can form or even replace your bones at a faster rate. Meanwhile, the IGF-1 along with the growth hormone is known to form and reform bone cells which results in a heightened bone mass.

5. Alleviates Cardiovascular Diseases

HGH In Bodybuilding

People who are already ageing are naturally deficient with the growth hormone, exposing them to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and therefore a shortened life expectancy.

On the other hand, growth hormone deficiency also leads to the alteration of lipoprotein metabolism which also increases the risk of these diseases.

6. Improves Sexual Life

Recent studies have suggested that human growth hormone can improve male reproductive function along with sexual maturation; whereas the deficiency of which is linked to an absence of desire and sexual erection.

Also, other studies have pointed that a body that is induced by growth hormone can affect penile erection. The hormone is also known as a possible natural remedy for impotence.

7. Lessens Obesity

Apart from weight loss, an HGH drug can also decrease obesity. An adult with a growth hormone deficiency is prone to insulin resistance and abdominal obesity. People who have decided to treat themselves with human growth hormone have seen positive effects when it comes to alleviating obesity naturally.

Also, the abdominal and visceral adipose tissue have lessened right along with the diastolic blood pressure. An improved insulin sensitivity was also noted among its benefits.

8. Enhances Mood And Cognitive Function

Your life’s psychological well-being and overall quality are enhanced when you get to subject yourself under growth hormone therapy.

Especially beneficial to growth hormone-bereft adults, the HGH drug is noted to have effected some changes in the human cognitive function, mood, and concentration right after a human recombinant with growth hormone was administered accordingly.

Side Effects Of HGH

HGH In Bodybuilding

The human growth hormone drug is especially hazardous if it is taken in large doses and extended period. And while HGH can have milder side effects in general, it is still crucial to take into consideration the potential risks the drug can induce to your health when taken in this manner.

1. Man Boobs

Are your breasts already particularly larger-than-usual? HGH can increase prolactin which in turn, enlarges your breasts.

2. CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Do you feel itching, tingling, or a certain weakness right in your hands? The chances are that you might have already caught one of HGH’s effects — the carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. High Blood Pressure

HGH causes water and sodium retention that leads to the drug causing a high blood pressure. People who have been experiencing hypertension before taking this drug are not encouraged to take this one due to this effect.

4. Musculoskeletal Issues

Body aches along with muscle and joint pain are common side effects when you’re using a growth hormone. Irritability, because of these, is also a known effect of this discomfort.

5. Swelling

Also due to water retention, HGH may cause your hands and feet to swell.

6. Lethargy

If you’re unusually tired without doing any precedent activity or just plain sleepy, this might be because of the HGH consumption.

7. Low Blood Sugar

Probably the most common among its side effects is hypoglycemia. If you’re particularly having some trouble talking or confused, you might want to have your sugar tested.

8. Stimulates Cell Regeneration

If you have existing cancer, it is strongly advised that you opt out of the HGH drug. In essence, stimulates cell regeneration and reproduction in your body. Stay away from this hormone if you’ve been diagnosed with this condition.

Final Thoughts

HGH is not for everyone. While it can optimize your bodybuilding activities and workout results positively, the drug is also known for its worrisome drawbacks. The best way to tackle this whether or not the drug can benefit you or the other way around is to consult it first with your doctor.

This step is paramount so you can be assured that you are taking the right route towards a healthy and productive bodybuilding.

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