How Much Does An EZ Bar Weigh? The Truth You Need To Know!

Weightlifting seems like an easy task, but once you try to dive into this activity, you will realize that there is so much more to it that you need to know. For one, you have first to determine which type of weightlifting bar that you should use.

The popularity of EZ bar has dramatically risen for the past few years, and you may be intrigued as to what they are, what they do, and of course, how much they weigh.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the answer to how much does an EZ bar weigh along with a few important information you need to know about their use. Read on and enjoy!


How Much Does An EZ Bar Weigh?

To answer this truthfully, there is no standard weight for curl bars. This is because the weight would depend on the type of curl bar that you plan to use. To determine the weight of the different kinds of curl bars, continue reading:

Standard Curl Bar

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This is also called as the beginner curl bar as it is the lightest type of curl bar being used today. With a weight range of 10 to 17.5 pounds, it weighs less than the regular straight weightlifting bar.

A standard curl bar is around 47 inches (120 cm) long and 1 inch in diameter. It is often made of either a stainless steel or chrome-plated tube with end collars where the weight plates are attached to. The plates are secured in place by either butterfly clamps or rotatable cuffs.

Olympic Curl Bar

Because of its name, many people are intimated to use this. They think that this type of weightlifting bar is designed for Olympic athletes. The truth is, this type of weightlifting bar is designed especially for intermediate weightlifters.

It weighs between 20 to 25 pounds and is around 12 cm or 5 inches longer than the standard curl bar. Its body and is almost the same as that of the standard curl bar. The only difference is the end collar because, at this part, the bar has metal tubes that have bearings inside, which add weight to the entire bar. In addition, these also permit the plates to freely rotate while you are putting them in place.

The best time or reason to invest in an Olympic curl bar is if you are planning to lift at least 45 kilos or 100 pounds.

Super Curl Bar

The term, super, is already a dead giveaway that this type of weightlifting bar is used by a professional or advanced weightlifter. It looks and has the same size as an Olympic curl bar or a trap bar.

However, it is considered to be much heavier—35 to 37.5 pounds. It also features a more complicated handle design. Its handles are far more crooked because they are designed to be handled using a parallel grip so you can further train your biceps.

Why Use An EZ Curl Bar?

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You may be wondering why do you need to use an EZ curl bar if you can just simply go for the straight bars? Straight bars indeed are the best when it comes to working out the biceps, but curl bars offer an entirely different ballgame that you will surely benefit from. These are as follows:

Reduced Pressure on Wrist

If you have wrist injuries or problems, you will be happy to know that EZ curl bar offers reduce wrist pressure while you lift or perform arm curls. Because of this, there is a lower risk that you may experience wrist injuries like sprains, tendonitis, and bone fractures.

Reduced Pain

In addition to reduced wrist pressure, the curl bar is also considered to be a lot safer than a straight bar. With the curved design of the bar, your wrists, forearms, and elbow are placed in a natural position.

Using this type of weightlifting bar, you can also avoid the following injuries—golfer's elbow and medial epicondylitis.

Better Brachioradialis Activation

When holding the curl bar, your palms may either be facing each other (neutral position) or facing upward (semi-supinated position). With this position, you will be able to work out your forearm muscles (Brachioradialis) more. But one thing you should keep in mind is that these positions will reduce the action of your biceps for a bit.

Heavier Lift

Since your wrist (and other parts of your arms and hands) will receive less tension, you will not have to worry about being injured. As a result, it would be easier for you to lift heavier weights.

EZ Curl Bar Handling Tips You Need To Know

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Now that you know how beneficial the use of an EZ curl bar can be, it is about time that you learn how to master the trick of handling it.

Let us begin by practicing the right form. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees and use an underhand grip to hold the bar. Extend your hands and slowly but steadily curl your elbows and bring the bar towards your chest, keeping your elbows at your side.

Besides, here are more pointers that you need to keep in mind:

Start With Your Arms Fully Extended

We already know that using curl bars will not activate biceps the same level as a straight bar does. But if you want to maximize the use of your biceps when using this curl bar, it is recommended that you start the move with your arms fully extended, keeping your triceps as tense as possible.

After that, bring the bar closer to your chest by squeezing your biceps and keeping it tensed throughout the movement.

Keep Your Elbows Tight

When you bring the bar closer to your chest, you need to keep your elbow tight and keep them to your sides. When you move your elbow forward or upward, the tension from your biceps will be relieved, and you would certainly not want that if you plan to develop this particular muscle.

Retract Your Shoulders

When you stand up, raise your chest and retract your shoulder. Maintain the tightness of your torso as much as possible.

Maintaining a good posture prevents your shoulders and upper back from hunching forward. A lousy position can increase pressure on your joints and prevent you from performing a wide range of motion.

Raise Your Chin

Throughout the whole routine, make sure to keep your chin high and maintain proper alignment of your head and neck. Doing this can keep unwanted pressure off your upper spine and neck, allowing you to lift the curl bar with ease.

The Different Exercises You Can Do With A Curl Bar

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What are the best exercises that you can try with the use of a curl bar? You will be surprised by the selection of exercises that you can do with it. Here are some of the best ones:

Preacher's Curl

The curl bar is not the best weightlifting bar for training biceps, but with this a preacher’s curl, you can maximize its effect on your biceps.

To do this, sit on the bench and hold the curl bar with an underhand grip and extend your hands. Rest your arms on the bench and curl the weight up until your forearms are in a vertical position. Hold the curl for a second and slowly lower the bar up to the point wherein your arms are fully extended again.

Lying Triceps Extensions

Grab your EZ curl bar with an overhand grip. Your grip must be a bit less than the shoulder width. The bar must be resting on top of your thighs. You should also slightly extend your arms and bend your elbows.

Grab your EZ curl bar with an overhand grip. Your grip must be a bit less than the shoulder width. The bar must be resting on top of your thighs. You should also slightly extend your arms and bend your elbows.

Lower the bar and go back to your starting position. Inhale as you do so.


There is no definite answer to how much does an EZ bar weigh. Given the fact that it has different types, its weight will vary depending on the type of EZ curl bar you will use. As mentioned, the weight of EZ curl bars may range from 10 to 37.5 pounds.

Before you buy your curl bar, make sure that you consider its weight and function. If you are starting, go for the standard curl bar. If you have been lifting weights for years, an Olympic curl bar is recommended for you. If you are training to be a professional weight lifter, the super curl bar is what you should use.

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