How To Build Muscles For Women: Get A 90 Days Proven Result Without The Gym

Do you know you can to build muscles in 90 days without a single-day visit to the gym? Yes, you can; but unless you are taught how to build muscles for women, you’ll never achieve that. This is exactly what I’m going to teach you in this tutorial!


It is not difficult for you to build muscle mass as a woman if you know how.Yes, it is absolutely easy and cost effective too!

If you are one of those women who crave for extra lean muscle mass, I am about to share a good news with you.The good news is that you can actually build muscle fast without the gym if you follow this tutorial on how to build muscles for women.

Any woman who is willing can do it. Many have done that. You too can reach that goal. Put that negativity behind you! Read on to see how:The majority of news out there have it that it is difficult for women to gain muscle mass due to feminine hormones. It is not true.

How To Build Muscles For Women Through Weight Training

Although men have more testosterone and growth hormone which contributes immensely to why they can build muscles, you can build muscles as a woman by weight training. It stimulates your body to build muscles as a woman and boosts your ability to produce larger amounts of these hormones

Weight training thus makes it possible for you to build muscles fast than other forms of exercise.

Much like weight loss exercise, building muscle mass is all about the ratio or difference between the calorific value in the food you consume and the calorific value you use up.

How To Build Muscles For Women Fast

All there is to how to build muscles for women is an alteration to both your workout and dietary plans. What you need is a resistance training schedule that works out your entire key muscle groups and a suitable muscle building diet.

You must thus consider these factors and steps if you want to learn how to build muscle for women fast in the most professional and healthiest way:

  • Your dietary intake
  • The form of exercise you do
  • Maintain adequate hydration
  • Rest and sleep adequately

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Step 1: Your Food And Dietary Intake

Do not take too lightly the significance of eating rightly if you want to build muscle.

Calorie Intake

A common guide for proper calorie intake is multiplying your body weight by ten to twelve. For example: 300lbs x 10 = 3000 cal.

If you don’t take suitable food and food supplements you haven’t learnt how to build muscles for women and won’t be able to build muscle fast.

Eating good amino-acid blends is your best line of action both while doing your workout and after.

This is because amino acids are the compounds that make up proteins. In order for our bodies to utilize the proteins we are consuming, then our bodies must contain all the 8 essential amino acids required for protein synthesis (essentially, the creation of tissue).

A few good products that provide you obtain the essential amino acids your body needs for muscle building are Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast drink during a workout and Gaspari AminoMax 8000 supplement to be taken before and after a workout.

Don’t be scared to use supplements as a woman. Many women are afraid of using creatine supplements because they erroneously thought that it is made up of male hormones. Far from the truth! Women cab build muscles in 90-days if they know how to build muscles for women.

Creatine helps you to build muscle, boost your strength and endurance.If you are looking to tone your body with observable muscle growth, you must also consider your diet. You must go natural and minimize your intake of processed foods.

Plan your dietary intake

You need to eat more carbohydrates at breakfast and within 30 minutes just after your workout for a proper muscle recovery. Your body has a short time to recover after a workout so ensure you use liquid and protein drink to replenish your glycogen stores fast after a workout.

  • Minimize your intake of carbohydrate but don’t completely get rid of it: To be able to do this, you need to know the percentage of carbohydrate in the food you are eating. Start with 25-30 % of carbohydrate
  • Increase Your Protein and eat good Fat.Eat 40% of protein daily: You need a protein or dextrose drink with I-glutamine and creatine. Go for 30 grams of protein and the equal amount of dextrose. If you must build your muscle as a woman, you must never skip it. It puts your body into the state of anabolism, helping it to build muscle fast.
  • The most excellent way to grow your muscle is by giving it energy: This is especially necessary after the workout.

This helps your body to recover. After in another 40 minutes go for another 2-4 carbohydrate snacks portion against a half portion of a protein drink to make your body continue to grow muscle.

Lastly, take another snack after 1 hour of taking the last snacks. You can take one-quarter cup of oats plus a half cup of low-fat cottage cheese.

These are minor meals that give your body energy to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass. Be cautious not to go overboard. That’s the secret about how to build muscle mass as a woman through your dietary intake!

Top Foods That Help You To Build Muscle Mass

The secret to building muscle fast without the gym lies in what you eat and drink. It is a big mistake to train hard without considering what you eat and drink. You’d be disrupting your success if you do that.If you want to build muscle mass, you’ve got no option than to mind what you eat and drink.

Due to the role dieting plays in helping you build muscles mass, I have provided below top foods that help you to build body mass.

  • Lean Beef

Lean beef should form part of your staple food if you want to grow body mass.Lean beef has a lot of nutrients that help in muscle building like iron, zinc, vitamin B and high-quality protein and amino acid that functions with insulin to boost muscle growth.

  • Chicken Without The Skin

Chicken is as well very good for muscle growth, repair and maintenance. It is packed with loads of high-quality protein.

  • Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is roughly completely natural casein protein. Casein is a form of protein that digests more slowly. It is thus great food choice for proper maintenance of the muscle mass.

  • Eggs

Eggs contain super quality protein, nine vital amino acids, choline, and the exact form of fat and D vitamins.

  • Whey Protein

Whey protein is a good, suitable and cost effective form of protein. They are highly recommended for muscle building.

  • Fish Like Tuna

Fish are highly protein-giving food; it is made up of low fat content, and contains a good amount of quality omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a good carbohydrate source because the value of its glycemic index (GI) is minimal. It is also not overly processed. Foods with minimal GI value boost fat loss and prevent muscle degradation.

  • Healthy Fats, Whole Grains, Fruits And Vegetables

Examples of foods with good fat are salmon, different types of fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables, flaxseed oils, avocado pears and seeds.They contribute to the production of testosterone and the growth of hormones which boost muscle growth and strength. They are classified under Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Step 2: How To Build Muscles For Women: Plan Your Exercise Schedule Correctly

Your Muscle

Your body is made up of three muscle forms: the cardiac muscle, the smooth muscle, and the skeletal muscle. The smooth muscle forms the lining of organs like stomach and esophagus while skeletal muscle attaches to your bones through tendons.What burns Your MusclesUniversity of California, Berkeley found out that the cause is lactic acid. Lactic acid supplies energy to your muscles.

When your muscle is stressed, it converts glucose in the food you eat into lactic acid. This is stored in the mitochondria which serve as energy factory for your muscles.

Tailor Your Workout

Lifting weights boost myogenic muscle growth. This, in turn, boosts the mass and density of your muscle and provides it with the proper and lasting shape.

You don’t have to lift the heavy weight but the trick is your ability to contract your muscles harder and the period it is under stress.

The trick to how to build muscles for women through weight training is not lifting a heavy weight from one point to the other but squeezing the muscle that is helping you to lift that weight. The longer the stress, the more muscles you can build.

3 Principles You Need To Follow

This portion aims to address a few questions women frequently ask about how to build muscles for women and some concerns they may have regarding weight lifting.

Your body is made up of slow twitch fibers and rapid twitch fibers. Slow twitch fibers help you to gain endurance but don't give you a lot of strength while Fast-twitch fibers boost your strength but don’t help your endurance.

Your gene determines the amount of this form of muscle you have.If you want to build more muscle for endurance, go for slow-twitch muscle building by lifting two to three sets with smaller weights. Aim for twelve to fifteen reps as recommended by an exercise physiologist, Jason Conviser, at Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

If what you want is to boost your kick, try two to three sets of six to eight reps with a bigger weight.

Structured Weight Training And Progressive Overload

Resistance training also known as strength training involves progression. This leads to strength boost ultimately and an eventual boost to muscle growth. It differs from esthetic or endurance training. Examples of things you can use for resistance training are barbells, dumbbells, bands, and much more.

Remember to structure your training schedule because your muscles won’t grow except you constantly stimulate, break it down and help it to get repaired.

To build muscle through resistance training, two factors you must consider are load and volume. Load means how much you are lifting. You need to progressively increase the total load to achieve the desired result.

The process is referred to as progressive overload. You need to increase the weight of the load you are lifting within a twelve-week training period to achieve this.

Volume is the calculation of the entire work you have done with regards to repetitions.The major reason for resistance training is to boost muscle mass eventually. This must be done with a sufficient amount of volume and it must be in the range of 30 to 60 total reps for each body part per session.

Few Reasons Why You Need Resistance Training

  • Boost your muscle power and tone  
  • Helps you to manage weight progressively 
  • Get rid of health conditions like diabetes and heart disease 
  • Boosts your pain management ability
  • Improve your posture and balance 
  • Boost your metabolism 
  • Help in fat loss

How To Build Muscles For Women Fast: Stop Doing Excessive Workouts During Weight Lifting

Weight training is the best way to efficiently build muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more fat you’d burn and the more energy you’d expend.

Excessive weight training for an extended period of time and cardio workout after weight training breaks down your muscle, instead of building it. When this happens, you return to a catabolic stage. This means that your body begins to use up muscles instead of food and your store of fat for energy.

The catabolic state can also happen when you are not feeding yourself enough.All you need is roughly eight to ten sets of workout not including warm-up sets. You’d need about two to three minutes rest in between sets to recover.

Weight training stimulates your muscles to grow. Excessive cardio breaks the muscle down. Never do that for more than 45 minutes after weight training or you will never get a boost of muscle mass.

Step 3: How To Build Muscles For Women: Maintain Adequate Hydration

Drink half of your body weight of water daily to make your muscles stay properly saturated.

Step 4: How To Build Muscles For Women: Get Adequate Rest And Sleep

Your muscle is built during resting and sleeping. After a resistance training, your muscles utilize the nutrients and water you've taken during the day and while you are asleep, it uses it to build and grow your muscles.


I have taken the time to provide you with important things you need to consider as a woman if you really want to build the muscle fast. Let us know if the tutorial on how to build muscles for woman solves your problem in any way.

Once more, these are your quick takeaway; if you want to build muscle as a woman, you must consider seriously your diet, exercise, keep your body properly hydrated and rest well. Do not forget the pre, during and post-workout supplements, Gaspari Nutrition Aminolast, Gaspari AminoMax 8000 and creatine.

Let us know if you find the article helpful by leaving us your comments and please do not forget to share the article if it provides value to you.

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