How To Gain Weight Fast In 1 Week: The Surprising Answer!

Many people struggle to shed off a few extra pounds from their bellies. They exercise hard every day to lose that flab! And when they overindulge on a sumptuous dinner, their progress is easily lost! On the other hand, other people experience the opposite.

I know you got here with a question how to gain weight fast in 1 week. There is this urgency that you want to end the skinny you! Because, for years, you have been trying to raise your weight, but the scale won’t budge!

But surely, this is not a curse, and you can gain weight with healthy eating habits and correct method of exercise!


Passive Calorie Burn

How To Gain Weight Fast In 1 Week

An average person burns 1,800 to 2,200 calories passively every day. Yes, that’s how much calories you need to eat to maintain your weight if you are not physically active. Eating less than that will lead to weight loss, and essentially, eating a lot more will contribute to weight gain.

To cut it short, you will need to eat more than the average calorie. Don’t be afraid about the number of calories you need to eat. You will be surprised to know how some athletes have downed up to twelve thousand calories so that they could maintain their weight (that’s insane)!

Can I Gain Weight Fast In A Short Time?

How To Gain Weight Fast In 1 Week

Well, if you add more salt (excessive amount!), to your diet and drink lots of fluids, you can gain a lot of weight in a very short time! But that would not be wise. That’s just water retention!

I know the dilemma. Some people are trying to lose some weight, and you are quite envious of them because adding weight seems effortless to them. On the other hand, for you, gaining weight seems like impossible!

But there are things you can do, and food you can eat to help you gain weight and preserve that weight! Preserving the weight, you gain is can be as difficult as permanently losing that weight! So, there you go, you can gain weight fast in a short time!

How To Gain Weight Fast In 1 Week

How To Gain Weight Fast In 1 Week

The formula to gain weight is not generic for everybody. It will vary on your height and body type. Some medical conditions, like thyroid problems and digestive related problems, can greatly influence how much weight you can keep.

But basically, eating plays a huge part on how much you gain. The more you eat, the more likely you will gain. But that is only half of the equation. Your daily activities compose the other half. The more active you are, the more calories you burn, then, the more food you should eat.

If you don’t do many activities and you have been eating more and not gaining weight, this may need to be evaluated by a physician. I’m not scaring you or anything. There may be something off with your hormones that needs to be corrected first.

Anyhow, now that you have the formula, we can start working from here. Now, assuming that you have no existing medical condition that may require necessary precautions, you can proceed with eating! But first, determine how much calories you need to eat to maintain your body function!

Calorie Calculator

If you google calorie calculator, you will be supplied with many, many, versions of it. Some are simple, while some will require you to fill in your activities. Basically, before you start counting how much calories you need, you need to know your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Pro Tip: When using a calculator, try selecting sedentary on the activity section. This way, you can count your calories burnt in your activities and accurately compute how much you need to add to your food consumption.

Calculators can automatically give you the answer when you supply it your age, height, weight, and how active you are. This is not exact, but you get the idea. You get the rough approximation of how much calories you need to sustain your bodily functions.

In case you want the longhand formula, here it is:

For Men

10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) = BMR

For Women

10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) - 161=BMR

How Much Surplus Calorie Do You Need

Now that you have your basal metabolic rate, you just have to add about 250 to 500 calories daily to gain some weight. If you work out or play basketball, or you swim, or you do something that is strenuous, time it. Google how much calories you burnt while doing the activity and add that to your consumption.

Let’s assume you burnt 500 calories in your activity, you will need to add that to your BMR and add 250-500 more calories to get to see how much calories you should eat for that day.

So, if you have a 2,000 calorie BMR, and you add your calories spent thru activity and 250-500 more calories, you will need to eat at least 2,500 calories to maintain your weight and up to 3,000 calories to gain weight.

Take note that the opposite sexes have different rate and men generally need more calories. So if you want to know how to gain weight fast for women, you can follow the lower range.

Regular Exercise

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Doing regular exercise may seem like a counterintuitive step to gain weight. Mathematically speaking, you need to add more calories and decrease the number of calories burnt to keep a steady weight gain. Yes, you will gain weight. You will have it in your body in an undesired way.

But, I know, you don’t just want to gain weight. You are not aiming to have a circular belly and flabby arms. Am I right in this department? Well, since you are putting on some weight, why not place that weight gain in the correct areas? Like, muscular arms, legs, chests, and butts. Right?

Full body compound exercises are the best you could start with. It stimulates most of the muscle groups, and in return, your muscles grow holistically rather than specifically. This also means that the protein you take will be maximized and will be used to repair, rehabilitate, and grow muscles.

And look at the bright side. When you exercise, you get the perfect excuse to add more portions and calories to your diet!

Did I mention muscle is denser than fat? So, when you get to finally have that physique you are picturing, I will bet that you weigh heavier than you have expected!

Eating Habit

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If you look at how much calories fast foods offer, you will be surprised to know that a full course meal (with desserts!) can be easily around 2000 calories already! That is way, way, too many for a single meal (well, unless you train like Michael Phelps!).

On the contrary, 2000 calories worth of healthy types of food will keep your tummy full and satisfied. A large apple, about 9oz, gives you 120 calories. Imagine eating two large apples in your stomach. Two slices of wheat bread are about 150 calories. A hundred grams of chicken breast is only 165 calories!

Imagine how much you can eat with just a few calories? Here’s a short list of healthy foods you can include in your diet plan. The key is carefully planning what you eat!



Large Egg

72 calories

1 cup milk

150 calories

4oz salmon

200 calories

1 can tuna

190 calories

6oz peach

50 calories

1 cup strawberries

50 calories

1 cup watermelon

45 calories

1 cup broccoli

50 calories

1 cup carrots

50 calories

1 cup quinoa

220 calories

4oz turkey breast

150 calories

1 cup lentil

230 calories

1 cup lima beans

215 calories

1 cup kidney beans

225 calories

Other than these types of food, there are a lot of healthy alternatives you can try in the grocery! You can try some of the best cheap protein powder to increase your protein intake.

Make Food And Activity/Workout Journal

Some research has found out that making a list of the food you eat, even without switching to a healthy diet, is enough to get you started. Once you get the habit of listing down all the food you consume every day, you will be aware of the types of food you eat and the portion!

Same goes with the working out! It’s quite satisfying to see how much progress we make when it is well documented! It can keep you motivated!

Oh, and don’t forget how much weight you have gained too! This can be an effective tool to evaluate your progress.

Pro Tip: Measure your weight the same time every day. With the same amount of clothing. The most preferable time to measure your weight is in the morning after moving your bowel. This can give you the most accurate picture!


Gaining weight requires your effort. You cannot expect to gain weight without setting a goal and making an effort to reach your target. But hey, gaining weight will through healthy diet and exercise is lasting and will definitely increase your health to optimum levels!

Hey, I hope you find this post interesting, and I have answered “how to gain weight fast in 1 week”. It can be challenging. But, if you follow the guidelines above, you will gain weight in no time!

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