How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight ? The Answers Will Surprise You!

We are aware of the fact that staying fit and healthy is a must. But sometimes, laziness get in the way and prevent us from enjoying a healthy life. Because of this, you will want to know the answer to this question, “how to get motivated to lose weight ?”.

The bad news is, you are not the only one who feels the same way about exercising and losing weight. But the good news is, there are various ways on how to get motivated to lose weight. Want to know what these are? Well, read on to find out!


Why Are You Not Motivated To Lose Weight?

Before we get to know how to get motivated to lose weight, let us first understand the reason why we don’t feel motivated to lose weight.

During the first few months, you are keen on working out and shedding all those excess fats. But as time goes by, you will slowly lose motivation on continuing with your fitness journey. Why? There are lots of reasons why.

For one, you may be too impatient to wait for the effects of exercising to be noticeable. Second, you may feel boredom because you are doing the same exercise over and over again. Or lastly, your hectic schedule and lifestyle changes may cause your motivation to plummet.

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight ?

But regardless of what the reason is, you will be happy to know that there are various ways on how to get motivated to lose weight. Here they are:

1. Establish Your Reason For Losing Weight.

One of the reasons that people lose motivation to lose weight is because they do not set fitness goals. From the start, it is important that you establish your reason for losing weight.

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Is it because you want to look good? Or maybe you want to stay healthy? Or perhaps you wish to manage your weight-related illnesses like diabetes or hypertension? Whatever your reason is, you need to establish it. In this way, you will have something to hold on to whenever your motivation starts wavering.

2. Set A Realistic And Achievable Goal.

When you set goals that are too difficult to reach and achieve, it will be easy for you to get disheartened and frustrated whenever you don’t meet them. This will cause your determination to lose weight to plunge.

In addition to making your goals realistic and achievable, you also have to make it clear. Instead of just saying “lose weight”, try to go for “lose 10 lbs in 3 months”. Doing so will let you know if you are hitting your goals or not.

3. Use Visual Goals.

Sometimes, you would need a more tangible motivator, and visual cues are the best options for this. Instead of just telling yourself that you want to wear a bikini on the beach, it is best that you buy the bikini you wish to wear and hang it in your room so it can bring back your motivation during times when you are too tired to stand up and exercise.

4. Reward Yourself.

As they say, what gets rewarded gets repeated so if you want yourself to be motivated to exercise again, then you have to reward yourself! But sometimes, we wait until we have achieved the biggest goal before we reward ourselves and it almost always lead to burn out.

The key here is to try and reward yourself every time you have reached a fitness milestone. When you do, you will be more motivated to reach the next milestone and so on and so forth!

5. Go Beyond The Scale.

Is your definition of weight loss success based only on what is written or shown on the weighing scale? If that is the case, then it is understandable why it is easy for you to lose motivation. To remedy this, you should also try and measure your fitness progress using other ways.

Some other things that you should consider include an increase in your water intake, your strength, staying within your established calorie intake, and much more.

6. Post Your Goals In Facebook.

According to studies, it is most likely that you will follow through with your goals when you make fitness a public commitment. That’s why you should post your fitness goals in Facebook or maybe, you should tell your friends about your weight loss goals.

Aside from the support that you will get from your buddies, the embarrassment of failing will push you to achieve your goals.

7. Make Work Out Time A Social Event.

You can enroll in a yoga class, or you can ask a friend to be your running or workout partner. There are many ways on how to get motivated to lose weight when you do this. For one, being in a class will make working out more fun. But more than that, having a workout partner will also make you feel more accountable.

8. Be Ready For Setbacks.

Let’s face it—losing weight is hard. Before you dive into the weight loss journey, it is important that you understand the delays. One of the biggest setbacks that you will experience is the time it will take for you to lose weight because weight loss is a long process. So manage your expectations and do not expect results to be visible and noticeable right away.


We have heard the saying, “Health is wealth”, over and over again but still, most of us find it hard to find the motivation to stay fit and healthy. Now that obesity and weight-related illnesses are more rampant than ever, it is important for us to determine how to get motivated to lose weight.

Lucky for you, we have provided a few motivation tips and steps to lose weight and build muscle above. Whenever you are feeling a bit burn out, bored or tired of losing weight, just follow the tips mentioned above. No matter how unmotivated you feel, try to press on and rest assured; you will see the results of your hard work and unwavering dedication.

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