How To Get Muscular Legs in The Most Effective Way Possible? Discover The Answer Here!

Have you ever watched bodybuilding contests and shows? If so, then you may be envious with the contestant’s muscular and shapely legs. Maybe you have even wondered, how to get muscular legs?

Having a muscular leg is an impossible feat to achieve overnight. Even powerlifters (not that they want to grow big muscles, they focus on strength rather) took years before they achieved their top shape. What did they do? Well, they made the most of the ordinary exercises.


How To Get Muscular Legs in The Most Effective Way Possible? Discover The Answer Here!

You will often see people focused on isolation and isometric exercises. Maybe you heard them talk about muscle symmetry and how they are correcting it with those exercises. Maybe you thought these are the exercises that you need to get muscles.

But for your information, squats and deadlifts (underrated as they may be) are the best and most effective exercises on how to get muscular legs.

What You Will Need

To perform these exercises, you will need the following fitness tools:

  • 1. Compression Belt

A compression belt will help you keep a straight back. It can also prevent your spine from hyperextending in the case of a fall. This is a must for the routines that will be discussed here. Never try out any of these without a compression belt. Without this belt, you are at risk of injury.

  • 2. Power Cage

With the huge weights that you will be lifting, you will need a sturdy base to load your metal. A power cage is the only tool fit for this job. Make sure the catch bar is not rusty and will be able to withstand a sudden drop in case you get exhausted in the middle of a routine. Do not rely on cheap equipment.

  • 3. Olympic Bars

Olympic bars are sturdy and can withstand thousands of loaded barbell overhead drops. Standards weigh 44 pounds. That figure will be added to the total number of weights you are lifting.

  • 4. Plates

Huge plates. Plain and simple. To gain muscle, you have to be stronger. And to be stronger, you need to pack a lot of weights.

  • 5. Loud Music (Optional)

Music helps stimulate workout. Especially loud music can help you gain your rhythm during workouts. Here’s another thing, you can conceal your girly grunts while lifting hundreds of pounds!

Step By Step Instructions On How To Get Muscular Legs

Before the actual exercise, warm up a bit and make sure your blood is flowing nicely. Perform some reps of body weight squats. When you’re ready, put on your compression belt and hit the deck!


Squats are a pretty basic exercise you don’t want to do. Right? We have done it a lot of times in physical education, and it’s not all that appealing. This is a compound exercise that uses the whole lower body including the core and upper body for balance.

Step 1. Get Into The Right Stance.

Put your feet shoulder width apart with toes pointing slightly outward to open your hips. At this point, make sure that your head, shoulders, hips and knees are in alignment.

Step 2. Mount The Weights.

Move under the Olympic bar (if you are a beginner, start with the bar unloaded) and choose a comfortable weight. For an average male, try 50% of your body weight. Mount the bar on your trapezius muscle. Hold the bar two grips past the shoulder and unset the bar.

If you are an experienced athlete, you can begin with a weight equivalent to your body mass.

From the standing position, swiftly bring your hips down while keeping your forehead slightly tilted upwards and exhale. This will keep you maintain a straight back and your spine in alignment while doing the squat.

Step 3. Do The Squat.

Bring your pelvis all the way down just before your hamstrings get in contact with your calves. That is the lowest point you want to go to. Any lower than that will be too difficult to pump.

For a much easier illustration, please take a look at this photo:

 Step 4. Ascend.

Pump and ascend as quick as you can as if you are going to jump and inhale on your ascend. At first, this will feel a bit awkward, and you might even get a little air time. Maybe you would say it’s a bit too easy for you. But trust me, when you get to 250, you won’t even budge.

Stay on your heels on the whole process. This will keep your effort focused on the quads and hamstrings. Bearing your weight on the toes will divert your force on your calves. Our calves are smaller than our quads and will make the ascend much difficult and can take you off your balance.

Step 5. Stand Up Straight And Repeat.

Bring the ascend to a standstill. Stand up straight with your knees locked. That way, you bring the whole lower body into a complete flexed state maximizing the movement. Repeat this for five times then set the weights onto the latch.

Do this for a total of five sets resting for one minute each cycle. If the set was difficult for you, rest for 30 seconds more.

Pro Tip: Do this routine every other day while adding 5 pounds each day. Sure it will be easy for the first few weeks. Turn up the volume of your music every time it gets hard so that no one will hear you whimper.

After a few weeks of this, you will notice that you no longer catch your breath when you climb the stairs and your legs are getting harder. At first, you won’t notice your gaining girth, but surely, your pants would get tighter on your thighs.


The deadlift is one of the few exercises you don’t love doing. Firstly, it is because the stance is awkward. Secondly, because it is insanely hard (if you are doing it with the right weights) and there are many deadlift mistakes that you might commit. But then again, there is no other way.

Step 1. Get Into The Right Stance.

Firstly, set the weights on the ground. You will not be using the cage this time. Find a place where you can freely drop the weights without destroying the gym. Get your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep the toes pointed outwards to open the hips. At this point, make sure that your head, shoulders, hips and knees are in alignment.

Step 2. Squat And Grab.

I have seen a lot of people doing this the wrong way. Do not, I said, do not reach for the weights without assuming the squat position. You are inviting injury doing this. Load at least an equivalent of your body weight since you are only doing 1 set of 5 reps. This is fairly easy for beginners. If you don’t feel confident enough to take on your own weight, try subtracting 20%-30% from it.

Assume a squat position and lower your arms shoulder width apart. Grab the weights on the alternate grip for more a more secure grip. This way, it will not be easy to let go in case of strain. If you can’t imagine the position, take a look at this photo from Hearty Hosting.

Step 3. Ascend.

Again, ascend as quickly as you can as if you are jumping on your heels. Keep your head tilted upward to keep your back straight and inhale while ascending. Stand up and hyperextend your spine for maximum contraction of the hamstring muscle.

Step 4. Descent.

Swiftly bring down the weights maintaining your straight back. If you are on 200lbs and up and you feel like it is unsafe for your spine to bring the weights swiftly down, drop it. Just make sure you are on the sturdiest place of the gym, and nobody minds you making some loud thump.

Pro Tip: Do not hesitate to drop the weights. That’s why you are recommended to use Olympic grade equipment. It’s better to crush some iron than your back. Do this for 5 times total. Do this 6 times a month with a minimum interval of five days.


It’s about time that you forget about isolation and isometric exercises when it comes to achieving shapely legs. Those exercises are not what you need for this goal.

So, how to get muscular legs? Truth is, there is not just one answer to the question. There are actually two—deadlifts and squats. If you wish to achieve muscular legs faster, you need to use some weights or plates.

Along with that, you would also need a compression belt (to prevent injury) and a power cage. But please bear in mind that these exercises will only be effective if you will do it properly and with the right form. Follow the steps that are mentioned above, and you can surely achieve muscular legs in no time.

So, what do you think about our short tutorial? We hope you learned a thing or two from it. If this article has been helpful to you, please feel free to share them with your friends!

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