What Is Joe Rogan Kettlebell Routine? Find Out The Amazing Answer You Need To Know!

Kettlebells are becoming a new fad in the world of working out and muscle building. Some Joe Rogan Kettlebell workout challenges are starting to make its way to the fitness challenges. Maybe you are considering training with kettlebells, but you are unsure if it’s for you.

How do you really workout with kettlebells? How much weight do you start with? What’s the best kettlebell weight? Is it safe to workout with kettlebells? What routine can I start with? How long does a kettlebell workout last? What’s a Joe Rogan kettlebell workout? Can I build muscle with kettlebells?

You may have these questions in your mind while you are considering to venture out in this fitness arena. Let me give you an overview and answer your questions!


What Is A Kettlebell?

Joe Rogan Kettlebell Routine

Kettlebells are like cannon balls. A heavy cannon ball with a handle you can pick up and throw with all your might! In recent years, manufacturers decided to make the boring cannon balls a makeover. You will often see angry grunting faces in the shape of kettlebells!

Kettlebells are meant for ballistic training. It’s like a mix of cardio and strength training. You pick up a kettlebell, swing it explosively and drop it. That’s the basic concept of it. But you don’t always need to drop it!

How To Workout With Kettlebell

Joe Rogan Kettlebell Routine

Workout routines using kettlebells focus on compound body movements and intends to strengthen you holistically. Beginners are advised to familiarize the body movements with smaller kettlebells and gradually increase the difficulty.

Obviously, your workout will require kettlebells. Kettlebell swing is probably the most basic routine you can do with a kettlebell. Goblet squats are just squats using kettlebells and holding it close to your chest with two hands like a goblet. Kettlebell presses are just like dumbbell presses.

What Routine Can I Start With?

Beginners may want to start with these to get the feel of how to properly hold, move, and maneuver a kettlebell. You can follow the sample circuit below.

  • 10-12 reps goblet squats
  • 8-10 kettlebell row 
  • 5-8 reps kettlebell press (each arm) 
  • 16 reps kettlebell swing 
  • 8 shoulder halo (in each direction) 
  • 8 hip halo (in each direction) 
  • 8 around the leg pass (in each direction) 
  • 16 reps kettlebell swing

Do this continuously and rest for two minutes. Then repeat the circuit two more times! Be careful with the weights. Start with small kettlebells and adjust if necessary.

Pay attention to your from. If there is a mirror available, do it in front of a mirror to make sure you are doing the exercise with the best form you can.

How Much Weight Do You Start With?

Around 30 pounds is a good number for males and half of that for females. If you have been working out and you are confident enough, you can start with this recommendation and familiarize the movements. Then, you can add a few pounds as you go.

Is It Safe To Workout With Kettlebells?

Joe Rogan Kettlebell Routine

Safety is an issue many people are concerned about. But this is highly subjective! A straight answer is yes, it’s safe. But if you are not careful with it, you may get yourself injured! Many workouts include the core in varying intensity.

Just be sure that you have that you have a physician’s signal if you have a bad back. If you are not confident with your shoulders, don’t pack on too much weight. You don’t want to pull your arms from its socket.

How Long Does A Kettlebell Workout Last?

Typically, seven to fifteen minutes of kettlebell workout can give you a good burn. Kettlebell circuits is a form of high-intensity interval training and can send your heartbeat racing in just a few minutes! So be sure you have no cardiac problems when you start this.

What Is A Joe Rogan Kettlebell Routine?

Joe Rogan is not just a comedian, he is also a martial artist. And he has taken training to the next level. He has a lot of videos on the internet showing his athletic prowess and superb skill in training with a kettlebell. Many people have followed his guidelines in working out with kettlebells.

He is an avid kettlebell user and mentioned a few known workout DVDs involving kettlebells in his podcast. Many people have followed his footsteps and taken kettlebell training seriously! You can google how extreme Joe has taken kettlebell workouts!

Joe’s kettlebell workout is nothing but a kettlebell workout with lots and lots of weight to it! Imagine a man holding a 90lb kettlebell in one hand and doing a squat!

Can I Build Muscles With Kettlebells?

Our body is very smart. In fact, when you expose it to an activity, it does its best to remember it and even improve you so that you can get better at it next time you do it! So, will you be able to build muscles with kettlebells? Of course, you can!

Gaining mass is not exclusive to weightlifting. True, you may be able to load more iron on Olympic bars and gain bigger muscles with it. But that does not nullify the fact that exercises, any form, can build you muscles! The better question would be “will I grow big muscles with kettlebells?”.

In this case, the answer can still be yes! This will depend on how much weight you can put on! Just don’t hurt yourself in the process!


Joe Rogan kettlebell routines have brought training to a higher level. But you know what, before he got there, he too, started with simpler routines. He too started out with a few weights. He started with a few kicks. This just means that you can also climb the ladder he climbed!

I hope I have imparted a few simple kettlebell know how’s to you. Like what you read? Feel free to share this page with your friends! Tell me what you think. Leave a comment below, and I will get back to you soon.

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