What Are The Best Leg Day Exercises? Here Are The Exercises That Will Make Your Legs Big

Are you tired of your legs giving up on you every gym day? Or maybe do you find it difficult to look for clothes that will look good on you because of your extremely thin legs? Well, my friends, I have found the answer to that and it is no other than leg day exercises.

As someone who has been embracing fitness for quite some time, I have found incorporating leg day in my gym workout to be quite beneficial. After all, these exercises can help build your lower body strength, achieve a muscular leg, make you be a better athlete, improve your range of motion, boost your metabolism and help you achieve balance.

But what are the best leg day exercises? Well, don’t be impatient. This is because that is the biggest question of all and that is what we are going to answer in this article. So, if you are ready, let’s continue with our topic.


How To Choose The Best Leg Day Exercises?

It is true that there are plenty of amazing leg exercises out there but not every one of them would be perfect for you. In order to find the best leg day exercises for your needs, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Here are some of them:

  • Your Fitness Goals

Keep in mind that each and every leg day workout have its own purpose so it is important that you determine what your fitness goals are before you choose which exercise you should include in your leg day routine—to build leg strength or to build muscle mass? In addition to that, you should take the time to do some research about the goals of each exercise.

  • The Muscles You Want To Target

Another thing to keep in mind is to identify which leg muscles you wish to develop. Just as mentioned above, each exercise will target certain muscles so you should be knowledgeable about it too.

Consider these things when choosing leg exercises and rest assured; you can be able to achieve your leg fitness goals.

What Are The Best Leg Day Exercises?

Of course, there are leg exercises that are considered to be the cream of the crop. These exercises have been tried and tested and used by thousands of bodybuilders and they have found it effective. Here are some of them:


When it comes to leg exercises, Bodybuilding.com claims that squat is king and I think many bodybuilders will agree with that. This is mainly because it is one of the most challenging leg exercises out there, especially when loaded right. In addition to that, this movement will put almost all of your lower body muscles, especially the glutes, into action.

There are two versions of this exercise: the low bar and the high bar squat. With the high bar, the weighted bar is placed atop of the trap. On the other hand, the weighted bar is placed a bit lower—on top of the rear deltoids. The latter is the one preferred by most bodybuilders because of its ease of movement, but both types are effective in building leg muscle size and strength.


Whether you will be using a recumbent bike or a regular bike, there is no denying the fact that cycling can help you build thigh muscles. In addition to that, cycling is also a good cardiovascular exercise, so rest assured; this exercise can help you lose weight as well.


If squat is the king, then deadlift is the prince. While many bodybuilders consider these exercises to be total body exercises, deadlift works the glutes and hamstrings the most. And when you use the right amount of weight, you can surely see improvements on these muscles in your body.

However, please bear in mind that many experts advise that you perform this exercise during back day because you might not be able to go too heavy when you do this during leg day.

4.Leg Press

This is a closed-kinetic-chain exercise, meaning that your feet are planted in a machine as you do this exercise. One of the benefits of this exercise is that the closed chain where your feet are planted at gives you a stronger foundation, reducing the shearing force that your knee joint will receive.

When you do this with your feet higher and wider, the main muscles targeted are the glutes and hamstrings. On the other hand, doing this with feet on a lower platform and closer together targets the quadriceps.

But please bear in mind that this type of leg day exercise can lead to lower back injury when not done properly. That’s why it is recommended that you carry out safety precautions when doing this exercise.

5.Walking Lunges

As compared to the other leg day exercises in this list, walking lunge is considered to be the most dynamic of all. The simple movement involved in this exercise will give your lower body muscles the co-contraction they need. The main muscles targeted by this exercise are the hams, glutes and quads.

Lunges actually come in many varieties but a walking lunge is the best finisher for your leg day routine.


Yes, there are plenty if leg exercises out there. But which of them are the best leg day exercises? The truth is, I have no single answer to that. It is because the answer to this question will vary depending on your fitness goals and the muscles that you wish to target and let us not forget about the fact that you have to consider your physical capability too.

Consider all these things when choosing what exercises to do from the list of the best leg day exercises that we have mentioned above and you can definitely improve your leg muscles mass and strength.

Do you have a few more questions on what are the best leg day exercises? Or maybe you can share a thought or two to me and my readers about how to choose leg day exercises? If that’s the case, you can head onto our comments section!

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