Low Calorie Foods That Are Most Filling

Food seems to be the boon of some and the bane of others. Many find it hard to distinguish between foods that are beneficial and foods that would just ruin their health as well as their figure. If you are looking out for foods that are low in calories, but are still healthy, know this: Any food that has plenty of fiber and water will fill you up.

Experts agree that water and fiber make us feel full. What’s more, fiber delays digestion, therefore it makes us eat our next meal later, and as a result it lowers our overall daily calorie consumption. Here are some foods that are low in calorie, and yet they curb our appetite:


Green Vegetables

Green vegetables contain minerals, vitamins, fiber, water, and are rich in antioxidants. This puts them on the top of the list of foods that are beneficial for those who want to cut out the extra calories and remain healthy. Vegetables help in the process of digestion and will help you feel full.

Low Calorie Foods

Some vegetables that are extremely beneficial are asparagus, butternut squash, winter squash, cauliflower, beans, spinach and carrots.


Fruits have high water content and these are therefore ideal choices for those who would like to opt for low calorie, filling food. While they contain only a few calories, they keep the body satisfied for a relatively long time because they are rich in vitamins and fiber.

Low Calorie Foods

Did you know that vitamins C, D, and B6 suppress our appetite? Fruits have plenty of these vitamins. Some of the recommended low-calorie fruits are the lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit, guava, papaya, tomatoes, pears, watermelon, cranberries, citrus fruits, blueberries and strawberries.

The health benefits from these are numerous as they are nature's health supplements regarding vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are broken down slowly during digestion and are also rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Blood sugar levels are brought under control and sugar craving is combated.

Low Calorie Foods

As famous Dr. Mehmet Oz says, fiber in whole grains interacts with bacteria in our gut in ways that cause satiation. Some whole grains that are particularly beneficial are rye, barley, maize, pearl millet, brown rice, wheat pasta, sorghum and oatmeal.

Legumes and Pulses

Include high protein food in your list of low-calorie foods. Great sources of proteins are pulses and legumes, which not only help you cut down on calories but also help you feel full.

Low Calorie Foods

Good choices of these are pinto beans, black beans, sprouts, peas and kidney beans. Interestingly, a dietary supplement that is derived from legume protein has been patented as “appetite suppressing”.


Low Calorie Foods

Popcorn is low in calories, but rich in fiber. You will be amazed at how filling it can be. However, eating buttered popcorn will not have the same results as eating plain popcorn.

Almonds And Walnuts

Research has shown repeatedly something that many people would find hard to believe. Nuts do not cause weight gain. Dr Mattes has studied the effect of nut consumption on weight gain more than anybody else in the last 15 years.

Low Calorie Foods

He explains that nuts have strong satiety properties. This is why BistroMD—one of the most popular weight loss meal delivery programs in the US—has included meals with nuts in its menu.

BistroMD has some savings coupons this month. Almonds and walnuts are great for your health and will keep you bubbling with energy for much longer than other foods. They provide you with the needed fat, protein, minerals and micronutrients that need to help you burn calories and stay fit.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Consuming foods rich in calcium will help prevent the release of calcitriol in the body, which is a hormone that stimulates the storage of fat. Go in for dairy products, but choose the products that are low in fat, such as low-fat cheese and skimmed milk. Apart from adding to your reserves of calcium, it will also help you burn fat.

Fatty Fish

Low Calorie Foods

The omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fatty fish helps boost the metabolism rate and reduce cholesterol. Research published in the journal “Appetite” showed that people who followed a certain diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids experienced significant weight loss and appetite suppression.

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