Amazing Muscle Group To Work Together For Fantastic Results

Going to the gym is a great way to maintain health with a side effect of a sculpted body. Most people go to the gym to sculpt first, but in the end, they eventually enjoy the health benefits. But working out is more than just pumping iron. It takes a good strategy to work muscle group together and yield best result!

But what muscle groups do work together for best results? What exercises should you do to pump up that great bod? How do I progress? What should I eat? These are some of the questions that pop to mind when you start going to the gym. Let’s find out!


What Exercises

When you go to the gym, you often see a lot of dudes grunting and pumping huge plates of iron. Don’t be intimidated; they also started out as a neophyte. And don’t do as they do! They are on an intermediate to an advanced regimen, and they are more focused on isolation exercises to max out!

What you want to do, as a beginner to intermediate is to focus on compound exercises. You would want large muscle groups to work together. They are the basic forms of exercises. You will be surprised that a few weeks from start, you can lift heavier plates already.

1. Leg Workout

Squats, work out the leg muscles primarily along with some muscle groups of the abdomen and the upper body. You see, it is a common exercise many beginners skip because it looks too simple. But if you look at the benefits of working this out, you will be surprised!

Doing this exercise regularly can make your heart stronger. A few months and you will notice you can climb more flights of stairs without catching your breath. You will also notice that little by little, your posture is improving!

2. Chest and Upper Body Workout

The pushup is another simple exercise, which emphasizes the usage of the chest muscle along with the triceps, some of the back muscles and the core. Most people skip this because, again, it looks too simple! There are a lot of variations of the pushup to make it more effective and difficult.

Changing the proximity of your arms, raising a leg, and widening your stance are some of the variations you can do. They are some of the advanced pushup modifications to increase the difficulty and strengthen your muscle.

3. Pullups and Chins

This is sometimes a confusing term. If you look at it, it may seem like there is no difference at all. Pullups are performed with a wide stance and your palms facing away from you. This engages the posterior insertion of the bicep muscles, the back muscles, and your core.

The other variation, the chins, is done with your palms facing towards you at shoulder width apart. This focuses your effort on the proximal insertion of the biceps, the back muscles, and your core. This exercise is most often ignored because it looks easy, rather, because it is hard!

You can’t adjust the weights you lift when doing a pull-up! It’s always your body weight, unlike some other exercises. Advanced weight lifters tie some more weights on their belt to increase the difficulty.

This is one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen your arms and build a beautiful back!

4. Progression

Another confusing topic to talk about is progression. When should you add more weights to your routine, or when should you change your routine?

It is best to start with the compound muscle exercises and strengthen the musculature of your whole body before starting with isolation exercises. This helps you gain more flexibility before you move on to a stiffer routine involving heavy weights.

This way, you can avoid possible injuries when you are working out with big plates. As you begin to shed some weight and lose some body fat, you will notice that you are getting stronger. Some mildly strenuous activities are now easy for you. Even your sleep can be well regulated!

When you start feeling that squats, pushups, and pull ups are not making the cut, start doing the same exercise with weights. Add a few weights per week. See how much you can do and subtract some weight if it feels too much.

In a few months, you will start to notice that some of your clothes are getting loose. Or your sleeves are getting tight. This means you are gaining muscles. Add more weights to your routine! And gradually try some isolation exercises for specific muscle fibers.

What To Eat

There is no generic prescription for the food you should eat while working out. It heavily depends on your activity and the amount of workout you do. If you couple your weight training with regular cardio exercise, a few grams of carbohydrates in the morning can get you through the whole day full of energy.

Essentially, you might want to increase the amount of protein you eat. Proteins are the building block of muscles. Without enough source of it, you cannot maximize your growth! But don’t overdo it! Try to find a way to calculate how much protein you should take according to your body mass index and amount of workout.

Taking a multivitamin for bodybuilding along with your balanced diet can help you achieve your goals faster. There are a lot of commercial supplements available in the market you could choose from. Be wise in choosing one because not all diet supplements are equal.

Last Words

Body building and weight lifting is a fun recreational activity with numerous benefits. There are many muscle group to work together to yield amazing results!

Aside from looking good, you can maintain your weight and strengthen your heart with it. But be careful when working out as you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Choosing the right type of exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet can help you achieve your goals quicker!

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