What Are The Best Moves For Pilates For Beginners Workout? These Exercises Will Make You Fit!

Are you new to the Pilates workout? Wondering what are the best moves for Pilates for Beginners Workout? Are you trying to find the right moves to get you started on your first try? Look no further!

I am here to give you some basic information on the Pilates exercise. As beginners, we have a lot to know. But no worries, the Pilates method is so simple, and you just have to remember a few important points!

So what are you waiting for? Read on, to begin with, a background on the Pilates workout and Pilates for beginners!


What Is The Pilates Workout ?

The Pilates Workout (pronounced pih-lah-tease) is a type of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. What’s best about it is although simple, it can offer you so many benefits that everyone can try and do it.

The Pilates exercise aims to give you a strong core, flexibility, and overall body awareness. All of these contribute to giving you a balanced body and the ability to move with ease, efficiency, and finesse.

Pilates For Beginners

The six essential Pilates Principles are control, centering, concentration, precision, breath and flow. All of these make up the Pilates’ approach that targets the mind, the body, and the soul. This is what makes Pilates distinct from other forms of exercise.

Pilates also values quality over quantity. So, to do the exercises, you don’t have to perform many repetitions. Instead, precise movements and proper form are key to get best results.

Pilates works for so many people because you can freely modify the movements. This helps in giving you a level of safety but challenges you as well. No wonder people are so excited to get started!

The Basics Of Pilates

Now that you have a little bit of a background, you are ready to move on to the fundamentals of Pilates exercises.

Pilates For Beginners

For best results and to prevent any injury, it is recommended to know the fundamentals. It helps you understand the way your body moves.

For most exercises, you start with the neutral spine position. To do this, lie on your back on a mat. Bend your knees and lay your feet flat. Your neck and lower back should not touch your mat. Put your arms flat on your side with your palms facing the floor.

The following are just basic exercises. The only equipment you will need for these is your exercise or yoga mat.

Neutral Pelvis Stability Series

First, you lie in a neutral position. Then, inhale as you prepare and exhale as you put your right leg above your left knee. Inhale as you return your leg to a neutral position. Do the same with your left leg.

Pelvic Tilt

Lie in a neutral position. Inhale while pushing the tailbone towards the floor. This will create a space under your lower back. Then, exhale as you tip your tailbone upwards and pull your belly towards the spine to remove the space. Repeat this as you continue breathing.

Ab Prep

Again, lie in the neutral position. Inhale as you prepare and exhale while curling your head forward. As you do so, your shoulders and shoulder blades should be off the mat. Do not press your lower back towards the mat.

Inhale and keep this position then exhale to lower your head and shoulders back to the mat.


Lie face down and flat on the mat with your palms and soles facing upward. This is the neutral prone position.

Then inhale while lifting your forehead and your breastbone away from the mat. Exhale as you go back to the neutral position.


Lie on the neutral spine position. Inhale then exhale while doing a pelvic tilt. However, this time, proceed to lift up the spine to an elevated shoulder plank. Inhale and hold this position then exhale back to neutral.

What Are The Best Moves For Pilates For Beginners Workout ?

Once you’ve done your warm-up, it’s time for the best beginner exercises. I chose these exercises because they require minimal equipment. Most of them also target the core, which helps stabilize the rest of the body. These are also great to do even in homes and offices.

The Hundred

To do this, lie in the neutral spine position. Inhale then exhale to do an ab prep, lifting your shoulder blades off the mat. Then, raise your arms above your abdomen about 6-8 inches from the mat. Inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts. Do this in 10 sets to complete a 100 count.

Rolling (Like A Ball)

Sit on the mat with your knees bent. Point your toes and touch them on the mat. Grab the back of each thigh with a hand and lift your toes and legs off the mat. Maintain a shoulder width distance between your knees and keep your head close to this gap.

Inhale while rolling back to your shoulder blades, not your neck or head. Exhale as you go back to the position with your legs up while balancing yourself with your abs. Repeat this five times.

Leg Circles

Lying in a neutral spine position, raise your right leg straight towards the ceiling. Inhale and move your leg in a circle towards your left leg and down. Then, exhale as you circle your leg to your right side and up until your inner thigh is directly facing you at the center. Repeat this five times, reverse direction, and then switch legs.


Sit up with your legs spread as wide as your mat. Extend both arms straight on your sides. Twist your body to the left, reaching your left foot with your right hand. Do this without lifting your hip from the mat.

Then, hold your body straight up while still in the twist. Face your body to the center, then twist to the other side. Repeat twice on each side.


This stretch helps relieve body tension. Rest your right hip on the mat with both legs folded together towards the left side, just like a mermaid. Place your left hand on your left ankle.

Then, raise your right arm straight up in the air barely touching your ear. Stretch your right arm towards the left, keeping it straight. Repeat this twice.

To counter this stretch, place your right hand on the mat, slightly bending your arm. Then, raise your left arm towards the right.

Reposition your legs to the other side and repeat on your left side.


And that’s it! Easy, right? Pilates for beginners works to strengthen the core and prepare your body for heavier exercises. It’s relaxing and efficient at the same time.

If you do enough Pilates exercises, there’s almost no need for any extra supplements. It already gives you defined and strong muscles. However, if you want to bulk up, try any multivitamin for bodybuilding that works for you.

Leave your suggestions or tell me what beginner Pilates workout you like best in the comments below! I would love to know about them there!

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