Plank Challenge Before And After Facts You Need To Know

Many people have engaged in a lot of different types of workout challenges, and they have enjoyed it. Some have incorporated it into their regimen and even pushed themselves beyond the challenge! If you get a look at plank challenge before and after pictures, you will be surprised!

Now I know you have many questions in your mind. You want to know as much as you can before you go and start the challenge. Like, is it effective? Is there special equipment involved? How do you do a plank challenge? Will I lose weight? Will I get a six-pack? What would my plank challenge before and after picture look like?

Let me help you answer those questions!


First Thing First

Plank Challenge Before And After

There are many forms of 30-day workout challenges. One of them is plank challenge. Looking at the 30th day while reviewing some research would seem like impossible! Some would have a result of up to 5-minute static hold! Some others require insanely difficult forms of plank!

It may seem impossible to do if you will look at the result. But many people are done with it already! Now, look at that end goal, and work your way to get there! You won’t have results just by reading it! So, let’s do I instead!

Is It Effective?

Plank Challenge Before And After

Well, it surely is effective if you do it right! If by effective you mean that you will have popping abdominal muscles in the form of a six pack abs, then this may mean ineffective!

Exercises, when done right, will have a positive effect on the body. Sculpting a fairly awesome physique requires discipline, exercise, proper nutrition, and time. You wouldn’t grow noticeably huge in a thirty-day period without dabbling with the illegal stuff.

But definitely, there will be a good effect on your strength, and your mood will improve too!

What Are The Equipment Involved?

I am pleased to tell you that there is no special requirement for this challenge! Well, you could use some to increase the difficulty, but none is required. But if you have a higher level of fitness than most, you can use some weights or resistance bands to increase the difficulty.

The great thing about this is you can do it at the office wearing your jeans if you want (it may be a little weird if someone sees you doing it!)!

How Do You Do A Plank Challenge?

Like most workout challenges, there are many variations of the plank challenge. The basic is just doing the pushup position (for beginners) or using the elbows as the base (intermediate). But if you easily get bored, you can do some variations of the plank!

Fitness nuts make plank challenge a bit more difficult by adding some side leg lifts and knees to elbow!

The principle is to start with few seconds and gradually add more as you progress. Twenty seconds seems to be the generally accepted number, to begin with. Depending on your goals and current capability, you can do as few as one set per day up to three sets!

The key is to define your goals and project what you want to reach!

Will I Lose Weight?

You will not instantly lose abdominal girth while doing this! As you progress and strengthen your abs, you will start to build that muscle, and it will grow thicker. If you don’t couple this with a good diet and health nutrition, you will not be able to lessen abdominal girth (you may even gain girth!)!

If you will start plank challenge with the goal of losing weight, I dearly sorry to say that this may not be the best and most effective way to lose weight. If you will couple this with an insane cutting of calories, you may be able to lose a few pounds. But if you want to lose weight, there are better HIIT routines you could check!

Will I Get A Six Pack?

Plank Challenge Before And After

Yes, you may! Depending on how much body-fat percentage you still have left, you may be able to sculpt your abs! But again, unfortunately, for beginners, if you don’t have a very slim profile to start with, you may not have a six pack abs in thirty days. But you will be definitely stronger than day 1!

What would my plank challenge before and after picture look like?

I bet it will have some drastic changes! Especially for beginners, you will see some definition in your pelvic area! For the fit nuts, well, you could finally get that perfect six-pack abs you have been dreaming about!

For Extreme Beginners

If you want to try this out but think that you are not capable of finishing this challenge, you can try some workouts with the best exercise machine for abs to give you a start. This can initially prepare you before the real challenge!

Or, you can cut everything in half! Do it religiously for thirty days then have a rest. After your glorious period of rest, go ahead and take the full challenge! Just don’t let the motivation die! You can do it!


If you have been on your fitness journey for a long time, I think, now is the time to take on a challenge! This can help you add spice to your monotonous routine! If you are just exploring your fitness capability, now is also the time to add variety to your training routine!

You can simply add this before or after your regular cardio exercise. You can also add this to your warm up routine if you like! You can add this challenge to your goals so that you have something to look forward to!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and you have learned a few things. Go ahead and try the challenge. This may be the beginning of your fitness journey!

If you have some questions or clarifications, leave a comment below. I respond to you as soon as I can!

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