What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement? Read This Guide To Find The Supplement That Will Make You Ripped!

Working out as a part of your daily routine changes many aspects of your life, aside from getting that awesome bod, of course. You enjoy your workout, I know. But are you giving your body the stuff it needs to perform at its best? Are you stuffing your stomach with the right nutrients?

Some people dive into hot mode and go crazy with their routines. But you should also ask yourself, have I properly prepared myself for this workout? What is the best pre workout supplement? How long does pre workout last?


Are You Doing Your Best?

Pre Workout

Of course, you are doing your best. In every workout session, I know that you are giving it your best shot. I cannot argue with that. But there is something that you may have overlooked. Have you been sleeping well? How is your rest? Are you having enough protein and fiber in your diet?

Many people are guilty with this! Preparing for your workouts begin from your breakfast. Following a healthy meal plan leads to better performance. Enough sleep helps you recover faster. But aside from that, a pre workout supplement can boost your performance.

Eating a well-balanced diet can prime your body in your next workout. A quick recovery from fatigue means that you will be performing better on your next workout!

Are You Prepared For Your Workout?

Pre Workout

Some days you just feel awesome and ready to hit the road for a long run. Some other days, you are on the verge of quitting as soon as you start. There is just not enough drive. The best pre workout supplement can easily pick you up from your gloomy mood and kickstart your workout.

On days that you feel fine or overly energetic, having your pre workout supplement can bring your workout to new heights! Taking them regularly can help you make the most out of your workouts!

Most pre workout supplements contain safe caffeine content. This keeps you awake, alert, and primed for a vigorous workout.

What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement?

Deciding which preworkout supplement to buy can be a little tricky. Looking at the labels can even bring more confusion than light. It’s just filled with stuff that are very hard to read (are there such words?!). But let me help you with that.


This amino acid was found to increase performance in strength and give you more muscular power. It was also found out that TMG improves heart health. It doesn’t just give you a short-term boost, having it regularly can make your heart stronger too!

Beta Alanine

Supplementing with beta alanine can give you more endurance for that extra lap or extra mile. It can also give you a few more reps to max out your workout! It has been proven to counter fatigue. That is what gives you those extra at the end of your routine!


If you are a car nut, you know that nitrogen can give car engines extra power! Well, our bodies, too, can benefit from some nitrogenous compounds. Our body can breakdown arginine and yield us nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is like a current that flows from cell to cell to deliver a message. (I think it is telling your muscles that you can do more!)

Athletes have constantly been supplementing with arginine to have enough nitric oxide in their bloodstream for a better sports performance.


Probably, creatine is one of the most popular supplements you can find in magazines and hear from your buddies. Some are sold to a false belief that it increases muscle mass! Well, the ultimate product of your workout with or without supplements is inevitably muscle gain. But this does not happen overnight!

Creatine helps you get more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). These ATP’s are responsible for giving you power output. If you can still remember your biology, ATP is the stuff stored in the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria. You consume ATP when your muscle contracts. The more you ATP you have, the more powerful that contraction is!

In a recent study, taking creatine supplements can increase muscular performance by up to 26%. No wonder even professional athletes use them!


Another popular ingredient you can find of pre workout supplements is caffeine. Yes, this is the same caffeine that is found in your coffee. Well, in concentrated amounts and minus the bitter taste (if you’re not a fan of coffee!).

Coffee is the number one most consumed nootropic (cognitive enhancer) in the world. It helps you get more focused, and increase alertness. In an exercise, this gives you more aerobic capacity, more power output, and endurance. This helps you get one more pump or a few more minutes on your routine!

How Long Does Pre Workout Last?

Pre Workout

One thing is definite, a pre workout supplement can last at least a workouts length. But there are factors that can affect this. Some people may be tolerant or sensitive to these ingredients. If your body can tolerate these ingredients well, the effects can last shortly.

If you are especially sensitive to these ingredients, it can have a lasting effect on you. Especially caffeine. Some people have a high tolerance for it or have somehow developed in through time. Some other have a sensitivity to caffeine and can become a problem at night.

Final Words

A balanced diet and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle can give you a youthful body. Exercise, when done correctly, can help you manage your weight, improve your mental, and get a ripped body too! While at it, why not try accompanying your workout with the best pre workout supplement?

Sometimes, it’s just hard to rely on the food you eat to get all these amazing stuff in its effective concentration. Having them as a supplement can greatly augment your performance!

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