Road Bikes Workout and Its Advantages – Outdoor Workout Tips

Road bikes were immensely popular since their launch. But as the technology advanced, people start moving towards motor powered vehicles. The road bikes were replaced by scooters and motorcycles. The craze for road bikes got a new edge after the cycling league – Tour de France gained popularity.

Moreover, the environmentalists contributed in spreading the awareness about eco-friendly green environment among the people. Overall efforts have led to the popularity of road bikes again.


Road Bikes Workouts To Try

Road Bikes Workout and Its Advantages

If you own a road bike and looking out for some workouts then here are a few of them discussed for you. Give it a check and see the significant changes in your health rapidly.

Flying 40s For Enhancing Muscle Endurance

It is one of the greatest ways to build muscle endurance speedily through your efforts. Put the large gear and now push hard for consistent 40 seconds. Give your legs rest for 20 seconds and repeat it 10 times. Make sure you complete at least 4 sets regularly taking the gap of 5 minutes in-between each session.

10-Speeds For Improving The Pedaling Efficiently

Your lightning fast efforts will let you develop the efficient cadence. You should pedal as hard as you can and make sure that you push to 90-110 rpm. After doing this for 10 seconds, spin easy for 20 seconds. Repeat it at least 15-20 times in a day.

Charge To Hills To Climb Stronger

In the hilly areas, you can charge uphill as quickly you want for at least 30 second. You should alternate standing and sitting position after every size climbs. Give yourself 10 minutes to recover and repeat this step 4 times.

Tabata Intervals For Building The Power

This workout ensures that you go through the intense workout sessions and use more body muscles. It is a 60 minute time trial. You must sprint for at least 20 seconds and then coast for 10 seconds. Now repeat this 6-10 times.

Top Advantages Of Road Bike Workout

Road Bikes Workout and Its Advantages

The road bike workout is really beneficial for one’s health. If you own a bike, you should do the road bike workout on a regular basis to enhance your health and improve the muscle endurance as well.

Good For Joints

Whenever you sit on the road bike, the entire body weight comes to pair of bones in the pelvis region known as ischial turberosities, unlike to walking where the weight is straight away on your legs. This ensures that the people suffering from joint pain or the age related stiffness get relieved.

Feel Good Chemicals Release

Cycling or riding a bike is good for brain, heart, and the blood vessels. It is basically a aerobic exercise and helps body to release endorphins, which are the feel good chemicals in your body. These chemicals when secreted by body makes you feel awesome.

Build Muscle Strength

Bike riding is good for building the muscle strength as well. When you are pedaling downstroke, the gluteus muscles in the buttocks, gastrocnemius & soleus muscles in the calves, and the quadriceps in the thighs are used.

When you are in the recovery phase, the flexor muscles in front of hips and the hamstrings at the back of thighs are used.

Good For Cardiovascular Health

It reduces the resting heart rate as the high resting heart rate has lead to many deaths. The chances of suffering from a heart disease reduce to fifty percent if you are cycling regularly. Moreover, the risk of heart stroke is also reduced if you do cycling every day.

Improves The HDL/LDL Ratio

HDL is the good cholesterol while LDL is the bas cholesterol. If the LDL to HDL ratio in your body is too high then this means that your blood is loaded quicker with cholesterol than the rate HDL cholesterol can remove it. 

The Last Words

The road bike workout is associated with a number of advantages. A few of them have been discussed above. Apart from this, there are several other advantages as well like improvement in cardiovascular health of pregnant woman, reduces risk of cancer, and trains the respiratory muscles as well. You can get a road bike for yourself and start doing regular workouts to improve your health.

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