How To Do A Single Arm Smith Machine Row Easily

Don’t we all want bigger and more muscular forearms? Huge and popping arms are like a trophy telling people that you take the gym weights seriously. Well, seriously enough, there’s no other way to get those big muscular forearms without working hard and lifting heavy stuff with it.

Now, there are several ways to exercise your arms and gain mass. With every girth of arms and forearms you gain, it translates to more power and capacity to do more. However, adding more weights can be a little limiting as it adds more safety issues. A single arm smith machine row probably is what you have been thinking about to push your workout to the next limit.

To understand how a smith machine can help you reach your goal, let’s get to know it better. What are the advantages of smith machine workouts? Is it the best equipment to grow bigger arms? How do you do this exercise? Let’s find out!


The Smith Machine

How To Do A Single Arm Smith Machine Row

We can all agree that the smith machine has revolutionized and addressed many safety issues at the gym. It enabled people to work out without worrying about breaking bones or twisting some muscles. How, you ask?

The smith machine is not exclusive for squats and presses. Although, we cannot deny how helpful they are and how it decreased the likelihood of getting injured while doing those exercises. The design of smith machine gave users a safety feature that they can trigger anytime.

A smith machine is a specialized workout equipment with a bar attached to a vertical or slightly angled rail that guides and limits the movement of the bar. Smith machines are equipped with safety catch bars at different positions to make sure it will not fall on you when you let go of it.

To activate the device, the user must twist the bar towards the body to disengage it from the catch bar. The bar latches on the catch bar when twisted forward. This means that you can twist the bar forward to latch it on the catch bar in case you fail to perform the whole cycle of the exercise.

Essentially, you would still have to trigger the mechanism to get it to latch onto the catch bar. Although it still requires you to manually hook the bar, it still much safer than not having anything to catch the bars at all.

Advantages Of Single Arm Row On A Smith Machine

The smith machine has a long list of advantages compared with conventional exercises on racks. Here are a few of its advantages:

  • Improved Safety

Never worry about accidentally dropping weights on your face.

  • Increased Stability

Because the bar is attached to a vertical rail, you don’t have to worry much about balancing the weights. All you have to do is concentrate on pushing it away from you with as many plates loaded as you can.

  • Increased Focus On Target Muscle

Using a smith machine, you can easily target and isolate muscle movements without worrying about straining yourself. The rail will do all the balancing while you concentrate on the lifting part.

  • Load More Weights

A smith machine can assist you in lifting the real heavy stuff. It can be difficult to rack and mount the heavier routines. However, on a smith machine, you can easily load it with the weight you desire, give it a go, and flick it back to the catch bar if you feel like you’re not going to make it.

Single Arm Smith Machine Row

Big muscular arms never fail to catch attention. It’s a fact that we can all agree on. Most of us want huge, popping arms, so we focus more time on working them out. Surely, they will grow bigger with proper exercise and nourishment in the kitchen.

However, there will come a time that huge barbells and dumbbells will pose a risk because of their mere size. It will no longer be safe to lift without a catch bar. One of the popular methods today is the single arm machine row.

How To Perform A Perfect Single Arm Smith Machine Row

It may seem pretty easy to do some smith machine row. However, if you want to max out your lifts, a single arm machine row can handle more plates compared with single arm dumbbell rows. This is why it came to your next best routine when you maxed out the dumbbells!

Before loading plates, try it without weights and practice a few reps to check your form. Here’s how you can do it safely:

  • Step 1: Stand beside the machine and set the bar to the lowest setting.
  • Step 2: Let your free hand rest over your things for support. 
  • Step 3: Slightly bow and bend your knees while picking up the bar at the center and unlocking it from the mechanism.
  • Step 4: Maintain your knees slightly bent while keeping your core tight and your head bowed. Keep your back straight to prevent injury. 
  • Step 5: Pull the bar up and imagine your elbows piercing the ceiling. 
  • Step 6: Hold the weight for about one to two seconds at the top. 
  • Step 7: Slowly lower the bar to the starting and feel the contraction of your muscles. 
  • Step 8: Do this about five more times before loading up weights and doing your routine.

Here’s a video link to see how it is done.

More Winning Tips

  • Pro Tip 1: Lift the bar using your arms. It can be tempting to jerk and cheat the lift using a momentum propelled by the lower body.
  • Pro Tip 2: Keep your back straight and your core tight to prevent strain and injury.


The smith machine is a great gym equipment. The safety features it boasts can prevent a lot of injuries. Aside from promoting safety, it can also be a great way to kick your routine one notch higher. With its safety features, you can load more weights without worrying about getting injured.

A single arm smith machine row is not that difficult to do. If you have been doing some barbell rows or dumbbell rows already, you can easily grasp how this workout can be done.

Did you find this post entertaining? We hope you had fun and learned a few things in reading this! If you think we have missed a few key points, leave a comment below, and we will get back to it soon!

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