Find Out What Is Squat Without Weights And The Ultimate Benefit You Need To Get!

Working out is not exclusive to going to the gym and hitting the road anymore. Many, many other forms of exercise have been formulated, tested, and proven to be effective! It used to be running, weightlifting, and swimming. Some other forms were exclusive to athletes and Olympians.

But today, there are many other ways to achieve a good pump. Heck, some will even require just enough space so you could lie down! There are some squats without weight workout regimen that would only require you to get, at least, some proper clothing on!

What are squat routines that don’t require weight? Can it replace cardio? Can it build muscle? How do I do it? How often should I do it? Here are some questions that might be piquing your curious mind. Let’s go and answer them so you could decide if squatting is for you!


What Are Squats Without Weight Routines?

Squat Without Weights

As literal as it is, this is doing squats with your body weight only. Yes, just your body weight. No bars, no weights, no equipment. Just your legs. If you are wondering if squat routines will be enough for a workout, maybe you haven’t seen the many variations!

One legged squat or pistol squats is something that can take a lot even from active people! Pistol squats mess up your center of gravity, and your core would need to heavily compensate for the stance! If you think pistol squats are hard, you haven’t seen plyometric squats yet.

There are, also, a lot of different variations of plyo squats. But to give you a hint, plyo squats are quick and explosive movements that require would require you to garner all your strength just to have air time on that last rep!

Can It Replace Cardio?

Squat Without Weights

We all know running, jogging, cycling, and swimming as the most famous cardio workouts you can do. But aside from the lengthy distance runs, laps, you can basically turn any workout into a cardio workout! Well, in the first place, it was called cardio because it focuses on strengthening your heart by maxing output!

Nowadays, this heart rate maxing out techniques is famously known as the anaerobic exercise. And you achieve a healthy heart by maxing your heart’s capacity (assuming you don’t have medical and heart problems!) and training it to perform with little oxygen.

How do you do that? By taking little rests in between sets, or by doing circuits, you are giving your heart little time to recuperate! Is that bad? Well, if you faint while doing it, you overdid it!

Wearing a heart rate monitor can help you with this! The little time to recover forces your heart to overcompensate in its recovery and exaggerate your healing during your rest days. The result, an ever-stronger heart!

Can It Build Muscle?

If you are worried about your gains, worry not! The principle of muscle building does not equate to a number of weights you can pump. When we perform strenuous exercise or work, our muscle tissues get micro tears. Yes, when you workout, you are essentially damaging your muscles to a certain level.

But our body is so, so smart! When we rest, it repairs the damage and overcompensates! This is how muscular growth happens. Whenever you work out to an effective extent, our body makes an exaggerated repair which thickens and makes our muscles stronger and ready for a more difficult task.

How Do I Do It?

Squat Without Weights

There are many ways to do bodyweight squats. You can make a high-intensity interval workout in a circuit with it. You can mix plyo with, and some static holds with it. Or, you can look for some thirty-day challenge and try it out! You will be surprised with the squats before and after pictures!

Here’s one circuit example that will keep your heartrate up.

  • Limber up and focus on your legs
  • 30 Jumping Jacks 
  • 10 Squats

This is a beginner friendly routine. Ideally, you should be done in about 8 minutes. Do this in 6 minutes, and you will get an excellent burn, and you will be catching your breath! This is just a sample of a simple circuit you can start with!

How Often Should I Do It?

If you are planning on building muscles with body weight squats, you should be more aggressive in the form of squats you would choose. You can work your way with plyo squats and static squats. Both would only require your body weight! But plyo requires air time! Yay! That’s pretty challenging!

If you plan on bulking up with squats, you can do some three-day splits and do some difficult squat variations in a circuit like squat jumps, squat tuck jumps, and you can add burpees too to add some upper body involvement! Invest on the best knee sleeves to avoid injuries too! You don’t want to go limp!

If you just want to add it to your existing routine, it can be a great warm-up at the gym. Try doing a 5-8-minute circuit after going for a run.

When things get too busy, you can do some difficult squat circuits too! You will only need as little as 1 square foot to do a squat! But seriously, you can do this anywhere. Yes, the squat is like telling us that we have no excuse to workout!


Squats without weight can be an effective workout in itself. Plus, you have many variations to choose from that essentially increases the difficulty of squats. This makes squat a great exercise! And you know what, when you are used to it, you will be like a tree! You will not fall with such strong legs!

Hi there reader! Did you find this post entertaining and informative? Tell me your thoughts! Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. I will catch up with you as soon as I can! In the meantime, why not do some squats?

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