What Are The Results Of Squats Before And After? How To Improve Your Squats

The squat is the most amazing exercise in the world. I can bet my life on it! Well, many people have taken the squat challenge seriously and got awesome results. I know they can attest to this too! But what is it with squats that sculpt a great bod and make you stronger and healthy?

Will I lose weight with squats? Is squat better than running? How do I do proper squats? How much should I do? How do you make the most out of squats? How do I do the squat challenge? This may be the few questions in your mind. Let’s give them some light!


Squats For Weight Loss

Squats Before And After

Any form of exercise expends more calories than sitting on the couch. Really. Even if you are doing your work out the wrong way, you can still lose weight! But seriously, you can use it to shed off some of your weight.

You can do a lot of different of squats to make your workouts interesting. What you are trying to reach, if you want to lose weight, is the fat burning zone. This is around 160-180 heart beats per minute (around your prime age). This way you are not just losing weight, you can also tone your lower bod!

Just be sure to draft your regimen and stick to it!

Is Squat Better Than Running?

Squats Before And After

Well, it’s a little difficult to tell which is a better exercise. It depends on how you take your workout! If you are training for endurance, squats won’t bring you far. If you are toning your butt cheeks, running is a lesser efficient choice.

If you are training for strength, running can make you stronger, but not as strong weighted squats. If you want to run further, endurance training can do you better.

Running and squats are different from each other and develop your muscles in different ways. Cross training with both forms can yield you great results!

How Do I Do Proper Squats?

Squats Before And After

There is no debate here. Just one good form. Whatever variation of squat you do, proper form can give you the most strength and help you avoid injuries. Because squat looks like a simple exercise, many beginners start with faulty forms. To avoid back injuries, you should follow the proper form.

  • Weight Bearing

One of the most common mistakes people make is bearing weight on the balls of their feet. This gives emphasis on the calves rather than the quads. This also makes you prone to falling over forward as your center of gravity is off. Simply correct this by mindfully bearing weight on your heels. Instant fix!

  • Parallel Feet

Another mistake people do when they squat is the improper alignment of feet. If you position your feet perfectly parallel with each other, your knees might fold inside. Notice that your hip joints would not agree much with this form. Correct this by pointing your toes a little outward.

  • Insufficient Depth

One more common mistake people do, especially when doing weighted squats is pumping too early. People, usually, hesitate to go deeper with their squat. Or maybe they are not fully aware of their stance. Simple correct this by training with a chair behind you.

Let your glutes touch the chair before going back to neutral position. When you get the hang of this, try going deeper to maximize the squeeze of your glutes as you go up.

How Much Should I Do?

Squats Before And After

For starters, three sets of ten repetitions can be enough. If you are a little more active, you can do about twenty by three sets. You can gradually increase the number of repetitions and number of sets as you get stronger.

For weighted squats, five repetitions for five sets is a good way to go. Add 2.5 lbs every session stick with your routine. In a few weeks, you will feel that you are getting stronger! You will see visible results in just a few weeks.

Wear a shoulder brace if you are going for barbell squats to prevent shoulder injuries. Don’t forget your protective gears like an elbow compression sleeve and lifting belt when dealing with the heavy stuff!

How Do You Make The Most Out Of Squats?

Squats Before And After

You can make the most out of squats if you do it consistently! Anything you regularly do will make you better at it. Do squats regularly to yield great results!

Remember to regularly increase the difficulty of your exercise by doing other squat variations. If you have a gym membership, don’t forget to add a few pounds every session to make sure that you are working your quads and glutes thoroughly and optimizing your gains!

Cross training with some other leg exercises can also make you acquire more strength to do more squats! If you are up to it, you can try the squat challenge and have amazing results in a few weeks!

What Are The Results Of Squats Before And After?

Squats Before And After

Although the origin of squat challenge and other 30 fitness challenge is quite unclear, many people have engaged with it. The idea is quite simple. You just follow a gradually increasing repetition of your squat. Most guides start with fifty counts. On the thirtieth day, you will be doing two hundred and fifty!

This challenge doesn’t promise you huge and popping butt after thirty days, though. But, there will be a significant development from the first day of your challenge! This may be enough to kickstart your lifestyle change!


The squat is an awesome compound exercise. It gets your most of your lower body muscles worked up! Doing a weighted version of this exercise also strengthen your core and some upper body muscles.

If you are not the runner type, you can also use this exercise to shed some weight off. Just follow the proper from to avoid getting injured!

If you are up for a challenge, you can do a thirty-day squat challenge to kickstart your routine! Don’t forget to take a squat before and after photo to document your progress and keep you motivated!

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