What Are The Benefits of Sumo Deadlift? All the Answers You Need To know Are Here!

Sumo deadlift seems like an intimidating workout, don’t you think? As if it’s not enough that deadlift is already hard enough, they have to make it sumo. Plus, the deadlift is already beneficial enough, why do you need to do sumo deadlift? What are the benefits of sumo deadlift?

Well, you are lucky enough to be on this page because that is exactly what we are going to talk about here. I have written this article to help out people like you to determine the difference between conventional deadlift and traditional deadlift as well as highlight the various benefits of sumo deadlift.


So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

What’s The Difference Between Sumo Deadlift and Conventional Deadlift?

This is one of the most common questions about sumo deadlift. For your information, sumo deadlift and the conventional deadlift differ in various aspects and we will tackle these issues one by one. Are you ready? If so, then continue reading!


Of course, these two are done differently. The conventional deadlift is known for its simplicity because this exercise will just require you to go up to the bar loaded with weights, put your feet shoulder-width apart then raise the weighted bar until you have completely extended your hip and knees.

On the other hand, the Sumo deadlift will require you to assume a stance that is much wider than that of the conventional deadlift.

Body Type

Since these two exercises will require you to assume different positions, it is just right that each and every one of them is recommended for a particular body type. The conventional deadlift is recommended for weightlifters who have longer arms and shorter legs

On the other hand, the Sumo deadlift is recommended for weightlifters with shorter arms and longer legs.

Muscles Targeted

Even though they belong to the same family of exercises, deadlift and sumo deadlift targets different muscles. The conventional deadlift aims to strengthen and develop spinal erectors, quads, and glutes. On the other hand, the sumo version targets the glutes, quads and hip adductors.

From this, you can see that both of them are total body exercises. However, many weightlifters claim that the sumo version can decrease stress in the lumbar area which would be perfect for people who have had injuries in that region.

Why Do Sumo Deadlift?

Now that you know what makes sumo deadlift different from the conventional deadlift, it is about time that you discover what are the benefits of sumo deadlifts (and believe me, there are many of them!). Well, here they are:

  • Allows You to Lift More Weight

As a powerlifter, we aim to increase the amount of weight that we can lift and that is exactly what sumo deadlift can help us do. Since the bar has a shorter distance to travel from the ground, it will be easy for you to do a powerlift squat or bench press with ease and comfort.

But of course, you can only be able to enjoy this advantage if you are willing to do a more accurate set-up as required by this type of deadlift.

  • Builds Hip Strength

There is no denying the fact that deadlift is the exercise of choice when it comes to building strength in the upper body but the sumo deadlift has its own muscles to target—your glutes. When you carry out this exercise, you will be required to use your hips is assisting your movement. As a result, you can be able to boost the strength in that part of your body.

  • Promotes More Efficient Training

When you focus only on doing the conventional exercises, you will miss out on developing the strength of the certain muscles in your body, like the hips and back muscles. Well, the sumo deadlift will help you enjoy the best of both worlds. It can help increase hip strength and at the same time, you can also experience decreased shear forces in the lumbar area as well as upper back loading benefits.

  • Introduces Variety In Your Exercises

If you have been continuously performing deadlifts on a regular basis, without a doubt, you will be able to reach a fitness plateau wherein you will no longer feel any improvements on your strength, muscle growth and performance. This is because your muscles are already used to the movements involved in this exercise.

The best way to avoid this is to introduce different movements from time to time. If you would like to enjoy the same fitness benefits of deadlift but you wish to exceed the fitness plateau, the sumo deadlift is one of the best choices that you have.

  • Boosts Body Flexibility

Since you will have to assume a wider stance during a sumo version of a deadlift, it will require a broader range of mobility. You also have to make your hips more mobile which will significantly improve your flexibility.


As you can see from the information we have provided above, sumo deadlift comes with a variety benefits. These may include having more variety in your weightlifting exercises, better training efficiency, stronger hips and giving the person an opportunity to lift more weight than the conventional deadlift.

But please bear in mind that while a sumo deadlift offers plenty of benefits, it is not for everyone. If you have long limbs and a shorter torso, it would be best that you perform the conventional deadlift instead. In addition to that, you also need to carry out safety precautions in performing this exercise. It is recommended that you wear the best knee sleeves to protect it from possible injury.

To also enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above, it is best that you take multivitamin for bodybuilding so your muscle growth and strength can be boosted while you are at rest.

Do you have any questions, feedbacks or suggestions? If you do, please share them with us in the comments section. I know that me (and my readers) will learn a lot from you! Hope you learned a lot from this article!

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