Understanding The Role Of Testosterone In Bodybuilding

You have heard of testosterone in one of your biology classes, right? Yes, that’s right! That’s why it sounds so familiar! At the gym, you will hear many men (and sometimes, women!) talking about it! You will hear them talk about how testosterone can increase strength and muscle building capacity.

Guess what! They are right! High levels of testosterone have a direct effect on your drive and physical performance. It’s proven in researches that lean mass can increase as your testosterone goes higher. Your mood and sex drive also increases with it!


How to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

There are many different ways to improve your testosterone levels. You can increase it by eating the right types of food, by oral supplementation, and by injection. Let’s discuss them in detail.


1. Diet And Testosterone

Eating the right types of food can increase and optimize your blood testosterone levels. This is the natural way and this involves nothing but eating and working out. Guess what’s the building block of testosterone? Cholesterol!

When your brain detects that you are running low on testosterone, it releases gonadotropin-releasing hormone and sends it to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then is stimulated to produce FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). These former is responsible for sperm production and the latter for testosterone production.

Now, when you got your LH in the testicles, it stimulates the Leydig cells (the cells responsible for the manufacturing of testosterone) to fetch floating cholesterol in your blood and make testosterone out of them! So, there you have it. That’s how diet affects your testosterone.

Eating eggs, beef, fish, oysters, and game animals can help you increase your testosterone levels!

2. Testosterone Supplementation

Increasing your testosterone through supplementation is a great and effective way. But, there’s something I want you to know about it. You can’t get them without a prescription like the testosterone injections. Yep, that’s right. It’s regulated.

Now you may be asking what about the other guys are taking? Did they get it illegally? The answer, my friend, is maybe they had a prescription. Or the supplement they are talking about are the commercially available food supplement that does not contain testosterone. Maybe they were talking about testosterone boosters.

They help increase testosterone in a different manner, but not directly. Researches have proven, time and again, that testosterone helps build leaner muscle and reduce fat even without exercise.

Many research established this on different age brackets and found out it’s effective.So, if you are looking for the real testosterone supplement, you need a physician’s clearance first.

3. Testosterone Injections

Now, this is the real deal. You can buy testosterone with a prescription form a licensed doctor. Injections have the greatest effect on your testosterone. Unfortunately, you still need a prescription. But it’s not impossible to obtain it. An endocrinologist, a doctor specializing in hormone therapy, can help you establish whether you need it or not.

A diagnosis of low testosterone will prompt your physician to correct it using injections. Now, don’t be afraid and get yourself checked before taking anything first!

Safety First


Taking testosterone boosters, testosterone supplements, or injections are best taken with caution. Regularly consulting your physician about your condition is best recommended for your safety. Aggression is closely related to excessive amounts of testosterone.

Be very careful when try out this stuff! Eating and working out your way to higher levels of testosterone is the safest road you travel! It may not be as quick, but you can be assured that it won’t have any negative side effect.

Here are some tips you can do to naturally elevate your testosterone level.

  • Regular Workout

No fancy stuff. Just hard work. Exercise can boost the levels of testosterone. Regular exercise can help you maintain the optimal level of testosterone in your blood! Lifting heavy weights and high intensity interval training are your top choice in raising your testosterone.

  • Eat Protein And Cholesterol Rich Food

This may seem like a counter-intuitive advice for a healthy life, right? We see cholesterol related chronic illnesses every day! We hear people complain about high cholesterol! Now, why would you do the opposite? Because you can metabolize it!

The reason for the increase of cholesterol is because they are not able to metabolize it and convert to useful testosterone!

  • Do Not Skimp On Vitamin D

Vitamin D, aside from helping you absorb calcium for strong bones, can also help you maintain the optimal levels of your testosterone. Eating food rich in vitamin D, or supplementing can keep your bones strong and your testosterone high!

  • Get Enough Rest

Not getting enough rest sets your body’s balance off. This is something we all know. When we are tired and push ourselves to the limit, we often make mistakes. When we do not rest properly, our bodies may not be able to cope up and repair itself. This results in low testosterone and other degenerative diseases!

  • Avoid Alcohol And Cigarettes

Excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes have long been proven to cause cancer and other diseases! That alone is enough prompt to quit it! It lowers your testosterone levels to and robs your motivation!

Can you imagine working out after a night of binge drinking? I bet not because you might still be buzzed and dizzy! If you can’t quit at once and plan on quitting eventually, you can gradually taper your consumption until you are off it!

Final Words

Building muscle takes a while. It even takes a few good years consistently working out to get in your top shape. The point is, there’s no short cut! Well, there are some shortcuts, but they are dangerous. Take care of your body! Having a great body and poor health is not a great combination at all!

Do not compromise your health for faster results. Workout out and building muscles take time and gallons and gallons of sweat.

Find this post useful? I hope you did! I hope you enjoyed reading this and learned a few things from it. Feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you soon. And remember, stay safe!

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