Top 5 Alternate Ways To Burn Calories



The biggest gym killer of them all. Everyone who signs up for a membership always starts with the best intentions and a goal of where, and who, they want to be in the future. Then after a few weeks they start to wane.

One of the main reasons for this is that people get stuck on one exercise regime, which leads to boredom and ends with the membership being cancelled. In this post we look at some alternate ways to burn calories, in and out of the gym, that will keep you motivated and on the right track.

Lifting Weights

There is a split in nearly all gyms with those wanting to build muscle in the weight section and those wanting to burn calories on the cardio machines.

Yet The Telegraph compared weight training to cardio workouts and found that lifting weights had all the benefits of cardio and was a much easier entry point for those who are unfit.


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Yoga doesn’t have a reputation as a calorie-burning workout. Fitness Magazine believes that it should, and created two workouts that will, in their words, “burn off the calorie equivalent of a banana split while sculpting your arms, chest, abs, butt, and legs and improving your flexibility.” So it is time to ditch the stereotypes and wake up to the calorie burning benefits of yoga.


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Trying something new is always a challenge, and it is fair to say that most people will not have tried boxing. It is an intimidating sport that many will have only seen on the television. Yet taking up boxing training doesn’t mean you are about to step into the ring for a 12-round sparring session, instead you can use it as an effective full body workout that will not only strip fat but also keep you on your toes.


Participating in team sports is not only a great way to burn calories; it will also provide a support network to help with motivation. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport for a good reason: its easy to play, is a full body workout, and you will meet a number of great people week in week out. It is so popular that it was one of the first sports to get a sizeable eSports following because of popular games such as FIFA, which was a major catalyst in the rise of other digital games such as the thematic slot, Football Star courtesy of gaming operators Spin Genie.

Now these games won’t help you lose weight but they’ve certainly done their part to attract a global audience to the sport. That’s why so many people across the world play soccer on a regular basis while experiencing the many health benefits from the workouts. Because of the intensity of soccer, it can be a great way to get fit and have fun with likeminded individuals.

​Outdoor Walking

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Each person looking to burn calories comes from a different place. Some are eager to let rip in the gym, while others may find it too intimidating. Walking may not burn through calories like interval training but it is an effective, and injury free, way to stay fit. It is also an easy way to measure progress as you can increase the distance each time.

So there you have it, our top 5 alternative ways to burn fat. Whether you are a gym monkey looking for a new angle or someone who wants to lose a few pounds there are many ways to burn calories without losing motivation

Author Bio: Jim Burton is fitness fanatic who loves to write. He loves the gym but also believes that there are many other methods to stay in shape.

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