What Is The Best Upper Body Workout Routine For Men? Here Are The Exercises That You Need To Know

Many men get excited about chest day, simply because it is the time for them to feel masculine and muscular. But did you ever stop and think if the exercises that you do during your chest, back and core days are the right exercises for you? Have you ever wondered if you are implementing the best upper body workout routine for men?

If you are not that confident, then I am here to help you out. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the information that you need to establish the perfect upper body workout routine for men. If you are ready, then let’s get started!


What Are the Benefits Of The Best Upper Body Workout Routine for Men?

Why should you spend time building an upper body workout routine for men? Why should you invest your efforts performing upper body workouts? Well, men would not waste their time doing so if they are not reaping any benefits from it, right?

As we all know, upper body workouts can help develop upper body strength. But what are the benefits of having a strong upper body? Here are some of them:

  • It Will Be Easier For You To Maintain Proper Posture And Form

If you wish to easily maintain your posture and form, you need to have toned shoulder and back muscles. Maintaining proper posture can help prevent back pain and can be beneficial for athletes as well.

  • It Helps You To Trim Down Excess Fats

Upper body exercises are considered to be great strength training exercises, and as we all know, this type of exercises can help to get rid of excess fats and to keep you as trimmed as possible. Why? Simply because of the fact that it helps to build muscles which can burn fats even when you are at rest.

  • It Helps You To Reduce The Risk Of Injuries When You Age

As we age, our muscles tend to become weaker and weaker. By doing upper body exercises as early as now, you will be able to reduce the degradation by half. By maintaining upper body strength, you can be able to reduce your risk of injuries in the future

What Are The Best Exercises For An Upper Body Workout Routine For Men?

Now that you know how beneficial upper body workouts are, then you are most probably dying to find out what are the best exercises to include for upper body workout for men. Well, I would not want you to wait too. Here are some of the exercises that you should include in your upper body workout:

1. Bench Press

This machine assisted upper body exercise is known to be the king of upper body exercises. Why? It is because it works a lot of muscles including the triceps, shoulders, pectoralis major chest, and arms.

For this exercise, you will have to press the barbell upwards while you are in a supine position.

2. Wide-Grip Pullup

This is most probably the hardest upper body workout exercise of them all but rest assured; all your efforts that you will put into doing it is worth it. This exercise helps to target various muscles including the lats, forearm, and rhomboids. The bonus? It also helps stabilize the core muscles too!

3. Military Press

This shoulder exercise can be done sitting down or standing up. Just like the other exercises in this list, the military process also works the other muscles including the lats, triceps, shoulders and pectoral muscles.

Pro Tip: If you wish to use more supporting muscles, it is recommended that you opt for the seated version.

4. Triceps Dip

If you wish to target all the muscles in your upper body, doing the dips is the perfect exercise for targeting that three headed muscle at the anterior part of your upper arms. And since it is also a multijoint movement, it also requires the use of the other muscles in the upper body.

5. Bicep Curl

If you wish to get gigantic arms, this is the exercise to try! This is because this exercise targets the biceps muscles, including biceps brachii, deltoid muscle, wrist extensors, flexors and many more. With this exercise, you will get more than just defined upper arms, but you will have sculpted shoulders and forearms as well.

6. Plank Row

This exercise gives you the best of both worlds, mainly because you will be doing two exercises in one—plank and row. While this exercise is making a noise just recently, it has already proven its worth enough to be on this list. This exercise helps develop your pectoralis major, deltoids, biceps, erector spinae and abdominals.

7. Kettlebell Press

There’s no doubt that kettlebell presses are some of the best upper body exercises out there but another benefit about it is that it helps to strengthen your core too.

Pro Tip: If you hold your kettlebell in an inverted way, it will make you more coordinated and stable than the standard kettlebell press ever will.


There is no denying the fact that having a strong upper body is important for men. That’s why many of them take the time to carry out a few upper body exercises. But if you want to develop upper body strength, it is recommended that you choose your exercises wisely. So, what are the best exercises for an upper body workout routine for men? These are the exercises that we have mentioned above.

If you wish to make your upper body and chest muscle as strong and big as possible, we also recommend that you take a multivitamin for bodybuilding and other workout supplements as they can provide your body with the nutrients it needs for muscle growth and strength.

Do you have any questions about upper body workout for routine for men? If so, then you can share them with us in the comments section! If you have found this article helpful, please do share them with your friends. You might help them develop their upper body strength too!

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