Weight Loss 101: How Dietary Supplements Help You Burn More Fats

A lot of people want to lose weight fast, but not every one of them has any idea of how to do it. Aside from sticking to a well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle, weight-conscious individuals are usually out of options. They would stick to these two methods, and if they don’t see any results fast, they will be tempted to get back to living unhealthy again.

If you are or have been in a similar situation – wherein all of your efforts to eat right and workout doesn’t cause any changes in the weighing scale – consider adding dietary supplements to your routine. As the name suggests, this pill is manufactured in order to supplement a specific diet and, in some cases, help you burn more fats in shorter periods of time. In fact, a lot of people now rely on dietary supplements to help them achieve their weight and fitness goals faster.

Here’s how dietary supplements can help you burn more fats:


1. It Contains Caffeine That Boosts Your Metabolism


​Your metabolism is your body’s ability to burn more fats. A faster metabolism allows your body to turn or convert food into energy fast. This will lessen your susceptibility to storing food in your body that can eventually contribute to weight gain and obesity.

If you want to boost your body’s natural ability to burn more fats in a short period, look for dietary supplements that contain caffeine and start getting shredded. This ingredient is known to boost your metabolism for up to 16% after one hour of consuming it. Aside from this, caffeine also helps in converting fat into body fuel. According to studies, this effect seems to work stronger in lean or fit individuals than obese and overweight ones.

2. It Contains Garcinia Cambogia Extract That Suppresses Appetite

If you have been looking for products that can help you burn more fats, for sure, Garcinia Cambogia extract is no longer new. Although small, this green fruit is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its ability to increase the levels of serotonin in the body.

Serotonin is actually a neurotransmitter found in your brain that is responsible for some of your most important bodily functions, such as appetite and social behavior. According to studies, consuming dietary supplements with high levels of Garcinia Cambogia can reduce your food cravings. The lesser food you eat during the day, the easier and faster it is for your body to burn more fats.

3. It Contains Green Tea Extract That Burns More Fat

Your body can naturally burn more fats, but if you consume unhealthy food in larger amounts, it’ll be challenging for your body to burn all of these. As a result, your body will have to store these fats from the food you consume and eventually turn it into excess pounds.

Aside from making healthier food choices, taking dietary supplements that contain green tea extract can also help your body burn more fats. This works because green tea extracts actually contain high levels of polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine – compounds that can help your body more fats.

If you want to experience the best effects of these compounds on your body, make sure that you’re taking a dietary supplement that contains around 250 to 500 mg of green tea extract every day. This amount is equivalent to drinking three to five cups of green tea every day.

4. It Contains Protein Powder That Lessens Your Food Cravings

The amount of protein in your body affects your ability to function. Protein plays a significant role in building and repairing tissues and making hormones and enzymes. One of the most obvious reasons why dietary supplements help you burn more fats because it contains high levels of protein.

The amount of protein found in dietary supplements is enough to boost your metabolism while curbing your appetite at the same time. This happens because protein can make you feel full for a longer period, which means that you will be craving for food less often.

You can increase your protein intake by consuming protein-rich foods such as soy, whey, and egg, but if you live a very active lifestyle, these food sources might not be enough to sustain your body of its protein needs. Taking dietary supplements high in protein can address this deficiency and ensure that your body receives a sufficient amount of protein regularly.

5. It Contains Soluble Fiber That Improves Your Digestive Tract

Digestion is one of the most important functions of your body because it allows food to break down into smaller pieces and nutrients to circulate in different parts of your body. The nutrients you can get from the foods you consume are vital for your energy, growth, and cell repair.

By consuming a dietary supplement rich in soluble fiber, you can improve this process and make it easier for your digestive tract to function faster. This happens because soluble fiber can effectively absorb the water in your digestive tract and then transform it into a gel-like substance. This substance has the ability to curb your appetite so you’ll crave for food less often.

Soluble fiber can also slow down the delivery of nutrients to the gut. Once this happens, your body requires more time and effort to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat, which means that you’ll feel fuller for longer periods. And most importantly, soluble fiber can help you burn more fats because it allows your body to reduce the number of calories you can absorb from food. The lesser calories your body has, the lesser effort it’ll require for it to burn fats and turn it into energy.

Expedite The Process

Incorporating dietary supplements to your daily routine might help you burn more fats, but you shouldn’t solely rely on all of your weight loss efforts on it. For your efforts to be more effective, make sure that you squeeze in more time for sleep, fill up on fiber, and eat more healthy fats.

It’s also important to talk to medical professionals to ensure that you’re not putting your health and safety on the line as you’re losing fats.

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