What Is Freeletics? The Surprising App You Might Need To Have

Freeletics is becoming the new talk of the town, and many people have engaged in it. For many fitness nuts and gym buffs, you may have heard this from a fellow enthusiast. For some people, this may be a rather new information for you.

But what is freeletics? Who can do freeletics? What do you need for this freeletics program? Is this just another variation of HIIT workout? What’s inside the app? How long does workout last? Can it truly transform you into a chiseled Greek god statue?

Let’s answer these questions to shed some light on you! Hope this will help you decide if you would take the challenge!


What Is Freeletics?

What Is Freeletics

Freeletics is an app that helps you formulate your training routine and offer coaching services. The basic version, the free version is useful but has some limited feature. The aim of this app service is to create a customized training program just right for you.

At some point, training and working out can seem to be bland and not as exciting as it used to when you began your journey. With freeletics service (premium), your rest assured that you have the support you need to keep yourself motivated!

Plus, there is a growing community where you can ask questions and support from members! You can solicit their advice it is practice based! No guessing!

Who Can Do Freeletics

What Is Freeletics

Basically, everyone who has no medical condition that restricts full body movement and allowed to exert maximal effort can do this! Be very particular with your cardiac health! Freeletics is something that will drive you physically crazy so be very sure about this!

Is This Just Another Variation Of High-Intensity Interval Training?

There are four apps available in the market that is run by GmbH. Three freeletics app focused on running, bodyweight training, and weightlifting at the gym. The last app is a nutrition app that should be coupled with the workout. After all, nutrition is half of the equation!

The principle of freeletics is to provide you a program suitable to your lifestyle. It’s like a workout journal where you can log your progress. If you are busy, you can set and select programs that last from as little as five minutes! The workout time depends on how to fit you are, but basically, the estimate can give you a picture of how long should it last.

The app contains video materials that will guide you on how to perform each exercise on point. The coach is very detailed in describing the proper way to do the exercise and proper breathing while running technique. This app also tracks your progress and analyzes your performance. The good thing about it is that it can lead you to your next best step!

This can eliminate frustration and guessing! Many enthusiasts lose their interest because of frustration. If you have partner app that can direct you to the proper evolution of exercise, you can eliminate frustration and instead, get more motivation from your excellent progress!

The free version already offers lots of useful preset programs. If you are willing to pay for more, you can unlock all the available workouts and use it at your disposal. Some videos of how the modified versions of exercise are available too. So, if you are a beginner and haven’t get the hang of working out, you can switch to a more simplified version.

How Long Does Workout Last?

The program is designed to be done in as short as five minutes and still give you a worthy result. You have a free hand in designing your workout routine depending on how much time you can spare. A five-minute workout is not even an excuse to not workout on your busy day!

What’s Inside The App?

What Is Freeletics

You can try the free version while you are evaluating the app. This way, you can get to see if you would like it or not. But I bet you might fall in love with it!

The app’s homepage contains the community where users recognized by the developer achievements can be posted. Exploring the up will lead you to the workout selection, coach services (where you can subscribe for premium), and your profile log.

You will notice the programs are named after Greek gods. Well, in portraying the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, they are always half naked (if not more revealing!) with popping muscular physique! You will see programs named Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Zeus, and more when you avail the coaching program!

You can modify the number of cycles, the amount of weights, and the distance of your run according to your desire. But as you log your progress, don’t be surprised when the app suggests that you should do the next higher level workout! After all, the app is designed to analyze your performance and push you harder.

Can This App Truly Transform You Into A Chiseled Greek God Statue?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, with the many useful information and routines contained in the app alone, you have the potential to get a chiseled Greek god physique. No, because purchasing a gym membership and subscribing to programs will not get you fit until you decide to stick with it.

But let’s say you will follow the nutritional guidelines and do the workout diligently, then the answer will be absolutely yes! The small wins you get after performing an insane workout can help you get continually motivated!


Freeletics is grabbing attention from many fitness nuts and interested individuals. The workout logs and suggestions can help you progress without setbacks! But the thing is, the app is only a part of the equation. The realization of a better you still depend on you.

I hope this article has cleared some questions about freeletics that has been bothering your mind. Go ahead and try it. It has a limited free version, so there’s no reason for you to skip it!

By the way, if you find this post useful, share it! Leave a comment if you have questions and I will get back to you soon!

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