Where To Buy Garage Gym Mirrors And More You Need To Know!

If you’re planning to start your own gym, you’re probably asking yourself where to buy garage gym mirrors. Well, you’ve come this is probably the question you ask first or last, like me, as a final touch. So, I wrote this up to help you!

Before all that, let’s just talk about why you need mirrors in your gym, what they do and some of the favorite products out in the market!

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.


What Is The Purpose Of Gym Mirrors?

Where To Buy Garage Gym Mirrors

Gym mirrors, or the large mirrors often found lining the walls in dance studios or gyms are used for exercise, athletics, gymnastics, and performing arts practice. They serve two main functions: aesthetics and practicality.

  • Aesthetic Value

When it comes to the aesthetic reason, we must admit that large mirrors make a room appear more stylish. They also make you feel like you’re in the right place to do your workout. It’s like seeing a swimming pool for divers.

Also, having gym mirrors make a space look bigger than it actually is, helping you move better and feel less claustrophobic. Mirrors also reflect and enhance natural light inside a room, making the environment bright and pleasant.

  • Practicality

Practically, mirrors make gyms and studios much safer. They allow you to check out your form and position during free weight lifting or stretching exercises without a spotter or trainer.

This is great for beginners and experienced people since everyone has to switch up their routines every now and then. If you’re doing a new exercise or position, you’ll need a full sized mirror to make sure you are doing it right.

Although too much vanity and looking at yourself in the mirror can still be dangerous especially during lifting, it helps us correct our stance and form. They help you master a technique or form.

They can help in developing skills and achieving your performance and fitness goals. They allow you to know at which part of the exercise you need correction. They can also be a source of encouragement by giving you a visual indication of your progress.

  • Both Aesthetic And Practical

When working out in the gym or practicing dances, people like to lean or hold on to walls for support. They do this while doing stretches or changing shoes, for example. This leaves hand or grub marks and dirt on the walls.

However, gym owners note that it’s easier to clean and maintain walls of mirrors instead of having to repaint every few weeks. This is also practical since it saves you a lot of money, effort and time that you could be using to earn more.

Where To Buy Garage Gym Mirrors

Where To Buy Garage Gym Mirrors

There are many different possible places where you can buy or get garage gym mirrors. The way you choose generally depends on your taste and budget.

  • You can find the cheapest or maybe even free mirrors in your own house. A damaged mirrored sliding closet door, a large vanity mirror, or even small framed mirrors can work.

If you don’t have those as alternatives, you can go to classified ads sections online or on the paper. Try to look for hotels, apartments, malls, or homeowners that are moving or doing renovations.

Usually, these guys sell them for very cheap prices or are just happy to get rid of so much glass mirrors from bedrooms or bathrooms.

You can also ask for rejected, damaged or returned vanity mirrors at a home improvement store. You can typically get major discounts since these stores prefer any sale than no sale at all.

Some even give away old mirrors from dressers just because they are old or ugly. You can just refurbish them by removing or replacing the frames. Thrift stores and garage sales also sometimes have these kinds of mirrors.

  • The next place to get gym mirrors are discount retailer stores or local hardware stores. You can get cheap large hanging mirrors that you can place next to each other. Note, however, that prices vary depending on the quality.

So, I’d recommend not to get the cheapest ones, but those priced along the middle are generally fine. Some cheaper mirrors don’t actually use glass. This causes distortion or warping and trust me, you would not like that.

There are also frameless mirrors that are actually made of glass. These tend to be very fragile and easy to break, but once you get them to where they need to be and have them mounted whole on the wall, they’re fine.

Most people prefer buying these glass inexpensive ones because they are functional and closer to the real heavy duty thing. You also won’t get distorted reflections.

  • Depots and hardware stores also sell cheap vanity mirrors that you can convert and use as gym mirrors.

Note that floor-to-ceiling mirror length for a gym mirror is unnecessary. One that is a foot or two above the ground is enough. This allows the average height person see up to his feet while standing in front of it.

With this in mind, the size and price of vanity mirrors are not that bad.

  • The best, although albeit the least cost-effective way to get gym mirrors is from a fitness store. They sell the ones you would probably see in your local commercial gym.

These types are safer, thicker, larger, and higher quality. Most are also offered with professional installation. You can save some money if you have a local glass company nearby.

There are also commercial mirrors that you can order online. However, be sure to check reviews first since feedbacks are important ways to ensure the legitimacy of these businesses.

How To Install Gym Mirrors

Where To Buy Garage Gym Mirrors

For your own safety, your garage gym mirror must be securely mounted. To do this, you must consider both the weight of the mirror and how to keep it in place.

Mirrors can be attached to wall with mirror mastic, a specific type of glue for this purpose. You can also put them resting on the floor, floor trim, J channels or L bars for supporting the weight. Here are more things to consider for these options:

  • On the floor : This is the most cost-effective since your garage floor is already present. However, if a mirror is floor length and not mounted to the wall, it is at higher risk of being hit, damaged, or kicked.
  • On the trim: Just as cheap as the floor, resting a mirror on trims if your floors already have a trim. But you must note the position of the floor trim. Check if the distance from the floor is enough to support mirrors safely and securely. 
  • J-bars or channels: These can be installed at your preferred height from the floor so you can prevent the mirrors from being scuffed or kicked. These are named because of their J-shape. One end is mounted into the wall while the curved end holds the mirror in place. Depending on the weight and size of the mirror, adjust the number of J bars as you see fit. 
  • L-bars- Similar to J bars: L bars are also mounted on the wall with one end visibly holding the mirrors except they are shaped like the letter L. These are both great for frameless mirrors.

Garage Gym Mirrors Product Reviews

To further help you in finding a garage gym mirror, here are three products you might want to consider buying.

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click links above to check current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Fab Glass and Mirror GM48x60 Activity Mirror Kit

where buy garage gym mirrors

Via: Amazon.com

Designed for gym and dance studio use, this 48” by 60” mirror is large, sturdy and safe. It is made with a flat polished edge vinyl mirror and comes with a safety backing.

It is a quarter of an inch thick and weighs approximately 120 pounds. It is easy to install and comes with an instructional kit and user manual to help you mount it for home or commercial use


  • Easy to install and instructions are easy to follow
  • Great for home or garage gyms
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with manufacturer’s warranty


  • A few customers report damages upon delivery although the company offers great replacement policies

2. TroySys Rectangle Mirasafe Gym Mirror Kit

where buy garage gym mirrors

Via: Amazon.com

This mirror’s selling factors are its quality and safety. It is 60” by 36” and ¼ inch thick. It is ultra-safe and durable even when hit with heavy objects.

The reflection it produces is warp-free and clear due to the low-iron content and the use of real glass. It comes with easy to follow installation kits and complete installation materials.

Get it with a chrome finish and all edges flat polished for an elegant and stylish appearance.


  • Thick but lightweight
  • Comes with glass mirror and mirror mastic installation hardware
  • Clear and tough
  • Installation materials include 4 mirror clips, J-bars in two lengths, mounting screws and mirror glue


  • A few customers report damages upon delivery but replacements come within 3 days with no added cost

3. Croydex Kentmere Rectangular Wall Mirror

where buy garage gym mirrors

Via: Amazon.com

This 36” by 18” wall mirror is made with high quality glass that is 5 mm thick and safety-backed.

It features a patented Hang N’ Lock Fitting system for safe, sturdy and easy mounting. The installation bracket from Croydex gives flexibility to adjust the mirror or your cabinet even after drilling holes.

You can hang this kentmere mirror either horizontally or vertically with its simple rectangular design. It suits both classic and contemporary room or bathroom designs.


  • Lightweight
  • Worth the price
  • Clear and safety backed
  • Hang N’ Lock Fitting system


  • Made in China 
  • Mounting system brings the mirror 2 inches away from the wall

Final Thoughts

There are many creative ways and places on where to buy garage gym mirrors. With patience and creativity, you can end up with cheap, functional ones without the crazy cost.

Does this article help? Tell me what you think in the comments section below! And feel free to post questions and suggestions too!

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