Why Do People Go To Other Countries For Health Care?

Medical tourism has already been popular back to the olden times when affluent Asians and Europeans travel to other country to seek treatments for their health issues. On the other hand, this style has been popularized by Canadians, British, and Americans who travel to other countries in need of high quality yet low cost medical care or treatments not readily accessible in their place.

Here are the main reasons why a lot of people take a trip to distant developing countries for health care:


Huge Savings

Incredible savings are on top of the reasons why people travel abroad for medical care. Depending upon the destination and the expense of the treatment back home, they can save almost 50 percent once they choose to undergo treatment abroad. Like for instance, in the United States, a cardiac bypass procedure will cost you more than $100,000.

On the other hand, in India you could have the same treatment for only 10,000 dollars at a five-start medical center. This is equivalent to 90 percent savings even after you’ve paid for the ticket, accommodation and holiday for yourself and for your companion.

No Wait Lists

Travelling abroad for healthcare provides you access on a direct service. This is really what attracts patients from nations with public medical care system in the medical tourism. There is no need for you to wait as your medical issue is addressed the easy way possible.

Superb Quality

To show their dedication to quality, a lot of international providers choose to be recognized and certified by organizations like ISO, JCAHO and JCI or via local accrediting institutions. Read on reviews by medical tourists that vouch for the superior treatment and care they obtained overseas.

State Of The Art Facilities

Another important reason why people travel for healthcare is because of world-class facilities. Worldwide providers provide comfy and lavish accommodation, exclusive roomy spaces, as well as access to hospitality facilities 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The facilities of medical centres are spotless, clean and tidy.

Access To The Newest Technology

Why Do People Go To Other Countries For Health Care

The tools and technologies used by them are the best and the newest. It’s not unusual to see doctors working with state-of- the-art robotic machine in operating room.

Surgeon Expertise

A lot of surgeons or doctors catering to worldwide patients have been educated. They also have received specialized training at the top medical universities in the United States, United Kingdom as well as other European nations. They have contemporaries in the UK, US as well as elsewhere, so it must not come as a revelation once they know your local doctor at home.

Customized Service

A lot of medical travellers speak for the excellent and genuine service which they obtained from doctors, nurses and medical personnel alike. The personnel to patient proportion is low that make high level of care possible.

Long Hospital Stay

One good reason why people travel for medical care is that they get to stay in a medical center for a long period of time without incurring costly room charges. They also enjoy a long stay in the hospital abroad than in the local medical center back home with the management of a doctor and a physical therapist.

Amazing Convenience

With the ease and convenience of travelling internationally including low air tickets, your life changing procedure or surgery is only one fight away. Travelling abroad for health care gives you the convenience of not leaving your home until the treatment is due.

Patients can research information they want online about the medical center and doctors, share your health records over the net with them, as well as book and arrange itinerary online and so much more.

Specialty Treatment

A lot of procedures and prescriptions are just not permitted in your country. The government or the FDA or Food and Drug Administration disallow a specific medical treatment. It may as well be in the trial and clinical tests phase or it has just been recently approved. These kinds of medical treatments are offered overseas.

One good example is the orthopaedic surgery or the hip resurfacing. This is a less costly option than the conventional hip replacement that is still being practiced in various countries which include the US.

While this surgery has been carried out for over a decade all throughout European and Asian countries, it has just been recently accepted in the US. Its accessibility stays spotty. Lots of Americans and lots of people who have aches and soreness found the support in India. This is also where hip resurfacing methods, materials and instruments have been mastered.

Inpatient Friendly

As the United States medical insurance agencies pressure medical centers to process patients as fast as possible, outpatient surgeries are even more becoming popular. Hospitals in the United States are under such stress to stay patients out of the expensive rooms as soon as possible.

Patients or medical travellers will receive the flexibility at the most excellent hospitals overseas wherein they are forcefully encouraged to use their extra time in the infirmary post-procedure. Medical travellers-to-staff ratios are more often than not lower overseas, as are infirmary-borne disease rates.

Travel Opportunities

Despite the fact that the main motivation for a lot of clients or patients is a reasonable surgery, the chance to go to exotic locations is an extra draw for some. Patient can decide to have a comforting recovery in a hotel or resort or when a doctor allows them to enjoy outdoor attractions.

Different patients have different treatment needs that are sometimes not available in their countries. So, they choose to travel abroad to seek for the right treatment which they think can help them a lot.

Above are just some of the reasons why a lot of people choose to travel around the world for their healthcare needs. You also can consider these reasons if you want to obtain high quality medical care. For sure, you will benefit a lot from this!

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