What This Workout Plans For Men To Build Muscle No Questions Asked

There are many ways to improve strength and stamina. But muscle building requires more than just training and frenzied cardio. There are workout plans for men to build muscle that includes several mixes of training modality.

You can find numerous exercise routine out there. But not all of them may give you the result you are aiming for. But what do you do to build big popping guns? How can you increase the girth of your legs? How can you build sculpted abs?


Heave, Ho!

One surefire way approach to building muscle is lifting heavy stuff. When you engage on lifting heavy objects, the muscles of the body exert effort to finish the job. In this process, when the muscle is trained to its limits, you create microtears on the muscle fiber.

This microtear is what you are aiming for. It’s like an injury but to a tolerable extent. Your body then repairs this minuscule tears. Our body, in anticipation of future heavy work, overcompensates by thickening the muscle fibers.

Workout Plans For Men to Build Muscle

The next time you do the same work out after a period of recovery, you can perform better. By this time, the previous weight you lifted will not be enough to give you the desired muscular tears.

So, the game plan is to gradually increase your weights every workout period. But it doesn’t end there. Another key factor is carefully planning and scheduling your rest days. The muscle should have a 1-3 day of rest to fully recover and repair itself.

To build muscle, your formula may look like workout, rest, coupled with high protein nutrition.

When you skip rest, your body will not have enough time to recover. When you skip a workout, there will be nothing to repair. When you skip a high protein meat, there will be not enough building blocks to repair. This makes each part of the process crucially interdependent with each other.

A Balanced Workout Approach

Compound exercises are a great way to start to ready yourself for isolation routines. One great approach is to do a 5x5 workout routine including squats, bench press, military press, barbell rows, deadlifts, pullups, and dips.

The core idea is to add 5lbs of weight to your exercise every workout day. For beginners, you may want to start with around 25% less than the comfortable weight you can lift. This will help you get familiar with the proper execution of the routines. Mastering the proper form can help you avoid injury.

You may find the first few weeks a little easy. But trust me, it will be difficult soon. Around 6-8 weeks, you will start grunting while pumping weights. And of course, you will also see some improvements on your physique by this time too! So don’t quit!

Every Other Day

You can do three workouts per week with a daily interval. This leaves you with a 2-consecutive day of rest. You can try doing a Monday-Wednesday-Friday workout schedule and taking the weekends off. This is one of the most popular formats you can find at your local gym.

That is a basic concept you can alter according to your available schedule of the week.


Do five repetition in 5 cycles. Rest for around 60-90 seconds in between sets. If it’s too heavy for you, don’t hesitate to unload some plates. It’s better to take a while longer in reaching your goal than spending a few weeks mending a torn ligament.

Workout Plans For Men to Build Muscle

Use a weightlifting belt when doing squats and deadlifts to avoid back injury

Your Monday routine may look like this: (Workout A)

  • Squats
  • Dips 
  • Bench Press 
  • Military press

Your Wednesday routine may look like this: (Workout B)

Note: Deadlift should only be done in 1 set of 5 repetitions. Try to start deadlifting about 30-50% of your body weight. Deadlifts involve most of the muscles of the whole body, and this may seem a little easy to do. Perfect the form and add 10lbs every time you do this.

Your Friday workout is the exact copy of your Monday routine. Notice that by Friday, the target muscles you will workout have already had 3-day rest. The following week, simply switch your cycle and begin your Monday with Workout B.

Split Training

For intermediate weightlifters, you can opt for training in splits. The concept of split training is to work out different groups of muscles every day. You can opt for a 2-day split, 3-day split or a more advanced 4-day splits.

Training in splits involves more isolation exercise to focus and emphasize on a few muscles at a time. I highly recommend beginners to do every other day routine and do this later when you feel like you have maxed on your previous schedule.

The idea is to group muscles according to which routines they are used and scheduling them apart.


Eating a healthy diet high in protein can help you advance your goals. When you regularly workout, there is a lot of microtears in your muscle that needs to be repaired. Ideally, 0.5 up to 0.8 gram of protein per every pound of bodyweight is a good way to start.

Depending on how many workouts you do, you can increase your intake and supplement if needed to keep up with the growing demand of your body.

Quick Summary

Good workout plans for men to build muscle and sticking to that schedule is a definite great start to achieving great results. Whatever your goal is, be it maintaining your weight or sculpting a beach body, never forget to couple your workout with rests.

I know resting can feel like slacking but without it, your body will not have enough time to repair itself. Couple this with a high protein diet and you can see your muscle bulk up in a few months!

Remember there is no shortcut. Consistency and discipline can be a great friend to arrive with good results.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask questions below. I will get back on you soon! Feel free to share this page with your friends!

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